Services and products of the company "Smart"

For more than 8 years, Smart has been present on the construction market, the main specialization of which is the supply of construction sites with building materials. The company provides a wide range of aerated and ceramic products. Smart is the official distributor of leading manufacturers of building materials from the EU and the Russian Federation, for example, the Danish concern H + H, the Dmitrovsky plant of aerated concrete products Aerostone, and many other well-known brands. Since the units are delivered directly from the warehouses of the factories, the quality and integrity of all products is very high.

So, if you build a country cottage and foam blocks are used in the project, then Smart Company will offer you a wide range of such products. The main thing you need to know is that the company sells and delivers quality materials at affordable prices. That is why the foam blocks from manufacturers will cost you much less than in other firms, and the quality will be at the height.By itself, the foam block greatly improves the thermal insulation of the walls and the microclimate of the room, since it absorbs and releases moisture and creates healthy living conditions. It is easy and simple to process, has a very accurate geometric shape, and because of this, the cost of adhesive mortar is minimal.

If you are interested in buying aerated concrete blocks, then Smart, which is the official dealer of many enterprises, will provide you with the widest possible product range on the territory of the Russian Federation. You can order aerated concrete blocks Ytong, Bonolit, Grasse, and others.

You need to know that the difference between types of cellular concrete is related to the production technology, and it affects the characteristics of products. For example, autoclaved aerated concrete is an artificially synthesized stone, and all types of non-autoclaved concrete are hardened cement-sand mortar in a porous state.

The Smart company provides the following services: delivery of materials to your object, calculation of the number of blocks according to your drawings, expert advice, departure of a company representative to a customer’s construction site.

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