Salary of physicians in 2019

Medical salaries are one of the hot topics discussed today in society, because, despite the importance and relevance of this profession, the remuneration of health workers remains quite low, and even the government’s promise to increase the salary of doctors from January 1, 2019, as the latest news says can not stop the outflow of personnel.

Should we wait for an improvement in the situation, and what will be the salaries of medical workers in the next year? We offer to understand the problems of financing and the specifics of the payroll of the health worker.

Doctor's salary increase in 2019

The urgency of the problem

Of course, the problem of low wages is relevant for many areas that are dependent on government funding. However, the salary of physicians requires special attention from the leadership of the Russian Federation in 2019, because the path from a medical university applicant to a highly qualified specialist in the field of medicine is very long and today there is an acute shortage of personnel in state medical institutions in the country.Experienced doctors are looking for more lucrative jobs in private clinics and abroad, and young people are in no hurry to apply for medical universities, clearly realizing that after a difficult and lengthy study they are expected to be responsible and difficult work with low pay.

Salary of physicians in 2019

There is a way out, and it is in the reform, part of which is a new decent salary for doctors, designed to bring a tangible improvement in the welfare of doctors already in 2019, as well as other activities aimed at increasing the prestige of the profession.

Payroll doctor

The salary of a health worker, as in many other areas, consists of the following components:

  • salary;
  • surcharge for labor intensity;
  • extra charges for long service and category;
  • regional surcharges and compensatory surcharges, charged based on correction factors adopted for a number of regions of the Russian Federation;
  • bonus payments, nightly, recycling hours, etc.

In this case, only the first parameter is subject to indexation - the rate (base salary), whereas the size of the variable component of the real income of a doctor in many government institutions drops sharply, as noted by the doctors themselves.

How much will the doctor’s salary increase in 2019

Of course, if you take the statistics of large medical centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other megacities of Russia, the percentage of staff outflows will not be large, but over the last 5 years, more than 90,000 specialists left medicine, which confirms that the problem exists and requires an immediate solution.

Previously attempted reformation

It is not the first time that we are talking about raising the income of health workers. According to the “May Decrees” signed by the president 5 years ago, by 2017 the income of doctors should have amounted to a record 180% of the average income in the region, and by 2018 - all 200%. And, although the majority of doctors did not experience real income growth, beautiful figures appeared in the industry’s reporting documents confirming the implementation of the reform.

In real life, doctors are faced with the so-called "optimization", in which it happened:

  • job cuts;
  • association of sites and the whole departments;
  • an increase in hours of processing and the number of exits to night shifts.

Will there be a doctor salary increase in 2019

Thus, the burden on the doctor has significantly increased, which naturally does not contribute to improving the quality of the specialist’s work, while incomes, at best, have slightly increased or remained at the same level.At the same time, for physicians who remained to work in the previous labor regime, income remained approximately within the limits:

  • 27 000 - 35 000 rubles for doctors;
  • about 20,000 rubles for junior and middle medical staff.

Of course, there are regions in which the salary of medical workers can really be called decent. These include Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sakhalin and Khanty-Mansiysk Okrug. The highest incomes, reaching 117,000 rubles a month, are recorded in Chukotka.

What to expect in 2019?

Talk about the fact that the salary of physicians should increase significantly in 2019 according to the same “May decrees” gives hope, but the latest economic news suggests that the chosen path will not be easy and easy. Negative events such as oil prices and the imposition of economic sanctions undermine the country's economy, and the financing of the medical sector is fully vested in the budget. It should be remembered that the planned increase in payments to employees of state medical institutions by 2019 will require an additional 95.5 billion rubles from the budget, and by 2020 another 170 billion rubles.

Income of Russian health workers in 2019

Naturally, no one has canceled the indexation and from January 1, 2019, the salary of physicians is increased by 5.5%, which will not even cover the projected price increase for various groups of goods.

It is hard to say whether the promise of a substantial salary increase will be realized. Most likely, this law will add to the list of projects destined to remain only on paper, and by the beginning of the new calendar year a list of amendments will appear, postponing the fulfillment of the promise to more distant dates.

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