Recipe for Chebureks with Vodka (photo)

Chebureks are a traditional dishEast Asian peoples: Mongols, Turks, Tatars and others. Do not bypass the delicious fried cakes and representatives of the Caucasian nationalities. And we, the Slavs, also eat them with great pleasure. Traditional chebureki is a product of dough with meat stuffing. Of course, with the passage of time and with the spread of recipes, the ingredients of the dish have changed. Pies were fried with potatoes and chopped egg, onions and cabbage, cheese and cottage cheese.

It is interesting

 recipe test for chebureks with vodka However, whatever mincemeat the cook cooks,it will turn out to be tasteless if you do not make the appropriate test. It is for him - fried, crispy, golden brown - patties and are valued so lovers of everything delicious. For this, there is a recipe for a test for chebureks with vodka. "How is this?" You ask. And like this! Usually, for pies, a simple, usually unleavened dough is mixed on the water. Of course, with salt, sometimes with eggs and even milk. But surely a certain percentage of the liquid accounts for a little alcohol. The test for chebureks with vodka does not contain special contraindications for age or health status of those who will eat pies. Degrees in the process of roasting completely evaporate, but airiness and "bubble" in the test will remain. As a result, it is well fried, does not burn, will be gentle and extremely pleasant to the taste. Another secret for which the recipe for chebureks with vodka is experienced is experienced by experienced masters of culinary business, lies in the special consistency of this test itself. It will never become too tight, "hammered", in addition, it will retain its airiness, even if the chef overdo it with flour.

Let's Get Ready

It is time to move from theory to practice, and from words -to the point. Incidentally, we note that the recipe test for chebureks with vodka often includes vegetable or cream butter, sour cream, sugar for a better taste, as well as soda or baking powder. Plus, after kneading the dough must be left to "rest" for about 30-40 minutes. And so that it does not become obsolete, wrap it in a slightly damp napkin. When rolling the dough, it is best not to pour flour in order to avoid stiffness. And more: for Chebureks stretch it with your hands, not with a rolling pin. And the thinner, the better.

brewed dough for chebureks with vodka recipe

Well, now the recipe. The standard is: 250-300 g of flour, a quarter of a teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of vodka, 2 waters and an egg. The flour must be sown in a bowl with a slide, make a funnel where you beat the egg and pour in the rest of the liquid and salt. Gently and quickly mix the dough, roll it into a bowl, cover and leave to proof. In half an hour you can roll out and cook your favorite whites.

Brewed dough

Another type of test, from whichgreat pies - custard. Of course, it's harder to mix it up than usual. But do not spare the effort. After all, the brewed dough for chebureks with vodka (the recipe will be lower) is a real grace for gourmets. You will need about 4 glasses of flour, 1.5-2 tablespoons of vodka or good quality moonshine, as much vegetable oil, one and a half glasses of water, egg and salt. The stuffing for the filling, of course, remains at your discretion. By the way, not only is it passed through the meat grinder, but also the fillet, cut into small pieces.

We prepare "brewed" chebureks

dough for chebureks recipe with vodkaBrewed dough for chebureks with vodka (recipesufficiently detailed, and therefore the starting hostess will cope) is done in this way. Connect a specified amount of water, salt and oil in a saucepan and place on a fire. Let it boil. Then gradually, constantly stirring a whisk, pour into the brew sifted flour - filled to 3 quarters of a glass. Do it as if you cook semolina porridge - and you will not have lumps. Brewed mass - do not wait until it boils, but quickly remove the pan from the fire. Let the contents cool to warm. Now, there, sift the rest of the flour, beat in the egg, pour in the vodka. Knead carefully so that the mass comes out elastic, easily departed from the hands. If necessary, just add flour. At the first stage the dough for chebureks (recipe with vodka) is ready. Roll it, cover and leave for an hour. Then pound, wrap in a film and put on a couple of hours in the refrigerator. After the specified time you can use the dough for the intended purpose.

Dough for yeast milk

To get an especially delicious dough forchebureks, the recipe with vodka, which we offer to you, includes such an ingredient as milk. Do not worry, in this case, alcohol, like porridge oil, absolutely not to spoil! So, the components: 3.5-4 cups of flour, yeast pressed (enough for 30-35 grams, only necessarily fresh!), 1 glass of milk, 50 g of butter or baking margarine. And 2 tablespoons of vodka, salt and sugar to taste. Sugar is generally required for yeast products, so that the dough rises faster. What to do with all this? A little milk pour, warm to warm and melt the butter in it. Then add the remaining (only to not turn out to be cold) and crush yeast into it, dissolve the sugar and salt. Pour in the vodka, then gradually pour in the flour. Do not forget to knead carefully, knead the knobs.recipe test for chebureks with vodka in a bread makerThis recipe for chebureks (dough with vodka andyeast is meant) specifically specifies this detail! For only then will the dough rise well. It must necessarily be soft, not sticky, but it is a soft consistency. Cover it and put it on for 1.5 hours to proof. Then beat again, leave for lifting again. When the volume has increased by a factor of 2, start cooking. By the way, if you are looking for a recipe for chebureks with vodka in a bread maker, use the data! Pies will be excellent! You just need to put all the products in the appropriate capacity of the device in the order that is indicated in the instructions to the device, and wait until the bread maker kneads and prepares everything.

Dough in vegetable oil: preparation

dough recipe with vodka As already mentioned, the recipe test for chebureks withvodka, the photo of the preparation of which you see in this article, can include animal or lean fat. You have already read about butter baking. And now let's use vegetable. This recipe is suitable olive, sunflower or corn - which you prefer. Especially good result will give oil not shop, and house, taken directly from churn. It is more fragrant and tastier. But for large cities such an oil, perhaps, is inaccessible. Therefore use what is near at hand. How to make a dough on chebureks with vodka according to a new recipe: you need at the rate of 2 eggs for each 3 cups of flour, 5 tablespoons of oil and a glass of water, where you can immediately add salt to taste. Vodka - 2 tablespoons.


recipe test for chebureks with vodka Photo Sift flour into a bowl. Strew eggs in it and thoroughly rub them with flour, so that the mass is not cloddy and sticky, but crumbly. Pour oil and rub again. This procedure is necessary for the flour to absorb the listed products evenly. Now add gradually water with vodka, mixing a dough of a soft consistency. When it turns out, roll into a bowl, wrap in a film and refrigerate for 3 hours in the refrigerator. Then you can work with it.

How to roll the dough and what to roast

"A good question," you will say. Yes, we need to discuss it too! First, so that all the dough does not become airy, while you mold pies from it, do so. The main part is divided into equal parts, each roll into balls. While working with one, the rest must be covered with a napkin. Secondly, the rolled out layer should be of medium size, approximately with a tea saucer or a dessert plate. Third, the thickness of flat cakes. Roll the dough so that it is slightly thicker than the to cook dough on chebureks with vodkaSpread on one half of the layer evenlystuffing, another cover, properly punch the edges. Chebureks are roasted in a cast iron or deep frying pan completely immersed in fat. Traditionally, for these purposes, the animal was taken - a sheep or a pork lard. However, most often now housewives use vegetable oil.

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