Repair of office

Repair of officeComing repair is always troublesome - no matter whether you are going to make it in a room, in a cottage or an office. The owner is faced with a number of difficult questions: which company to choose, should she be trusted, how to effectively organize the process itself? In fact, repair is not so terrible as it is described - all of the action can take a short time, and it can do in very affordable money. The most important thing is the right choice of the company.

Wander through the expanses of the Internet, read reviews about the work performed by a company. There are specialized sites that deal only with the supply of goods and services in the construction industry. Usually they contain white and black lists of both customers and contracting organizations that carry out turnkey office repairs. It is worth paying close attention to the methods and technologies used: it is clear that manually plastering walls will take much more time and effort than using mechanical means that can cope with work more quickly and efficiently.

A clean, comfortable office is a mirror of the company, reflecting the concern of the manager about their clients and working staff.Agree that the first opinion about the company is always based on the office environment and the courtesy of employees. Depending on the condition of the premises and the needs of customers, there are several types of repair:

  • office from scratch;
  • capital;
  • cosmetic.

Repair from scratchincludes zoning, that is, installation of partitions and interior doors, finishing walls and ceilings, installation of electrical wiring and communication systems, alignment of walls, floor and ceiling, construction of walls between rooms, installation of the ceiling. For a quality office repair, the price per meter is from ten thousand rubles.

Capital processIt begins with the dismantling of all the old and unnecessary, then follows the alignment of all surfaces: the ceiling, the floor, the walls, the new electrical wiring is carried out, the floor is changed, the walls and the ceiling are covered with finishing and new doors are installed. Prices for the capital type of work start at six thousand rubles per square meter.

Cosmetic work: dismantling of old finishes, preparation and finishing of surfaces, replacement of flooring at the option of the customer. Prices range from three thousand rubles per square meter.Before performing all types of work, you must be presented with an estimate for the repair of the office, indicating the intended work, consumables, and the price for them.

Most service provider firms provide a free visit to a measurer, who can roughly estimate the scale of the repair and recommend certain types of services.

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