Snooker: calendar of the season 2017-2018

The 2017-2018 snooker season is full of various tournaments, in which the best cue masters will take part along with promising athletes. Many people compare this game with, since not only physical data are important for achieving success, but, above all, intelligence. Without going into the details of the rules, we note that the winner in the party (frame) is the one who scores more red balls in combination with the colored ones, each of which has its own “value”. Watch snooker will be useful for those who are tired of dynamic competitions, such as the KHL or the German Football Championship, and wants to relax at the screen, watch the nerves fight, enjoy the filigree accuracy of recognized masters of green cloth.

Snooker game

Season schedule

The snooker calendar for 2017-2018 is designed so that in one month there are no more than 2-3 rating tournaments. The fact is that competitions in this sport are held in different parts of the world (from China to the UK), and players often need rest after long flights,tedious matches and hotel accommodation. You can find out more about the snooker schedule in 2017-2018 from the following table:

Tournament Name

the date of the

Country / City

"Riga Masters"

23-25. 06. 2017

Latvia, Riga

"World Championship"

3-9. 07. 2017

China Wuxi

"Hong Kong Masters"

10-23. 07. 2017

China, Hong Kong

"World Games"

24-30. 07. 2017

Not determined

Qualification for the "Indian Open", "Shanghai Masters", "European Masters"

1-10. 08. 2017

England, Preston

"China Open"

16-22. 08. 2017

China, Guangzhou

"Paul Hunter Classic"

23-27. 08. 2017

Germany, Furth

"Indian Open"

12-16. 09. 2017


"Shanghai Masters"

18-24. 09. 2017

China, Shanghai

Qualification for the "International Championship" (International Championship)

26-30. 09. 2017

England, Barnsley

"European Masters"

2-8. 10. 2017

Not determined

"English Open"

16-22. 10. 2017

England, Manchester

"International Championship"

29. 10.-5. 11. 2017


Northern Ireland Open

20-26. 11. 2017

Northern Ireland, Belfast

UK Championship

28. 11-10. 12. 2017

England, York

Scottish Open

11-17. 12. 2017

Scotland, Glasgow

Qualification for the German Masters

19-22. 12. 2017

England, Barnsley

"The Masters"

14-21. 01. 2018

England London

Qualification for China Open

26-29. 01. 2018

England, Barnsley

"German Masters"

31. 01.-4. 02. 2018

Germany Berlin

"Championship League"

5-8. 02. 2018

Not determined


8-11. 02. 2018

England, Watford

"Championship League" (Championship League)

12-15. 02. 2018

Not determined

World Gran Prix

19-25. 02. 2018

England, Preston

Welsh Open

26. 02-4. 03. 2018

Wales, Cardiff

"Gibraltar Open"

7-11. 03. 2018


"Players Championship"

19-25. 03. 2018

Not determined

"China Open"

2-8. 04. 2018

China, Beijing

Qualification for the "World Championship"

11-18. 04. 2018

England, Sheffield

"World Championship"

21.04-7.05. 2018

England, Sheffield

As you can see, the calendar of the snooker season of 2017-2018 is saturated with events.Of course, popular players will not participate in all tournaments, but at the top-rated competitions (for example, the World Championship, Masters and the UK Championship) we will definitely see them.

What to expect from the season?

All fans want this snooker season to be more interesting, more intense and spectacular than the previous one. Despite the dominance of Mark Selby, who retains leadership in the world ranking for at least another two seasons, we will have many unpredictable results. The most likely triumphs in any tournament where they will take part will be the following players:

  • Mark Allen;
  • Sean Murphy;
  • Judd Trump;
  • Ding Junhui;
  • Stuart Bingham;
  • John Higgins;
  • Neil Robertson.

Still, the main newsmaker outside of the green cloth remains Ronnie O'Sullivan, who also can win any competition. Because of its explosive nature, “Rocket” expresses seemingly obvious facts, but most of the Top 16 players prefer to remain silent about them. For example, recently Ronnie impartially walked over the prestige of snooker, as a competition.

Mark Selby

According to the Englishman, the game is now on the outskirts of the sports world, while the Billiards and Snooker Association does nothing to correct the situation. “The entrance ticket to the snooker match costs £ 5, and a ticket to a tennis match or a Formula 1 race reaches several hundred. Until the prizes are increased and new sponsors are attracted, one of the most interesting games on the planet will degrade. ” So says Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Ronnie O Sullivan

At the same time, snooker is now at the junction of epochs, since the recognized masters of the ball and cue are being replaced by a whole galaxy of young ambitious players who do not look at the authorities. In addition, the level of Asian snooker players is growing, the number of which on the tour increases every year. Especially distinguished in this cohort are Xu Si and Yuan Xijun, who performed well during the past season. Do not forget about European masters (for example, Chris Totten and Alexander Ursenbacher), who are able to surprise at any time. In Foggy Albion, where the described sport is inferior in popularity, perhaps, to football, a number of players annually “shoot”. Anthony McGill and Kyren Wilson were like this last season.Who will surprise the fans in this rally, we will know very soon.

Thus, the season for snooker 2017-2018 promises to be exciting. We are waiting for the irreconcilable battle of the “old guard” with young people who are ready to dislodge the recognized aces from the throne, if not now, then in a couple of years for sure. Do not miss the exciting matches, which in Russia can be viewed on the channels “Eurosport” and “Eurosport 2”.

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