Star was born - the film in 2018

  • Premiere: September 27, 2018 (in Russia)
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: musical, drama, romance
  • Producer: Bradley Cooper
  • Cast: Sam Elliott, Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Bonnie Sommerville, Greg Granberg, Michael Harney, Dave Shappell, Andrew Dice Clay, Rafi Gavron, Willam Bellay, etc.

In the fall of 2018, a movie with the title “Star was born” will be released. This is another musical that, after the brainchild of Damien Chazelle La La Land, which brought him the desired success, as many have suggested, will be darkness. As you can see, past assumptions are justified.

Note that if we are talking about upcoming musicals, then in the beginning of 2018 the Russian premiere of “The Greatest Showman on Earth” will take place, which will also be a biographical drama. But now it is not about him.

What is the price of Hollywood, or Where are the stars born?

The Star was Born is a remake of the 1937 musical of the same name. He will also become the directorial debut of Bradley Cooper, whereas for Stephanie Germanotta, better known around the world under the stage name Lady Gaga, the first major role in the full-length movie.

The 80-year-old musical was coined by William A. Wellman. Under the production of David O. Selznik, he managed to direct a brilliant story that gave rise to countless imitators.

Star was born

The speech in the film was about how an actor who seemed to have achieved phenomenal success in cinema, oddly enough, begins to lose its former popularity. However, it is natural. At least, not without reason precisely. And in order to regain his laurels celebrities, he offers a young girl, with whom he had just met at a party, to become an actress. He has already matured his own plan for his future behavior. It turns out she has a talent. She becomes a star. It gradually dissolves in its background. Apparently, the plan gave up the slack.

You could see about the same thing a little earlier in the silent “Artist” tape by Michel Hazanavichus, who with its help paid tribute to all of Hollywood and his masterpieces of the past.

William A. Wellman starred Fredric March and Janet Gaynor. After 17 years - in 1954 - a remake of the story was released with the participation of James Mason and Judy Garland.

Star was born

For the production of this picture took George Cukor.He managed to get from the game of two main actors of unprecedented realism and emotionality, with the result that James Mason and Judy Garland were awarded the Golden Globe, each in the Best Male Role and Best Female Role category (for comedies or musicals), respectively.

Note that the original film brought its authors the opportunity to win the Oscar statuette in the nomination “The Best Story”, which was more than justified by the decision of the American Film Academy.

In 1976, Frank Pearson is taken to remake a familiar story in a new way. He enlists the support of Chris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand. Both were subsequently awarded Golden Globe awards in the respective nominations, while this musical drama also won in the categories “Best Film”, “Best Song” and “Best Soundtrack”.

Star was born

If, for example, to delve into history, it turns out that the feet of the musical “The Star was Born” may well grow from the drama of the same George Cukor, released in 1932, called: “How much does Hollywood cost?”. There, the heroine Constance Bennett played a waitress who charmed the hero Lowell Sherman, presented as a famous director.

Then the American film academics celebrated the creation of the author of the future hits "The Wizard of Oz", "Gone With the Wind", "Philadelphia Story" and "My Fair Lady" only in the category "Best Story".

In 2018, eight decades after the premiere of the musical A Star Is Born, one of the “Bachelor Party” team will present its vision to the world familiar to everyone and beloved by many. It is thought, directly using for this their previously accumulated experience.

Project Director

Before that, Bradley Cooper had only the opportunity to produce projects in which, by the way, he himself starred, and mostly in the lead roles. Having received universal fame immediately after the release of "The Bachelor Party in Vegas", who played at the beginning of his film career in the TV series "Sex and the City", the actor managed to make friends with both Robert De Niro and David O. Russell.

Bradley Cooper

Together with Taxi Driver he was lucky to play at once in several projects in which he gained the necessary experience to develop his acting talent, while the author of the tragicomedy “My Boyfriend is Psycho” allowed the artist to literally splash out all his accumulated energy on the set. the benefit of cinema.

Bradley Cooper has not only inimitable comedic talent, but also excellent dramatic skills. True, the latter as such appear quite rarely, but, as they say, aptly. By the pure drama in his already outstanding career include "Sniper" by Clint Eastwood.

In David O. Russell, the actor combines drama with comedy. Well, on projects such as “Guys with Barrels” or “Guardians of the Galaxy”, he literally relaxes, thus giving everyone the opportunity to relax: his partners on the set, and the audience in the cinema.

Soon, he will again appear on the big screen in front of fans in the form of a raccoon in the superheroes Avengers: War of Infinity.

And now, having secured the necessary data for his directorial debut, Bradley Cooper takes up a new business for himself. He is ready to immediately check how talented he is in terms of film production. He also took up writing the script. Note that in this field it was previously impossible to notice.

Musical writers

Will Feters, Irene Mecci, Stephen J. will help in composing a fascinating story for the musical “The Star was Born” by Bradley Cooper.Rivel, Eric Roth and Christopher Wilkinson. All of them together will try to rewrite the story of William A. Wellman, who helped him create Robert Carson, for the new generation.

Will Peters was noted only by developing ideas for melodramas like Remember Me, Lucky Man and Best in Me.

Irene Mechchi previously worked on the history of such cartoons as "The Lion King", "Hercules" and "Brave at Heart".

Eric Roth is a man who has an Oscar behind his script for Forrest Gamp by Robert Zemeckis.

Eric Roth

He also managed to work with Michael Mann, creating the biographical thriller “Own person” and biopic “Ali”; with Steven Spielberg, inventing for him a drama based on real events, "Munich"; with Robert De Niro, having developed ideas for him for his second full-time director - for the thriller “False Temptation”; with David Fincher, making for the author thrillers "Seven" and "Fight Club" "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Among the future possible works of Erik Roth is the adaptation of the novel “Dune”, which Denis Villeneuve is going to direct; Angelina's new uncut full meterJolie with a multi-million dollar budget and Brad Pitt in the lead role - "Africa"; and the adaptation of another popular novel, “Shantaram.”

Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen J. Rivel both both invented biographical dramas Nixon (for Oliver Stone), Ali (for Michael Mann) and Sacrificing a Pawn (for Edward Zwick). They are involved in the upcoming biopic, which tells about the life of Queen soloist Freddie Mercury: "Bohemian Rhapsody".

The director and scriptwriters of the project work closely with producers Clint Eastwood, Todd Phillips, and others.

And if you don’t need to speak about Clint Eastwood separately, Todd Phillips is the same person who once directed some comedies like “Road Adventures”, “Starsky and Hutch”, “Bachelor Party in Vegas”, “Butt” trunks. Though comedy is riotous, but with adventures and the necessary degree of drama created for the fascinating storytelling. All this makes their main characters find themselves in this world. So much for philosophy.

Requiem for a Dream: Iron Man, Black Swan, Wolverine and the Great Gatsby

Shooting the musical "Star was born" will be Matthew Libatik.The nominee for an Oscar for the Black Swan had previously had close friendships with Darren Aronofsky. In the sense that together these two made the cult dramas Pi and Requiem for a Dream.

Matthew Libatik

Also, Matthew Libatik was responsible for the visual component of "Fountain" and "Noah."

If we talk about the operator’s projects that he did not make for Darren Aronofsky, then here, as they say, there is reason for pride. For example, the two parts of "Iron Man", set by John Favreau. Also with this director, Matthew Libatik created "Cowboys vs. Aliens."

Gothic, Phone Booth, Fateful Number 23, Ruby Sparks, Voice of the Streets, Pele: Birth of a Legend, Chirac, Financial Monster, Sphere - all that and not only the work of the American cameraman, whose parents were immigrants from the Philippines.

Work on the visual component of the musical A Star Is Born Matthew Libatik to be paired with art director Karen Murphy.

It was she who came up with pleasing ideas for the memorable image of the fantasy world of The Chronicles of Narnia, that she deserved a good portion of criticism for Wolverine (of which he was improperly represented by Deadpool)This is her own thanks to the picture of the Great Gatsby (that which was made by director Baz Luhrmann with Leonardo DiCaprio in one of the roles).

As you can see, Karen Murphy with dignity suffered one of the main failures in her career. And then, was it her fault, seriously? Maybe the whole thing is directly in the film itself - in the debut solo album about Wolverine? Well, okay, now is not about that.

Cast of the remake

The leading roles in the new version of the musical “The Star was Born” were given to: Bradley Cooper and Stephanie Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga. Also involved in the project: Sam Elliott, Dave Shappell, Bonnie Sommerville, Greg Granberg, Michael Harney, Andrew Dice Clay, Rafi Gavron, Rebecca Field, Eddie Griffin, etc.

Lady Gaga

Earlier, even before Lady Gaga joined the project, Beyonce Knowles was planning to give the main female role. Then another film was in charge of Clint Eastwood. Actually, that's why the western star is listed here as one of the producers. He first wanted to give the main male role to Tom Cruise.

The plot of the musical drama

The plot of the musical “Star was born” is simple: the heroine Lady Gaga is a nugget singer who once got the chance to become famous. The hero Bradley Cooper is a country musician, already aged and constantly drinking.And between these two people, passion flares up.

But when one person gains universal popularity, it becomes too difficult for another to transfer the burden of the glory of a loved one, moreover when this very different one is a celebrity in the past. A new star is being born, threatening to eclipse the old one over time. Will there be a way out in the current situation that will suit both parties? Will their love survive?

By the way, answering the question posed by us, we can say this to you: La La Land has already answered it. And he was without exaggeration magnificent. We'll see what the audience’s narrative of this musical will bring to the end.

Movie release date

The release date of the movie “Star was born” in the Russian hire is September 27, 2018.

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