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Spinner is rapidly conquering the world. Millions of people from all over the world twist and throw this toy at work, in traffic jams, at home, on a walk, in line, etc. Spinner is a powerful and at the same time very simple and affordable anti-stress that helps to get rid of tension and relax without attracting attention. Spinner became so popular that people began to craft various tricks with him. This toy fell in love with everything from young to old: it is also played by preschoolers and big bosses in modern offices.


Spinner - available. If at first they could be found only in the network, then today they are sold literally at every corner, and there are very budget options. However, homemade spinners are not inferior in popularity to ready-made options: Network users are actively looking for how to make a spinner with their own hands at home. And it is easy to explain: self-made spinners are unique, made from scrap materials, and their production is also a kind of anti-stress.
We offer you several options for making this accessory.The first is the most time consuming, the rest is a little easier Choose the one that you seem most understandable and enjoy the most.


Option One: not easy, but interesting

We will really use only available tools. We will need:

  • wooden ice cream sticks (20 pieces);
  • bearing of metal or ceramic (if you want the spinner to spin more easily and longer, make a choice in favor of the latter) of size 8 * 22 * ​​7;
  • 50-kopek coins (in its center make an opening with an awl) (12 pieces);
  • nuts and bolts, small in size and diameter (4 pieces each);
  • buttons from jeans or dzhinsovok (or the simplest office pins) (2 pieces);
  • glue;
  • sandpaper;
  • paint (it is more convenient to take an aerosol).

How to make a spinner?

Step 1: Procurement

We take two wooden sticks and cut each into two equal parts (lengthwise). That is, at the exit of two sticks, we already have four.

how to make spinner

Now we take five whole sticks, tightly pressed to each other and put a layer of glue on top. Put the second stratum from the top of the sticks: put four whole in the center, and put the previously cut sticks along the edges. Cover with a layer of glue and them. The third layer will consist of five whole sticks (like the first one). The fourth and last layer is a repetition of the second.

how to make spinner

At the exit we have a base consisting of four layers of sticks glued together.

how to make spinner

Step 2: Main Work

Size spinner choose for themselves. We will tell you on the example of a square 9 * 9, but the proportions can be freely changed.

how to make spinner

Make a mark on the workpiece and cut a square (say, 9-centimeter).

how to make spinner

Now inside the square draw an equilateral triangle. To do this, divide one of the sides of our square in half and draw two segments of 9 cm each from this point, and then connect the ends.

how to make spinner

Then divide each side of the triangle exactly in half and make serifs. Connect each notch with the opposite vertex. The point of intersection of these segments (they are called medians) is the center of the spinner at which we place the bearing. Circle his outline with a pencil.

how to make spinner

On the same segments make serifs at a distance of 2.5 cm from each vertex. In the center of each of them, place a coin (a hole is needed to align the hole with a serif and not get lost) and circle it with a pencil.

how to make spinner

Using an awl or a sharp knife, dig holes inside the outlined contours. And then loosen them to cut even holes.You can press the bearing and the coin into the workpiece (but carefully, so that the glued layers do not diverge).

how to make spinner

how to make spinner

Cut a triangle from the workpiece. Now we make two centimeters serifs in the center of each side. Like this:

how to make spinner

The notch height on the median is 7 mm. Cut out these side triangles.

how to make spinner

Step 3: Direct the gloss

We take a sandpaper and sand the surface of the future spinner. We pass along the edges. Paint the blank on both sides and leave to dry.

Step 4: Loads

Glue the four coins together. We will have 3 piles, which we insert into our holes in the spinner. In the center we place the bearing.

how to make spinner

To turn it easier, in the center of the bearing we place the previously prepared buttons or buttons and glue them. The finished product can be varnished.

Tip: if you own a jigsaw and a drill, take note of the scheme from our instructions and make the body of the spinner not from ice cream sticks, but from an ordinary wooden panel. Then just sand your sandpaper, paint and varnish.

how to make spinner


Option Two: the easiest

Using superglue, glue gun or cold welding, we connect three or more bearings to each other. Video master class on making spinner at home below.

Option Three: energy consuming

The most reliable way to connect the bearings is not just glue, but also the body. To do this, fit the usual ties, as well as wooden (as in the first method), plastic and metal shells. For information on how to make them, see the next master class.

Option Four: for cyclists

If you have an old bicycle chain, this way to make spinner do it yourself for you. True, you have to work hard to make this popular toy. The chain is laid in a special way, we fasten it with a tie, fix it, put the bearing in the center. Watch the video, which provides detailed step by step instructions.

Option five: if you do not have tools for cutting, but you still want to make a spinner

Paper or cardboard spinner is also a great option for this toy. It will spin no worse! We take cardboard and compasses, cut out 4 circles of equal diameter from it (determine the size of the spinner by yourself, this is not important), glue them together. Take a bright cardboard or paper to make the toy more attractive and please you not only with its properties, but also with its appearance.

Bearing holes make a little smaller than the diameter of the bearings themselves. This is necessary so that they sit tight and do not slip when you twist your toy. Read more about making such a spinner in this video.

Option Six: if there are no bearings, but the spinner is still very necessary

If you do not have bearings, the spinner can be made from the simplest material that is easier to get, from plastic caps. We will need six pieces (take the colored ones so that the toy looks more beautiful and interesting) and a toothpick or a stick core.

We look, how to make a bearing from plastic caps.


The video instruction below shows the three simplest ways to make a spinner at home. All of them in one way or another repeat the last three instructions (No. 4, 5 and 6), but in this video you will also find some important tips for making a popular anti-stress toy.


Choose the way that you think is the most interesting and understandable. It’s quite possible to make a spinner with your own hands in 2-3 minutes, but you can get stuck and make a toy in a more labor-intensive way.The result will directly depend on your efforts. However, no matter what method you choose, you will definitely get a cool anti-stress toy, which is so popular today.

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