Skating rink in Izmaylovsky Park: photo, address, reviews

How sometimes do you want to escape from routine andcity ​​dust, breathe the fresh air and gain strength from nature. But the pace of modern life does not always give you the opportunity to escape into the forest or to the river: cottages, gardens, repairs ... Vacation flies by unnoticed. But the output can always be found! One of the options is to visit Izmaylovsky Park.

It is an oasis among a concrete desert thathides in the forest park area. In addition to the beautiful nature, he has even more to boast of - a convenient location, clean air, a sea of ​​entertainment for children and adults. Literally a couple of years ago, an ice rink was opened in Izmaylovsky Park.

The history of the amazing park

This area was originally far from something,that would remind a park. From 1571 to 1585 the territory was in the possession of the boyar NR Zakharin-Yuryev. A little less than a century it was occupied by the descendants of the Romanovs, and then the estate was occupied by Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. In this estate he made a country residence.

skating rink in the Izmailovo parkFrom this time, a change in the landscape begins. On the Serebryanka river a pond was built in the form of a ring, on which there is a round island with a palace in the middle. The remains of the building remained until 1855.

1676 was marked by the construction of the Nativity Church, and in 1679 - the Cathedral of the same name. For protection, two gates and a fence were erected.

The estate was surrounded by gardens: Mulberry, Grape, Aptekarsky. The luxurious berry-vendors grew, vegetable gardens allowed to deliver the freshest products to the table, and beer was brewed from the hops that were bred in the yard. In addition to fruit trees, imported and decorative, to look after which came specially hired foreign gardeners. Until the middle of the 19th century, lime alleys survived. Also here there were many office buildings that provided the vital functions of the family and servants.

Peter I came to Izmailov to spend leisure time in amusing games and fun. The hills or dams that our contemporaries know were formerly the Zhukovsky dam, which the tsar rebuilt.

area of ​​Izmaylovsky ParkAfter his death, the estate survived not the besttime. From the middle of the 19th century it housed the Nikolaev military almshouse. But soon the territory turns into a specific department and a decision is made to conduct forestry.

The Soviet period

If you are guided by modern boundariespark, then on its outskirts used to be Izmaylovsky menagerie. From him nothing remained, except for the names of the adjacent streets - Izmaylovsky Zoo and Zverinetskaya. The area of ​​the Izmailovsky Park during the period of Stalin's rule was 1200 hectares. On its territory there was a cinema, a theater, a parachute tower. By right, he was considered the best park in the country.

Izmailovsky Park How to get thereUnfortunately, then we did not manage to build a railway for kids, which would become a curiosity of that time.

Children's attraction is not the only onerealized idea. Fortunately, the park remained, because according to the architect's intention, it was to be uprooted, an artificial pond was to be dug, and on one of the shores a Central Stadium, named after the General Secretary, was built.

Plans broke the death of Joseph Stalin. The sports facility was not erected, the reservoir remained a project on paper. However, to the great joy of local residents, they managed to stretch the branch line here. Now it's the Partizanskaya metro station. Since then Izmailovsky Park has become more accessible, how to get to it, every Muscovite knew.

Another event - installation of the Ferris wheel in 1957.

The modern stage

In 1998 Izmaylovsky Park received the title of a specially protected natural area. In this regard, the name has changed - it has become a natural-historical one.

skating rink in the Izmaylovo park PhotoEvery year festivals for young people are held here,children and adults. In addition to such events, the leadership actively undertook the promotion of the park. Almost every day you can participate in various competitions, master classes, competitions.

Recreational alleys are reconstructed, and their networkconveniently stretched across the park. Not so long ago a skating rink was flooded in Izmaylovsky Park, which immediately caused a storm of positive emotions among the citizens and guests of the capital.

What to watch

Walking along the alleys is a pleasure, butit can also be strengthened by cognitive travels in history. So, one of the attractions is Paseka, whose age is already one and a half century. Today there is an ecocenter on its territory.

Piglet will certainly be appreciated by peopleold age. Since the 60's in this place near the metro station are constantly going to dances and talks, retirees. They can be seen on weekends, and it's very easy to find out Piglet itself - it's a large glade in the center of the park.

skating rink in Izmaylovsky park reviewsSkating rink in the Izmaylovsky park "Silver ice" alsoworth attention. The ideally smooth surface, the care of instructors and an attractive price leave the park without competition. Fans of pondering alone can go to one of the many reservoirs.

Skating rink in the park

Skating rink in Izmaylovsky Park has received commentspositive from the very first day of existence. Most of all flattering words earned the ice itself, because it fully confirms its name - silver. The ideal surface makes the slide simple and easy. The visitors of the square also appreciated the price policy.

The skating rink in Izmaylovsky Park is one of the cheapest in the city. Here you can hire skates and enlist the support of a coach, if you step on the ice for the first time.

Not left without attention and location - restaurants, cafes, entertainment areas surround the ice rink in Izmailovsky Park. Photo, video, mobile phones can be left in the storage room.

skating rink in the Izmaylovsky park silver ice


It is located on the Alley of the Great Circle, 7. You can get there in two ways. The first is to get on the metro and get off at the station "Partizanskaya", "Izmaylovskaya". Pedestrians and motorists need to leave or go on the highway Enthusiasts.

The park is open around the clock, because all the entrances are always open. A visit to the park is free, but for entertainment you will have to pay if they so demand.

You can come by bus to Izmailovsky Park. How to get there? It is necessary to find routes 7 or 131, which follow. The stop is called the same as the park.

skating rink in the Izmaylovsky park silver ice

Price list

Rent skates will cost 150 rubles per hour, butimmediately have to lay out the deposit amount of 1000. If you did not return the skates on time, then after 15 minutes there is a cost, as for the whole hour. Entrance to the skating rink in Izmaylovsky Park - 200 rubles per session. Rent a storage room or parking space can be 50 for each service, but almost perpetually.

Pensioners and invalids have free admission on Tuesdays from 10.00 to 16.00. Also children of preschool age are always free.

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