SMS from 2019 year of the Pig

It will take quite a bit of time and on the threshold will be the new mistress of the year - amusing yellow Gilt. Many will want to please this guest. The best way to gain confidence in this animal, to mention it in congratulations to loved ones. SMS from 2019 Pigs will be the best option.


SMS Happy New Year 2019

On the eve of the New Year, many people wonder how it is better and original to congratulate their loved ones and friends. Without a doubt, these wishes must come from the heart. At the same time, each of us wants to congratulate our relatives, in some special way, so that these messages will be remembered for a long time.

SMS from 2019 year of the Pig

What greetings will be relevant in the coming year? First of all, wish good luck. In this case, funny SMS with the image of a pig would be the best fit:

Let life be full to the brim
Prosperity, happiness and love.
And every day is so beautiful
And strong to you around the family.

Kids gang and fun
With each new addition.
Keeps your home home
Eastern pig always.


Everything is known to you everywhere
Everything will notice a sharp eye,
Are you in any swamp truffle
Find out instantly, on "one."

I wish you wealth
And health is healthier,
And of course, that no you
Do not put pigs!


Pig has a holiday today
Congratulations accept,
For friends
Doors open wide.

Known for its kindness
And naive Pig,
Gently sincerely and honestly
All friends love you.

We wish you happiness
And spiritual purity,
Let the house be a full bowl
And dreams will come true.


We have all planted a pig
But what's wrong I do not understand!?
After all, we waited so much for her,
And waited during the day and waited at night!
With her, the New Year is coming to us again,
As well as happiness and love,
I congratulate you on the holiday,
And I wish you all the best!


Piglet and tail hook,
New Year's icon,
Pig or pig,
As you like for you!
And it does not matter that sometimes
Tease another pig,
After all, the pig is good,
When pretty and clean!
So in this year,
The best only therefore
For someone who is not in the "dirt"
Congratulations accept!


The New Year comes to us pigs,
And so that we are on the way there,
Let the pig not podlozhat us,
Care do not let us worry
Let him come to us herself,
And nothing, something pig
After all, with kindness and mood,
She goes to make fun,
So that in the New Future,
We idolized the pig!


Trumpeting fanfare, bubbles in wine,
So we rejoice in the new pig!
Her year we meet at once on the planet
May adults and children be happy in a year
Friends who I particularly congratulate,
After all, the time I really love only burn with them!
We will celebrate a new one from the heart,
No wonder that the coming year is the year of the pig!
Sit at the festive table for a bit
And then, of course, let's go for a walk!
Fun is guaranteed at this celebration,
Drown in joy we, in congratulations and wine!


Someone in ancient times came up with.
To Pig Mascot
Brought good luck to the house
And the coins - in your pocket!
Will be more polite with Piggy,
And she will answer those.
What will save you for a long time
From worries and from problems!


Let the soul live with you
In tune with myself.
Then you are in the most swine year.
You will not be a pig.


Pig! We praise your coming!
You are advancing, it means
A rich, satisfying year,
And every day will be successful!
Relatives, friends wish it
(Not a fish is a pig, not a bird!)
Burn big love by fire
And a strong friendship to charge!
Easy, live light, so -
As fat - save up capital,
So that the enemy (if there is!) Did not give in the "penny",
On the jelly did not go "hoof"!
So that closer to the rat, by December
Only about the successes stated
And under the fun "Oink-Oink!"
From happiness tail wagged !!!


Year of the Pig takes effect.
Congratulations, glorious year!
Let you meet your darling,
Guest uninvited - leave.
Let the economic pig
Bring good and joy
And health, and smiles
From the dog we stayed.
The family to have wealth,
At work - grace
All children - parents of the rich,
And parents - so that “on five”
Your kids were engaged,
After all, they don’t take the strike!
So we will be friends with a pig
And for this I propose to drink and pour again!

SMS with the year 2019 Pigs. Funny, cool, short

Short SMS from 2019

It often happens that in a short time you need to have time to congratulate all your friends and relatives. Of course, you can send an SMS of the same content to all applicants, but it will be formal and uninteresting. I want the recipients to understand that the message is intended for them. In this case, short messages may come to the rescue:

In the New Year I wish you
Put a pig enemies -
Let them think, cry,
Suppose that in the future do not pig!


To all who work, we wish
Generous earthly joy.
Will be in the year of the Pig Master
With chop and ham!


Year of the Pig!
Noble Pig is good
She has such a thin soul!
So gallant, gentle and modest,
Helpless and gullible she.


Happiness, joy, fun,
To celebrate a holiday without a hangover,
Cheerfulness, health, strength,
So as not to quench the ardor of love,

I wish you all good luck
A lot of money, a lot of happiness!
I will help you a year ...
I put the signature and seal.

Just got out of the cradle,
Your favorite pig!


On the Christmas tree bright toys.
The window is in ice patterns,
Let this year oriental pig
You are as lucky as ever!


The giver does not lose his hand.
Our Pig is generous. And bye
She will have what to give you,
She will always help.


In the year of the Pig, we all wish
This occasion toast to raise.
We congratulate everyone!
Year of the Pig are going to meet.
Let him be full of laughter
Mood create.
We wish everyone success
So that he no longer left!


In the coming year boldly
Grunts everywhere people.
After all, we don’t care.
May we always get lucky.
Let us always be happy
In life, hope reigns supreme.
If you parted with luck -
A year will return it to us.


Let it be a little piggy
For happiness and success is generous.
Let her bring on the back
A bag of love, good luck and good!


Love suddenly suddenly descends,
The pig will be even happier.
Lucky year will be marked
No one lives so fat.

Cool SMS for relatives

Congratulations to relatives are very sincere. In them we can convey our true feelings, wishes of love, health and prosperity. Our wishes can support our parents and show that we always remember them.

Congratulations to our grandparents are filled with special warmth. They can indicate that the years spent with them, will remain in memory for life. In such SMS it is important to wish our close people health and long life.

Special trepidation is different messages favorite. In them we convey all the feelings that we have for the second half.

To a friend

We had a faithful friend all year,
But the year of the dog came out here,
And now what awaits everyone from now on !?
It is known, however, that everyone in the world!
Greets us all year of the pig,
Are we happy?
After all, if we put a pig on us,
That happiness is not seen in the mine,
And if a pig is a piggy bank,
Then uncork the vodka,
All year we are in the blessings from “A” to “Z”,
Kohl money will bring a pig!

Beloved girlfriend


Fanfare sounded everywhere,
Glasses are already reduced,
And fun, of course, people,
And I just want to you!
So that this new year we are together
No matter who he is, even pigs
And inseparable, as before,
We will only love!
Darling, I congratulate
With the newcomer, it's time
And I sincerely wish us
Only happiness for many years!

For a loved one

Beautiful penny and ears,
Like a pretty pig
Do not be offended by the comparison,
After all, we have a sign on that!
The year of the pig comes to us, darling,
And know that you are the sweetest to me,
And excite invariably,
Our communication frankly!
That together we are with you always
So let the new pig,
More often gives the joy of meeting
But sadness and misery drives from the shoulders!


Our dad loves kebabs,
But the year of the pig comes,
And what do I want to say?
Pigs will have to be respected!
Trim the rate from now to now,
What will this verse be about
What to do if you want,
That kebabs - not a pig!
Otherwise, the symbol of our year,
Offended, will enter your rush,
And there will be a year of torment to the pope
That right is very inappropriate.
Make friends with a pig father come on,
And the coming year will be paradise


Well in December wish us !?
And we can only wait for us!
Chimes battle and new year,
Which is about to come!
Let that year, not so imposing,
And the symbol of the year is just a pig,
But I wish my mother right
I have happiness for many years!
So that on the way, and in life,
She did not lay the symbol of the year,
And our supreme supreme,
She has the best in life, only gave.


Who are the glorious years of the past,
Do not borrow, do not say
Who lived not one ten,
And who has everything ahead ?!
And the year of the pig that comes to us,
Meets not the first time
Therefore, all grandchildren know
What grandfather should be - give odds!
But let him still effortlessly
He will get everything he wanted,
And in the new year of Grandpa dear,
There will definitely be no destiny!


Change again in the whirlwind,
We are the symbol of the year for the pig,
And I really do not watch
Only one grandmother will say!
You've seen so much dear
You've gone through so much
But I especially wish
So that all executed pig!
And the days that will fall in the comer,
Everybody is as good as ever!
And congratulations happy new year,
From the grandchildren you take your!

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