Scheme of light metro in the Moscow region in 2019

One of the main initiatives that can significantly improve living conditions in the Moscow region, is a light metro.

This is a special ground transportation, the routes of which will provide an opportunity to quickly get to the desired point of residents in about 20 settlements of the Moscow region.

The project should solve the problem with the fact that it is extremely difficult for the residents of the region to get to the city. In addition, with the help of a light metro authorities will make an attempt to reduce traffic on the motorways of the region. At the same time, the ecological component should also improve, as well as the attractiveness of life in the Moscow region cities.

What is a light metro?

Easy metro is called a special type of transport that allows you to quickly transport passengers between settlements. Light rail is characterized by high speed and capacity, which is an undoubted advantage in conditions of similar operation.

Providing the suburbs with such transport means giving the residents of the region an additional opportunity to get to the city. Due to the small number of cars, the interval of movement of trains will be very small. Authorities predict that it will correspond to the interval in the Moscow underground. Now he is from one and a half to two minutes.

In addition, such trains are capable of high speeds. It is planned that the trains will move between stations at a speed of about 100 km / h. Thus, the passage of the full route will require read hours (depending on which route the train is traveling on).

Another advantage of this transport is a large passenger traffic. One train can transport up to 500 people at a time. So it will be possible to remove a huge share of the load from the freeways. A small interval at rush hour will enable people to get to the capital in time to get to work or study.

light metro line in the suburbs scheme 2019

It is also worth mentioning that trains on the lines will be more comfortable. Passengers waiting for high-speed Internet, as well as climate control system, which will create optimal weather conditions in the train.

In this case, the project will use new trains exclusively domestic production. Thus, the prospect looks not only attractive, but also quite reasonable and reasonable - such measures should really improve the transport situation in the Moscow region.

In 2019, the first two branches of the light metro are to open in the Moscow region.

Vetka Odintsovo - Lobnya

It is expected that this will be the first Moscow Central Diameter (IDC), which will work. The mayor of Moscow noted that the launch of the branch is quite possible in 2019, provided that the work will be carried out actively. The route is also called the northwest diameter.

light metro project in the suburbs scheme

Its length will be 52 kilometers. It is planned that the train will take him somewhere in one hour. In this case, the diameter will contain 27 stops. On 11 of them, passengers will be able to transfer to other types of transport. On the diameter will go 53 composition.

The project includes the following stations of this route:

  • Lobnya
  • Sheremetyevskaya
  • Khlebnikovo
  • Waterworks
  • Dolgoprudnaya
  • Novodachnaya
  • Mark
  • Lianozovo (transfer to the metro station of the same name)
  • Beskudnikovo

construction of a light metro in the suburbs scheme

  • Degunino
  • Okruzhnaya (transfer to metro stations and the Moscow Central District)
  • Petrovsko-Razumovskaya (transfer to the metro station of the same name)
  • Timiryazevskaya (transfer to metro and monorail stations of the same name)
  • Dmitrovskaya (transfer to the metro station and WDC-2 of the same name)
  • Savyolovsky station (transfer by subway)
  • Belorussky Station (transfer by metro)
  • Running (change on the subway)
  • Testovskaya (transfer by metro and ISC)
  • Fili (transfer by subway)
  • Slavyansky Boulevard (transfer by subway in the project)
  • Kuntsevo (change by subway)
  • Working village
  • Setun
  • Nemchinovo

easy metro in odintsovo

  • Skolkovo (currently under construction)
  • Back
  • Odintsovo.

Vetka Nakhabino - Podolsk

The second route, which is scheduled to open in 2019, is the diameter from Nakhabino to Podolsk. It will be longer than the first Moscow central diameter. So, its length will be 80 kilometers. In the project, the train passing time through the entire branch is laid at the level of 100 minutes.

It is planned that the route will be 36 stops. From them on 14 it will be possible to transfer to other transport. To go on diameter will be 57 compositions. 6 of the 36 planned stations (Flood, Volokamsk, Schukinskaya, Maryina Roshcha, Pechatniki, Kotlyakovo) are currently being designed, two more (Novokhokhlovskaya,Ostafievo) are built.

What other lines will open?

easy metro in 2019 news

According to the project, 7 Moscow central diameters should be launched by 2025. In addition to the above two, trains should start running on the following routes:

  • from Zelenograd to Ramensky (WDC-3)
  • from Pushkino (Korolev) to Ramensky (WDC-4)
  • from Zelenograd to Podolsk (MTSD-5)
  • from Nakhabino to Zheleznodorozhny (MTSD-6)
  • from Odintsovo to Zheleznodorozhny (WDC-7).

Thus, the planned diameters will cover all areas in the suburbs. If the project is launched on time, then many people living in the Moscow region will soon be able to get to work or study with much greater comfort.

Not to mention that real estate prices in the region will become much higher after the launch of the IDC. This is a definite plus for homeowners in the Moscow region.

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Scheme of light metro in the Moscow region in 2019 4

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Scheme of light metro in the Moscow region in 2019 47

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Scheme of light metro in the Moscow region in 2019 60

Scheme of light metro in the Moscow region in 2019 4