Schengen countries: a list of 2018

The list of Schengen countries in 2018 remains the same. This means that all the same 26 states remain full members of the Schengen zone. But it is not synonymous with the European Union. Further in the text we will tell you why the two given concepts are simultaneously compatible and not.

Schengen Area

The Schengen zone, which is abbreviated simply as Schengen, was formed in 1985 in the village of the same name - Schengen, which is located in the southeastern part of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, almost at the very edge of the state where it borders with Germany and France. The Schengen Agreement was recorded at that time by five European countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg. It was then June 14th.


This agreement on the simplification of passport and visa control at the borders of a number of states of the European Union entered into force only 10 years later - on March 26, 1995. However, it did not last long: only until May 1, 1999 its operation lasted, when, in fact, he was replaced by the Schengen legislation of the European Union.By that time, a number of other states located in Europe were connected to Schengen, a list of which we will give a little later.

European Union

Now we will tell you what the European Union is. The EU, as the EU is called for short, is the economic and political union of 28 European states. Its main goal is regional integration. Legally, this union was enshrined in 1992 by the Maastricht Treaty (it also officially sounds like this: “Treaty on European Union”), which includes the principles of the European Community.

European Union

It was possible to enter into force on November 1, 1993, that is, as you see, about a year and a half before the start of the Schengen Agreement. But the theme for our material is only Schengen, so the article will deal with it later on directly.

List of Schengen countries in 2018

In the list of the countries of the Schengen zone in 2018, there are still 26 countries that have previously successfully joined and enjoy all the benefits of the Schengen agreement until today. This free zone of movement is still the ultimate dream for both hardened tourists and simply for people traveling from time to time around the world.

The list of all 26 Schengen countries in 2018 looks like this:

  1. Austria (hereinafter the list will indicate the year of accession to Schengen: 1995)
  2. Belgium (1985)
  3. Czech Republic (2004)
  4. Denmark (1996)
  5. Estonia (2004)
  6. Finland (1996)
  7. France (1985)
  8. Germany (1985)
  9. Greece (1992)
  10. Hungary (2004)
  11. Iceland (1996)
  12. Italy (1990)
  13. Latvia (2004)
  14. Lithuania (2004)
  15. Luxembourg (1985)
  16. Malta (2004)
  17. Netherlands (1985)
  18. Norway (1996)
  19. Poland (2004)
  20. Portugal (1992)
  21. Slovakia (2004)
  22. Slovenia (2004)
  23. Spain (1992)
  24. Sweden (1996)
  25. Switzerland (2004)
  26. Liechtenstein (2008)

Note that the well-known Brexit is the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, and not from the Schengen zone. With the Schengen Agreement, the UK has a special relationship, so to speak.

The following countries are on their way to joining the ranks of the member states of the Schengen Agreement:

  1. Bulgaria
  2. Cyprus
  3. Romania
  4. Croatia

In principle, Ukraine, which recently received a visa-free regime with the European Union, can be attributed to them here, and it seems that according to the results of this, it will soon be possible to very clearly judge whether Ukraine will sign the Schengen agreement in the near future or not.

Important information about Schengen

The list of countries of the Schengen Agreement for 2018 has not changed, but several have changed the procedures for passing border control for tourists, for whom the journey inside the Schengen zone was previously free.


In connection with the numerous flows of refugees, which was recorded in 2016 and 2017, the European Commission has limited control on the borders of the states belonging to the Schengen group. However, by 2018, as follows from recent news, members of the European Commission plan to level this toughened measure in relation to absolutely all tourists, thus everything should be returned to the previously established full-fledged work.

Today, the Schengen zone covers over 4 million square kilometers of the Old World, in which more than 400 million people live.

It should be remembered that for some countries there are minor and not very restrictions, as well as their own particularities of visiting, with some exceptions, so tourists need to collect full information in advance about what they should do during their stay on the territory of a foreign state in this did not go beyond local laws.

The list of countries of the Schengen Agreement in 2018, as you see, has not changed. The Schengen zone still includes 26 states that previously signed an agreement on the simplification of passport and visa control for their citizens.At the end, we can only wish you a pleasant flight and a good mood throughout the journey.

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