Repairs. Necessary for this paint

During the repair there is such a question, which paint to use for this? And no wonder, now it is released in such an amount that you cannot choose it right away. Paint the walls can be applied paint, which differs in its chemical composition. Therefore, for a start, it is worth deciding where you will be engaged in painting the walls, and then you can decide on the choice for this paint.

Types of colorful products

When choosing a paint and its colors, how to proceed and what colors are suitable for a particular room, it is very important to get an expert opinion. Designer apartment renovation differs from the usual, because the designer decides the apartment after repair, offers several options and agrees with by the owner. With this approach to repair, many factors should be taken into account, one of which is the choice of finishing materials, now we are talking about painting and the types of paint that are used.Water based paints.The solvent in these paints is water. Objects painted with these paints dry quickly and have no odors at all. As a binder material in these colors are polymers. These paints are made on the basis of acrylic resins, as well as latex. The cheapest paints of this type are made on the basis of PVA. These paints are great for painting in rooms where the air humidity is low, that is, in dry rooms. The painted surface does not absorb dust at all. Such paint is easily removed from the painted object, if necessary. Acrylic inks, as well as latex inks, are highly resistant to abrasion. When drying acrylic latex paints, a thin film appears that can protect any surface. Silicone paints are made on the basis of emulsified silicone resins. Such products belong to the new generation of coloring products. This paint can be used for exterior work, it is not afraid of water and has excellent vapor permeability. Oil paints.This type of coloring products uses linseed oil, plus special pigments that dissolve in it. This paint can serve for many years, it has great strength, and can be used for all types of premises, both outside and inside them. The lack of such paint is the selection of an unpleasant and pungent smell. Therefore, its use in residential areas is not desirable. Alkyd enamel. Alkyd resin is used as a link here. This enamel dries not by evaporation of the solvent, but by oxidizing it when interacting with air streams. This product has an unpleasant smell, and it is not recommended to use it in apartments and houses. But due to the fact that this paint forms a stable film after painting, it can be successfully used for outdoor work.

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