Reconstruction of the Olympic SC in 2019

The sports complex "Olympic" is a place where you can relax your body and soul with the whole family. Its name appeared for a reason, because they built this grandiose space for sports - the Olympic Games, which were held in 1980.

From then until today, the sports complex remains one of the largest sports buildings throughout Europe.

The complex itself consists of two large oval-shaped buildings. In one, the base is an indoor stadium, and in the second there are swimming pools.

More than 20 sport national teams in various sports are trained there. In addition, the building has become one of the most popular music venues, which meets on its arena the most famous stars of the world.

For connoisseurs of the printed word in the building of the sports complex there is a book fair. In winter, adults and children are always pleased with the opportunity to have fun at the rink.

Reconstruction plans

Those who are accustomed to using the services of the sports complex will have to forget about them for a while. IC "Olympic" in 2019 will be closed for reconstruction, which will last at least two years.

The public has been talking about the fact that the sports complex will be sold for several years in a row. It was believed that the Alliance group acquired it back in 2014.

But not everything is so simple. In December 2017, it finally happened: the documents on the transfer of real estate into the ownership of the new owners were signed.

The new owners are modern and business people. They decided to change the SC, make it reborn and filled with life. Huge buildings will not change their profile.

Repair sk Olympic Moscow

They will remain a sports complex, but they will make it more modern and more comfortable. According to known information, after repairing SC:

  • The potential of the complex, aimed at holding all sorts of competitions, will remain. All major sites will be saved.
  • There will be modern elements that will allow to conduct spectacular events with greater convenience. Shows and concerts will be even more exciting thanks to modern technology.
  • There will be an opportunity to go in for sports and relax with the whole family in specially designated areas.

If you look at what is happening from the side, you can see that almost nothing will change in the functionality of this object. The exterior of the enclosures will be preserved almost unchanged. Inside, all the equipment, which is already about 40 years old, will be replaced with modern analogues.

It became known that the area of ​​the complex will be increased by almost half. Hockey and football fields will undergo a complete reconstruction. The pools will be equipped with treatment facilities corresponding to modern technologies.

Olympic Stadium 2019

Another innovation is a closed passage that will connect the pool zone with the second building of the complex into a single whole.

In addition, the complex of sports halls will be complemented by a room for conferences and exhibitions, which will be joined by a special transforming hall with unique acoustic properties.

How was the repair reflected in concerts?

Since the renovation will begin in 2019, the concert hall of the Olympiyskiy Sports Complex will be operating throughout the year 2018 according to the previously approved plan.

All concerts scheduled at this time will be held on time, in a regular manner. For 2019-2021, applications for events will be rejected due to repairs.

But after that, the guests of the sports complex will be able to enjoy the art in new, comfortable conditions.

The future of the sports complex

Olympic sports complex

When the sports complex was put up for sale by the city mayor’s office, its purchase did not look attractive. Invest in the development of the capital billions, and most admire the construction of the Soviet era, which does not have at least any profitability, there were no people willing.

The buildings of the sports complex require constant maintenance, which absorbs incredibly large sums of money every year. To cover all these costs, the administration conducted all the activities that could be profitable. Thus, the building though somehow earned itself.

To increase earnings, it is not allowed to rebuild the complex to new owners of the Olimpiysky sports complex. But they found another way out. After repair, for which 300-400 million cu will be spent. It will be much better in terms of profitability.

When calculating the income and expenses of a building, it is necessary to take into account the state of its communication systems.

sk Olympic 2019

If the wiring is old and unreliable, then it will often spark, “pull” excess energy and demand the attention of electricians, who, in turn, need to adequately pay for work.

The situation is similar with other systems that thickly entwine any building, especially such a large one, as Olimpiysky sports complex.

So, renovation and full restoration of the complex will reduce maintenance costs, in parallel with the improvement of the level of services in each of the modern sports sections of the facility.

Connoisseurs of sport can rejoice in the emerging perspective. In contrast to the old plans for building up this area, we will be able to observe the rebirth of a unique complex of buildings, the main activity of which will be sports and recreation of the nation.

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