Roman curtains do it yourself

July 14, 2010

Roman curtains do it yourselfThese strict and elegant curtains are suitable for any interior, besides making roman curtains with your own hands is very simple, you need to choose only a suitable fabric and spend a few hours to sew them.

The main thing in the manufacture of Roman blinds is to correctly calculate the size (folds). It should be noted that such curtains always have an odd number of folds.

Rail with fastening curtains placed on the wall above the window or in a niche. In the first case, it is necessary to provide a timber width of 3-4 cm and add an allowance of 6-7 cm to the curtain length.

sew roman blinds do it yourselfIn order to calculate the size of the sections you need to divide the length of the curtain into an odd number of sections. Each pocket of the curtain consists of two sections, separated by a fold line, along which the Roman curtain folds as it rises. The bottom section is half the pocket.

Materials and tools

  • fabric for curtains - 1.15 meters;
  • cord - 20 m;
  • nylon tape with loops for Roman curtains - 5.5 meters,
  • adhesive tape - 1.1 m,
  • thin plastic tubes with a diameter of 5 mm - 3 pcs. 2 meters each
  • a slat with a section of 40x40 mm - 2 meters,
  • screw hinges - 5 pcs.,
  • hook for fixing curtains,
  • screws and dowels,
  • acrylic paint
  • mock knife, jigsaw, ruler, pencil, stapler and brush.

Roman blinds - master class

  1. Cut out the fabric according to the desired size, adding 10 cm wide to bend the edges and 7 cm to the processing of the upper seam. On the fabric we make the marking of pockets (fold width 15 cm) for sewing the curtain tape. Allow the edges of the vertical edges twice on the wrong side and press them. Then we seam stitches at a distance of 2.5 cm from the edge.
  2. On the marked horizontal lines we attach the curtain tape, arranging it so that the loops on the ribbon are symmetrical about the middle of the Roman curtain. Extreme loops should be located 4-10 cm from the edge.
  3. Cut a wooden plank across the width of the curtains and paint it with paint so that it does not shine through the curtains.
  4. Wrap the bar with a cloth and fasten it with a stapler. Attach the tape along the seam, removing the edges of the fabric at the ends of the strip.

    Roman curtains do it yourself photo

  5. We measure and cut off plastic tubes with a size of 2 cm less than the width of the curtain with a model knife. They are inserted into the curtains and laid out on a flat surface, check the length from the bottom to the top edge. Pin the top mark with pins and fold the fabric along the line inwards.
  6. We mark the place where the mating tape is fixed by attaching the upper edge of the curtain to the strip with the rigid part of the adhesive tape. Cut off the excess fabric and sew the soft part of the adhesive tape to the back of the top of the curtain. We stick adhesive tape, removing the raw edge of the curtains under it. We return the tubes to the place and manually connect the edges of the curtains with the edges of the curtain tape.
  7. Screw hinges are screwed into the lower part of the plank, placing them in accordance with the arrangement of the vertical rows of loops on the curtain tape. Another loop is located on the side where it will be more convenient to approach the blind. In the bar we drill 2 holes for screws and fasten it to the wall. Fasten the curtain on the plank, folding together the two halves of adhesive tape.
    We make 4 pieces of the required length out of the cord - the maximum size of the cord consists of the curtain length, its width, the distance from the rail fastened to the fixing hook and another 50 cm. row loops, top and bottom loop loop. We perform the same procedure for the remaining rows.
  8. Straighten the curtain and knot the cords, receding 50 cm from the edges of the cords. We fix the hook to the window frame for fixing from the side where all the cords pass. The curtain is ready.

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