Russian Bear Cub 2017-2018

Students of all ages can take part in the international competition "Russian Bear - Linguistics for All." Participation, and even more so the victory in this competition will replenish the portfolio of achievements with a diploma or a participant's certificate. Winners receive valuable prizes.

Russian Bear Cub 2017-2018

The history of the “Russian Bear” begins in 2000. Every year the popularity of the competition grows. And this speaks of the motivation of schoolchildren to learn Russian, which is the goal of an intellectual competition. Schoolchildren Olympiad gained fame not only in our country. Children from other countries (USA, Japan, Israel, Cuba, India), who are learning Russian, also participate in competitions. In 2000, 64 thousand schoolchildren were participants in the Olympiad, and in 2016, more than 2 million.

Participation in a linguistic competition is available to everyone, regardless of the assessment of the Russian language. Schoolchildren Olympiad takes place in schools, no need to go anywhere. Assignments are sent directly to educational institutions. This is another advantage of the competition.

Russian Bear Cub 2017-2018

Intellectual competition is held in five age groups, starting with the second class. But even students in grade 1 can take part in it.

Age group Classes Number of tasks
I 2-3 28
II 4-5 30
III 6-7 30
IV 8-9 30
V 10-11 30

To participate in the Olympiad students do not have to prepare specifically. The results of previous years show that even without special training, children can answer a few questions. But to win and get a prize will have to work:

  1. Conscientiously study the Russian language at school.
  2. Read fiction not only on the program.
  3. To study the tasks and answers of the Olympiad for previous years. The official website of the Russian Bear provides such materials.
  4. Love and respect the Russian language.

The International Olympiad is a kind of training for the All-Russian School Olympiad. Tasks are built on the principle of the exam. The peculiarity of the tasks make it fascinating, and the test form makes it easier to choose the right answer. There are five possible answers in the tasks. It is enough to choose one. The results of the answers are written in the forms. Regular participation in the competition gives positive results:

  • children learn to make their own decisions;
  • the logic of thinking develops;
  • the intricate tasks of the competition develop creativity;
  • there is an accumulation of knowledge on the subject;
  • There is an interest in a deeper study of the Russian language.

Russian Bear Cub 2017-2018

The competition reveals the versatility, harmoniousness and richness of the Russian language. Shows children how exciting and interesting can be the knowledge of their native language.
Teachers in schools successfully use the material of the Olympiad in the classroom.

Schoolchildren Olympiad takes place on the same day throughout Russia, as a rule, in November. In 2017, the date is determined - November 15. Time for a decision is 1 hour and 15 minutes. The response forms are sent to the regional committee, and from there to Moscow, where the results are processed. The results of the competition are sent to schools in the month of January. Children receive certificates of participants of the All-Russian sample, certificates, diplomas and prizes.

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