Sealing metal roofing

In order to prevent possible leakage and for additional waterproofing of the metal roof, we recommend the use of butyl rubber tape. For waterproofing compounds, it is better to use tapes, since they have a higher dry matter content (approximately 97 percent), therefore, with numerous defrosting and freezing cycles, they do not change their geometrical dimensions. Liquid sealants usually contain about 70 percent dry matter. When installed, the sealant shrinks due to evaporation of the solvents that make up, which greatly reduces the life of the roof. Tapes are made of butyl polymer, whose service life is 30 years and more, subject to protection from ultraviolet radiation.

To seal the seams between adjacent sheets (panels) of profiled flooring, you need to apply tape on the upper edge of the sharp edge of the panel.

Tapes have excellent adhesion to different materials (wood, metal, glass, and so on) and therefore we strongly advise to align the panels with prof.the flooring before they come into contact with the tape, otherwise it will be quite difficult to carry out even a slight alignment of the panels.

Tapes sell in the form of rolls, which makes it possible to cut off the strip of the desired size during installation and to avoid joints (additional seams).

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