Overview of the Samsung SC6570 vacuum cleaner: parameters, pros and cons + comparison with competitors

Modern life is difficult to imagine without the use of technology. Moreover, the work associated with the cleaning of residential premises. In this direction the cleaning equipment - vacuum cleaners has been actively used for a long time.

Tools for cleaning, different in design, provide significant assistance. True, the effectiveness of the action, performance, quality of cleaning - these parameters of vacuum cleaners traditionally depend on the manufacturer and technology.

Taking into account these criteria, we consider the product of a Korean company - the Samsung SC6570 vacuum cleaner, as a possible tool for cleaning residential premises.

Specifications Samsung SC6570

Development SC6570 - household appliances, which, judging by the price tags (4000 - 6000 rubles), it is logical to send to the category of budget models. The relatively low price of a vacuum cleaner is due to the rather simple design of the apparatus.

Ready-to-use Samsung SC6570 vacuum cleaner
The classic working configuration of the Korean harvesting machine. Efficient cleaning of surfaces of different structures, including soft carpets

However, despite the simplicity of engineering thought, the performance of a vacuum cleaner promises quite productive performance. In any case, this vision of the potential owner of the Korean machine is confirmed by quite high technical parameters.

Main technical characteristics of Samsung SC6570

Consumed electrical power 1800 watts
Suction power 380 W
Cleaning mode dry
Dust collector design cyclone separator
The number of working nozzles 4
Weight and dimensions 5.2 kg; 252x424x282 mm

Technical and operational information indicates that the future owner can rely on electromechanical assistance, thanks to a fairly compact and relatively lightweight unit.

The weight parameter slightly exceeds the limit established for lifting a load by women (not more than 5 kg). This is an important factor, as cleaning the house is more often female labor than male.

Cyclone filter separator
Simple enough in an engineering sense, the design of the cyclone separator-garbage collector, which shows the best efficiency in the cleaning process compared with the filter bag

The design of the cleaning machine attracts the absence of a filter bag - an uncomfortable, hygienically weak, garbage collection. Instead of the outdated “bag” technology, the vacuum cleaner is endowed with more modern cyclone separator technology.

Somewhat reduces the attractiveness of the device the lack of a wet cleaning mode. But on the other hand, the wet mode requires large manipulations from the user, which is not always acceptable. In addition, "wet" vacuum cleaners, as a rule, are priced more expensively and at least twice.

Complete set and features of the Korean vacuum cleaner

Traditionally, we will start with the configuration of the device, since this is one of those criteria that determines to some extent the possibilities of technology.

The Samsung SC6570 model comes with:

  • turbo brush;
  • fine filter;
  • telescope tube;
  • corrugated flexible hose;
  • standard, slotted, furniture brushes.

However, some accessories may have the status of "optional." For example, a telescopic tube handle with a power regulator or a brush with a cleaning mode switch, as well as a bedding brush may not be included in the classic kit.

Classic kit SC6570
A simple (not optional) equipment for the Samsung SC6570 vacuum cleaner, thanks to which the equipment costs the user about a third less than the cost of a full set

Of course, the kit includes a user manual, as well as a list of service workshops, where in the event of malfunctioning during the warranty period, free (or for a nominal fee) repair of Korean household appliances is available.

Management Mechanisms and Technologies

The machine does not stand out with special technological “chips” in terms of control. The on / off functionality along with other controls is fairly simple.

Nevertheless, the design still has a “corporate mark” in the image of the original handle (optional), located in the area of ​​connecting the corrugated hose to the telescope rod.

Original control knob
Original control knob, often included in the SC6570 package. However, along with originality, the accessory adds more convenience to the owner, allowing you to control the power of the vacuum cleaner.

The original shape of the handle is also notable for the presence of a power regulator. The device allows you to smoothly adjust the power level of the suction from the maximum value to the fullturn off household appliances from work.

Also from the features of the control of the machine there are three possible configurations:

  1. The power switch on the case of the vacuum cleaner with power control.
  2. The presence of only one switch supply voltage on the device.
  3. Existence of the indicator of filling of a dustbin.

The power regulation mechanism, located on the case of the vacuum cleaner, has a scale divided into two positions: “MAX"And"MIN"- respectively, the maximum and minimum flow.

Power control on the case
This configuration of the power regulator installed directly on the equipment case is also not excluded for the design of the vacuum cleaner model SC6570. Slider switch to one of two modes: minimum - maximum

The first position (MAX) is recommended by the manufacturer for use in cleaning the hard surfaces of the floor, as well as in the case of the treatment of carpets with a high degree of pollution.

The second position (MIN) is recommended to apply to delicate surfaces (curtains, soft blankets, blankets, etc.).

Some reduction in the suction power is provided by another simple mechanism - the movable shutter, built into the body of the angular element of the corrugated hose. The suction force is adjusted by shifting the shutter to the “open / closed».

Work accessories and fixtures

The Korean-made machine is equipped with a telescopic tube-rod, equipped with a convenient regulator of working length.

The regulator itself is located on the central segment of the tube and, if necessary (reducing or extending the rod), this element simply moves to the desired mark.

Bar telescope for vacuum cleaner SC6570
The telescopic tube-rod, which is included in the cleaning machine package, is extended or shortened by a simple mechanism for fixing the position on the marks

A set of working nozzles model Samsung SC6570 allows you to clean a variety of home furnishings. A special tool of this set is the brush head with a cleaning mode switch.

Directly on the body of the brush is a key switch. In one position of the switch, the brush mechanism adjusts to the cleaning of carpet products, in another position of the key - the configuration of cleaning hard floors is set.

Brush with button for Samsung vacuum cleaner
Universal brush (optional), included in the package of the Korean vacuum cleaner. Inside, the turbine mechanism of rotation of the cleaning roller works, and outside there is a key for switching cleaning modes

Also, as an option, the equipment is provided with a brush specifically designed to work exclusively with bedding.

This accessory should not be used for indoor cleaning or other work when rough surfaces are treated.

Dust extraction system

The vacuum cleaner system is equipped with a removable rigid waste collection container with a lid made of plastic. The design of the garbage collection is made taking into account the placement inside the first filtration stage - a cyclone separator.

This technical solution allowed us to abandon the outdated method - bag filter.

Waste container with cyclone
Container - a collection of cleaning products. The same part acts as a cyclone separator, due to which the suspended particles are separated from the air flow.

The garbage collection module on the Samsung SC6570 is easily detached from the vacuum cleaner and is also easily connected after clearing the contents.

To fix the container at the time of connection to the vacuum cleaner there is a button-lock located on the upper part of the traction handle. Using the same button, the fixation is removed at the time of removal of the module.

The overview video clip vividly shows this moment of operation of the Korean apparatus, as well as other features that the user needs to know:

For convenience, a label indicating the maximum permissible filling margin is marked on the case of the module module.

Along with this, some modifications of the Samsung SC6570 are additionally supplied with a visual indicator light on the top panel of the vacuum cleaner housing. As soon as the container is full - the indicator lights up.

Airflow filtration system

Cyclone filter - the system is sufficiently effective. However, small suspended particles are not screened out by the cyclone from the air flow sucked up by the Samsung SC6570 vacuum cleaner. Therefore, to completely get rid of the dust, an additional - thin air purification is applied.

HERA Vacuum Cleaner Samsung SC6570 Filter
The filter element of the second stage - the cleaning system type HEPA. This filter performs the final cleaning of the air flow before leaving the Samsung SC6570 vacuum cleaner.

The design of the model SC6570 is designed with the use of two stages of fine cleaning. If at one stage air is passed through ordinary foam rubber, the second stage is already represented by a filter like HEPA12.

As a result, at the outlet of the vacuum cleaner, the air flow is practically free of suspended particles.

Both filters are easily retrieved. The filter material is easily separated from the installation site. The sponge material of the first filter, with the exception of the HEPA filter, is allowed to be washed with running water.

As practice has shown, under the condition of careful washing and cleaning, the filter elements work effectively for a long time. For the HEPA filter section there is an option - a carbon filter. You can purchase in service centers or dealers.

Vacuum Motor Protection Filter
Filter fabric plate with which the device’s electric motor is protected from contamination. This filter element is located below the bottom of the bottom of the container of the bag

The filtering system of model SC6570 also contains a vacuum cleaner motor protection filter. This small element of porous material is located just below the cassette with the first fine filter. From time to time also requires cleaning.

Pros and cons of using the model

The advantages of Korean technology are obvious from the survey results. Actually, practical application also confirms:

  • satisfactory suction power;
  • ease of performance adjustment;
  • sufficient assortment of nozzles;
  • brush performance;
  • good quality corrugated hose;
  • high quality air filtration.

However, Korean-made equipment, with all its merits, was also noted during the operation and some drawbacks.

Among them are the following:

  • in the conditions of long work there is a smell of melting plastic;
  • fragile power control button, moreover, both on the handle and on the case;
  • often have to wash the filters;
  • increased noise at full power.

Meanwhile, most of the deficiencies noted, based on the polls of owners, are directly related to improper use of a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, the more accurately the instructions for applying a vacuum cleaner, the less flaws in the work.

Reviews by Samsung SC6570 owners.

Research reviews of the owners of this vacuum cleaner shows a wide variety of opinions from complete satisfaction to dislike. However, if you rely on the "golden mean", technology is perceived by society quite positively.

For example, part of the owners notes only positive aspects, mentioning a small weight,convenient management on the handle. The Korean-made device, in their opinion, is powerful enough, the filters are simple and easy to clean.

Service brand Samsung vacuum cleaner
This model will have to be cleaned regularly - empty the dust collector as it gets dirty, shake and wash the filters, and then dry. Otherwise, power loss cannot be avoided.

Directly opposite opinions of other users point to the following negative points: the quality of the turbo brush is low, the attachment of the wheels is poor, and all the details are plastic, which is erased over time.

Also not pleased with foam filters that quickly become clogged, respectively, the suction power is reduced. According to the disgruntled owners, there are not enough filters to process even one carpet - they have to be removed and cleaned.

Competitive Vacuum Cleaner for Samsung SC6570

Harvesting equipment similar to the Korean design is easy to find in the commercial market. Another question is how such a device can be competitive with the Samsung SC6570. Let's see some examples for the purpose of comparison.

Competitor # 1 - Philips FC9350 PowerPro Compact

The price difference between the models is almost zero.The power characteristic is also not particularly different. A small variation (350 W vs. 380 W) is only in suction power.

The same cyclone separation technology is used. True, the capacity of the garbage container at Philips has been increased to 1.5 liters.

The Philips product is almost 1 kg lighter and a bit smaller. Its design, as well as the Korean, is equipped with a telescopic tube.

But the assortment of nozzles is a bit poorer - there is no turbo-brush. The EPA10 filter is used, while the Korean model is HEPA12.

Competitor # 2 - SUPRA VCS-1475

The primary factor of competition for this model against Korean technology is half the market value. However, from a technological point of view, the SUPRA VCS-1475 seems to be an outdated design, given the use of a dust bag instead of a cyclone.

Power specifications are slightly lower (1400 W and 350 W, respectively) than Samsung, but the capacity of the garbage collection is almost doubled - 2.5 liters.

Instead, the telescope rod uses the composite design of the extension tube. By the number of nozzles much difference is noted. However, the Supra power cord is shorter by 2 meters.

Competitor # 3 - LG VK76A06NDR

A close in technical characteristics model, which has a practically similar price tag on the market, is LG VK76A06NDR. The power parameters are slightly lower (1600 and 350 W), but the capacity of the container of the dust collector is slightly more (1.5 l).

LG's product makes less noise (78 dB), while the overall dimensions of the body are actually comparable to the Korean model.

The LG vacuum cleaner is also equipped with an indicator of visual control of the container filling and is built on the technology of cyclone separation.

The number of air filtration stages is 8, against 2 on a Korean-made vacuum cleaner. The tube-rod is used composite. The kit contains about the same number of elements as Samsung.


Samsung SC6570, created by Korean engineers, is a machine that fully meets the criteria of modern household appliances. At the same time, the price of a vacuum cleaner available to a wide audience opens up the possibility of acquiring different categories of society..

If you take the equipment in a complete set of accessories, including tools, marked as "option", the functionality of the device is significantly expanded.

Given the simplicity of the design, a small number of filtering steps, maintenance does not seem so burdensome.In a word, it is quite a suitable choice, if you don’t “find fault” with details.

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