Short SMS wishes to the little brother for his birthday

Congratulations to his brother for his birthday short

Happy birthday, brother, congratulations!
Positive and smart to grow!
Receive only gifts from life -
Let everything be rampant!

We scattered life around the world. But you are my brother and I always remember that. I know that no matter what happens, you will always be my brother, just as I am yours. Happy Birthday!

Dear beloved brother
Happy birthday congratulations!
Be lucky and rich
Be happy without an edge!

Happy Birthday! I embrace!
I always miss you without you!
Well you understand me in everything!
And everything will be nothing to us!

Brother darling, happy birthday!
Joy to you, good luck!
May the fate of gifts bring -
Happiness and success in tasks!

I have a reliable brother
And I am so happy about it!
Happy birthday to you!
Be always loved by everyone!

Sms wishes for his brother for his birthday

Beloved brother, do you think that you are special, just because you have a birthday today? Nonsense! You are special every day! Congratulations!

Let there be more cheerful, loyal and loving people around you! And let everything in your life be as you want it! You want - be rich! Want - happy! Or successful! Or all this time!

Brother! This is no more!
You are one on the whole world!
The most-most for me.
Happy Birthday to You!

Brother darling, happy birthday,
Be healthy and prosper!
Stay wise, honest.
Meet the happiness in life!

I wish you, brother,
Not to meet any obstacles
And meet only love
So that always played the blood!

Happy Birthday, brother!
With a wonderful bright day!
Good health to you -
And joy in everything!

I wish your dreams come true!
Be lucky and be happy!
And may the road always please
Good luck and achievements string!

A short and beautiful birthday greeting to the little brother in verse

Brother, today we walk,

Birthday affixed.

No kin to you in the world

For you, always in charge.

There is no better friend in the world,

For joint leisure.

Little brother, happy birthday!

I wish you a great mood

Health bogatyrskogo, denezhek more,

Go to Thailand and buy a Porsche!

Little birthday greetings to brother

Health and wealth, be successful in everything

May your joy and happiness fill your home!

Enjoy life in summer and in winter -

Happy birthday, brother dear!

Happy Birthday! Kiss you,

Fall in love with me, I wish you patience!

I love you sweetly, buy a gift,

I will send to you, I love very much!

Brother, all the best

Let your life give you:

Everything that fills the heart with joy

Makes you happy

To you without flattery on your birthday

I will hear from my soul, my brother:

For all you are precious treasure -

Love, care and patience.

Birthday greetings to little brother in verse and prose

Happy birthday, my dear,
The best little brother.
I wish you happiness
You be healthy and rich.

Have fun and don't give up.
I will help you in everything
Ask for advice,
We can solve everything together!

My beloved younger brother, I wish you a happy birthday! I wish you many good friends, great ideas, a beautiful dream and a million opportunities. Be healthy, love, persevere, believe in yourself and your strength. I wish you happiness and success in all your endeavors!

My little brother, I wish you a happy birthday. I wish you all the best and fun.Be strong, strong, brave and kind. I wish you to achieve high success in your life and always be a leader in life.

Getting older ...
Well, happy birthday!
My younger brother,
Catch congratulations!

Let in your life
It will be all as notes
And it will be smaller
Steep turns.

Let the good people
You are surrounded,
Friends will be near
In trouble, do not throw.

Young brother, my love,
Grow kind, brave, strong
Mom and dad make it so good
Receive for that as a reward -
Happiness, joy, respect,
All desires performance
I wish you a bright life
Easy, clear and successful.

SMS poems younger brother happy birthday

Beloved little brother, let your birthday wish you great adventures, new loyal friends, sporting and educational achievements, self-reliance, health, love and lots of joy!

I am proud of you, my younger brother,
And happy birthday to congratulate so glad.
I wish you to be healthy, happy,
Caring, in courage - unique.
Always fulfill all desires, dreams,
Successful, lucky you always be.

My little brother, happy birthday!
Get your problems away.
Good luck, joy, luck
And let's celebrate all night!

I wish you happiness and success
Let your friends not fail,
More laughter,
Sadness and sadness let go.

My favorite little brother! Congratulations on your birthday! I always want to make the right choice in life, not to make mistakes, to be successful in everything and of course healthy! May fate be favorable to you and give love, happiness and good luck!

Hold the wheel of life firmly,
Strive always to win.
Passing will be forever
You let the fresh breeze!

I wish you happiness a lot,
Find in life a real treasure.
Happy birthday my good
My dear little brother!

Birthday greetings to elder brother

One who has an older brother,
Well, just fabulously rich.
After all, the elder brother - protection and support,
Authority to resolve a dispute,
Always find words for consolation ...
Love you, bro! Happy Birthday!

On your birthday, brother,
I wish to be happy
Let the eyes always burn,
Goals will be attainable!

Be healthy always strong
And, of course, rich,
To a million money
It was you, my brother!

Happy birthday to you my elder brother! I wish you good health, more vitality and energy, positive and masculinity. Be happy, love and unique.Thank you my dear, for your care and protection.

Happy birthday, big brother!
Be healthy and be rich
Happy every new day,
Let go around you lazy
Plans come true
New reach the top.
Brain and biceps swing,
Cool dnyuhi celebrate!

The older brother is a mentor and a prop,
For me, always authority.
In addition to the elder brother, no doubt
Closer and more expensive than a friend - no.

Let everything in life develops as it should.
And it will be successful every year.
Remember - I'm always with you next
And move forward successfully.

Happy birthday, my dear elder brother. I wish you strong forces, high goals, a successful career, brave victories, good deeds, beautiful ideas, eternal happiness, sincere love, good health and good mood.

Heartfelt and touching sms congratulations on his birthday to his elder brother in verse

Happy birthday, big brother,
Congratulations and wish
Happiness, joy, good,
To live in love, worries without knowing!

You are the ideal for me
Strong, courageous and sporty,
Stay forever
Cheerful, cool, positive.

There are brothers are not very -
And capricious, and proud,
I was lucky with you for sure
After all, not such a brother, you!

When you support a kind word,
The problems will go away like smoke
So be happy and healthy!
Brother, happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday brother
Let everything be cool
May everyone you are glad
Today will be here with you!

Perhaps happiness is far away
It is certainly difficult to achieve
I wish you all the same
In life let him go with you inseparably!

Older brother - my support!
Happy Birthday honey.
Let there be no dispute in the soul,
In his thoughts, let him rest.

Happiness, joy and light,
Love you mutual for ages.
The sky is always clear and summer,
And life will be successful and easy!

Sms greetings happy birthday cousin

I wish, brother, do not hurt.
I wish you many years to live,
Do not know worries, offenses, sadness,
So close did not grieve!

Health - strength and strength!
To friends do not let
And you always stayed
Successful as ever!

My dear brother! Happy Birthday to You! Let luck always smile on you, succeed, expect victory in any business, health only grows stronger, love inspires, and wealth increases. Congratulations!

My cousin,
Know that you are my dear.
I'm in a hurry to congratulate you
On your birthday this is yours.

Be healthy and fun
You are always my dear brother.
I want you every day
I was happy and happy life!

Birthday is your holiday
You have already grown big.
I wish a birthday
Lots of happiness and luck
A lot of time in life,
Never lose heart.
Let lucky star
Always burning for you.

Happy birthday, cousin!
Do not be sad that the years are flying,
And confidently in life go
Only forward in a direct way!

Let success be yours.
Be a defense, a support for all.
Let the family understand you
Let the support be friends!

Brother cousin, hello!
Happy Birthday! For long years,
Peace, joy and light,
Endless summer.

New bright impressions
Fun, adventure,
Happiness full palms,
Millions of successful days!

Funny sms greetings cousin

My cousin,
Happy birthday congratulations.
And note very cool,
I wish you a holiday.

Let the wishes come true,
Dreams come true.
And take yourself to be your wife,
Beauty Queen!

Dear cousin, I congratulate you happy birthday.I wish to live without misfortunes and disappointments, I wish that every day I give a lot of vivid impressions, funny emotions, romantic moments of love and opportunities for success.

Cousin, dear brother,
Today I congratulate you.
With your beautiful birthday,
I wish you love and good luck.

You are the most dear and beloved
Ever stay like that.
You are kind, caring, best,
Always, dear, smile!

My cousin
Wonderful boy.
Never in trouble will throw
He does not ask for anything in return.

Happy birthday congratulations
And I wish you all the best.
Be the same you always
Do not grieve ever!

Happy Birthday, brother! Even though we are cousins, you have been like a native to me since childhood. I wish you health, happiness, mutual love and well-being. Let life prepare you, only pleasant surprises and surprises.

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