Sofievskaya Square - the heart of Kiev

The oldest square in Kiev is majestic and restrained at the same time. How to get to Sophia Square? What interesting objects are located on it? This will be discussed in this article.

A lot of interesting places can boast Kiev. Sofievskaya Square is one of the main points in the list of each tourist. Here is the Sophia Cathedral with a majestic bell tower, a monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky and other sights.

Sofievskaya Square - the heart of Kiev

In 1036 it was precisely at this place that the army of YaroslavWise defeated Pechenegs. In honor of this significant event Prince of Kiev ordered to build a majestic cathedral. Next to it a square appeared, which at first was called Starokievskaya.

Since the XVI century on this site, veche(people's congresses), regular fairs were organized. It was here that the people of Kiev met the army of Bogdan Khmelnitsky during the Liberation War of the Ukrainian people of 1648-1654. In the middle of the XIX century the square got its modern name and began to be called Sofievskaya (Sofia).

Sofievskaya square

Many important historical events took place hereand in the twentieth century. On the square was solemnly adopted the III Universal, proclaiming the Ukrainian People's Republic. This event took place in 1917. And in 1990 Sophia Square became the starting point for the so-called living chain, which connected Kiev and Lviv. At least 1 million people took part in this event!

Sofievskaya square: how to get there

Today the square is a favorite place for restfor Kyivans and guests of the capital. It is located in the Shevchenko district, within the Old (Upper) city, between Vladimirskaya Street and St. Sophia Cathedral.

Sofievskaya Ploshchad how to get there

To get to the area is simplest as followsway: get to the metro station "Golden Gate" (green branch) and walk about 700 meters to the north along Vladimirskaya Street. Here you can also get on the trolleybus (number 16 or 18).

There is another, more exotic, way to get intoon Sofievskaya. To do this, get off at the metro station "Pochtovaya Ploschad", go up the funicular to the St. Michael's Cathedral and go along Vladimirsky passage to the square.

St. Sophia Cathedral - a monument of ancient Russian architecture

Speaking about Sophia Square, you can not fail to mentionabout the cathedral, standing side by side. This magnificent structure is one of the oldest and most outstanding in Europe. St. Sophia Cathedral, along with all the adjacent buildings of the architectural complex is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kiev Sofievskaya square

"Architectural Tale" - that's how enthusiasticdescribes this cathedral one of the modern Ukrainian local lore. It was built by Byzantine masters in the 11th century. Although the exact date of construction of scientists and researchers is unknown. According to the chronicles ("The Tale of Bygone Years"), this happened in 1037. However, many are skeptical about this date, because at the same time, according to the same Nestor Chronicler, a number of other large structures and temples of Ancient Kyiv were erected. And this is physically impossible. Most likely, under the year 1037 the author had in mind the end of the construction of all these buildings. Proceeding from this, the researchers offer several dates of the founding of the St. Sophia Cathedral: 1011, 1017 or 1022 year.

The belfry of the complex, which directlyadjoins the square, was erected much later - in the XVIII century, during the hetmanship of Ivan Mazepa. Originally it was three-tiered. Later, in the 19th century, the fourth tier of the bell tower was completed. Its height is 76 meters.

On the belltower of the cathedral is a bell "Mazepa", dating from the same XVIII century. It is the largest among the ancient bells of Ukraine. Its diameter is about one and a half meters.

Other monuments on the square

The second dominant of Sofievskaya square is thea monument to the Ukrainian hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky, established in 1888. One very interesting legend is connected with this monument. They say that the monument was originally set up so that the mace of Khmelnytsky pointed to Warsaw. However, in this situation, the rear part of the horse was turned towards the Kiev shrine - the Mikhailovsky Cathedral. The sculpture had to be deployed, and now Bogdan threatens his hetman's mace in the north direction - either Moscow or Sweden.

how to get to Sofievskaya square

Sophia Square - a sacred place for Kiev. This was understood by all the conquerors of the city, who first tried to establish on it their banners or monuments-symbols. So, in February 1919, the Bolsheviks, having captured the city, immediately installed busts on Lenin's and Trotsky's Square on Sofievskaya Square, and also produced an obelisk "Glory October!" (from plywood). Later all this was destroyed by white people who occupied Kiev in six months.


Sofievskaya Square - spacious, but not pompous,majestic and at the same time restrained. It was laid in the XI century and since then has seen a lot. Today, tourists and local residents like to walk around the square. Especially beautiful it becomes in the dark time of the day - in the lights of evening illumination.

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