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Relationship mirror

Human relationships are one of the most effective methods for gaining awareness. Through the mirror of relationships — all relationships, without exception — we can enter an expanded state of awareness. We reflect each other and we must learn to see ourselves in others. This is called the mirror of the relationship. In this mirror, I can discern my spiritual essence. Looking around, I see a reflection of myself.

Relationships are an instrument of spiritual development, and a single consciousness is their ultimate goal.. We are all part and parcel of the universal consciousness, but a true breakthrough occurs when we begin to notice the connection between us in everyday life.

Those whom we love and those whom we cannot tolerate are all our mirrors.Who do we like? Those whose features are similar to ours. We want to be closer to such people, because we feel that in their society these traits will appear even brighter. But the people whose character reminds us of those of our properties that we diligently suppress in ourselves, we do not really like.

So, if someone causes a persistent rejection in you, know: this person has something in common with you, but you really don't like this “something”. If you were ready to accept these qualities, they would stop annoying you.

When you catch yourself thinking that someone you are cute, determine what exactly this person you like. Beauty, grace, elegance, influence, strength, mind? In any case, know: the named quality is inherent in you. Do not dismiss it - and perhaps your life will be fuller.

The same is true of those who do not like you.Making contact with your true self, you must understand and accept not the best traits of your character.The coexistence of opposites is the basis of the universe.

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