Raising a lady: the basic principles of raising girls

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Every mother wants to grow from her daughter a feminine and sophisticated lady. So that she always dressed beautifully, was educated and knew good manners. To achieve this is not so difficult, the main thing is always to set the correct example and to lay the right values ​​in the mind of a girl from childhood.

What should a real lady know and be able to do?

The clothes are only the outer shell of a person and if the girl is dressed in a beautiful dress, then the girl will still be the same tomboy and slut. Therefore, it is important to teach the girl not only to dress neatly and beautifully, but also to behave appropriately. Just as do girls from noble families.

In addition, it is very important to give a good education to the daughter. But if the financial situation of the family does not allow a girl to enter a prestigious university, then you still need to motivate her daughter to self-development and to teach her from childhood to good manners and respect for people.These qualities are always appreciated and characterize a person as very cultured and educated. Such people always succeed, regardless of education.

The qualities that characterize a real lady

  • how to make a girl ladygood taste. Someone has this innate quality. But this does not mean that it can not be developed. From the earliest years, teach the baby to good taste and harmony in everything;
  • beautiful manners. The ability to maintain posture, beautifully express their thoughts and behave appropriately in any situation;
  • rich inner world. Knowledge of foreign languages, music, ability to dance accompany true ladies from a very early age;
  • hard work The ability to cook and maintain cleanliness and order in the house. These qualities always characterize the girl on the positive side;
  • health and beauty. Self-respecting girl always watches not only for her appearance, but also for her health. Personal hygiene, hair and nail care, is something that should be instilled in a girl from an early age.

Personal example

Say what you like, but children are a reflection of their parents. And if from childhood her daughter will be watching an intelligent and always well-groomed mother next to her, then, having reached a conscious age, she is also more likely to follow her appearance well and behave herself as a young lady.Do not allow yourself to ever break loose and scream at the girl, it will undermine her respect for you and she will forget how to trust people, because the most dear person treats her negatively.

Dad's role in raising a little lady

How to raise a ladyA great many traits of the future woman’s character largely depend on the behavior and attitude of her own father towards her. This pattern of behavior projects relationships with men. And if a daughter and dad always have trusting and friendly relations, then the probability of building a happy and long marriage is very high. Because she will respect and trust her husband, as well as her father.

The main postulates in the education of girls for dads

  • Always admire your daughter, tell her how beautiful she is, give gifts (not necessarily expensive, the main manifestation of attention), kiss her and hug, encourage her tenderness.
  • You shouldn’t catch up if dad wanted a boy. If there is one child in the family and this is a girl, and the father has always dreamed of a son, you should not shift this role to a little princess. You want a boy, give birth to another child, but you don’t need to carry a girl on a fishing trip, learn to play football and understand cars.Killed knees and smeared clothes have not decorated any girl yet and she is unlikely to give you any, then she will thank you for it. She is not a soldier or a fighter.
  • It is also impossible to punish strictly. Girls take punishments from their parents more acutely than boys and take them to heart. The stronger the punishment and anger on the part of the parents, the more the girl will withdraw into herself and grow into a scored child who does not trust people.

Develop inner peace

Mom and a little educated ladyThat it was always pleasant to communicate with the girl to other people, and she knew how to express herself at the expense of the inner world, and not only at the expense of her appearance, take care of the development of creative abilities, love of reading and music. Thus, expanding the horizons for communication and personal development. Only when a girl has a rich inner world, will she be really interesting and attractive. Also an important role is played by the ability to speak beautifully and express your thoughts. Watch the speech of the little lady, do not allow to distort the words, try to read aloud from an early age various literature and books for the development of imagination and fantasy.


To raise a sweet, friendly and modest girl, it is worth developing these qualities from a younger age. Cleanliness must be in thought and appearance.For a girl, this is very important.

  • Do not encourage excessive bragging.
  • Explain from childhood that it is not good to discuss other people's problems, much less to envy. You need to live your life.
  • Teach to always be neat. Even if the daughter was worn out for a walk or fell, then when she came home, she should immediately wash her hands and clean herself.
  • The girl should be modest in everything. Therefore, especially since youth, when the daughter chooses clothes for herself, try to instill good taste in her so that she doesn’t choose too frank outfits.

Responsibility for their actions and desires

little lady and gentlemanInstill responsibility from an early age. After all, all the girls in the future, too, whose wives and mothers. To make it easier for your daughter to adapt to adulthood, teach her elementary self-service skills and the fact that she is responsible for all her actions. For example, if she wants to have a pet, she must take care of him. Teach your daughter to the thrift. From a very young age, let our daughter be able to help: wash the dishes, do the cleaning in her room, hang out the laundry. Learn to cook. Do not forget the praise.Show by example that it is more pleasant to live in a clean house. In the future, housekeeping will help in family life.


You can not impose your opinion. But when you are asked about something, and you choose the general opinion, which belongs to the opinion of the majority, is also not correct. Teach the girl to express her thoughts, encourage her successes, achievements, and reasoning skills. Often in adolescence, children are very susceptible to the opinion of friends and girlfriends in the company. And they are different. So that the daughter does not become a reflection of her acquaintances, teach her to express her individuality and not to follow the opinion of the crowd.

It is not difficult to grow a real lady from a little daughter, the main thing is to have a decent example in the form of a happy, self-respecting and surrounding mother.

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Raising a lady: the basic principles of raising girls 45

Raising a lady: the basic principles of raising girls 10

Raising a lady: the basic principles of raising girls 77

Raising a lady: the basic principles of raising girls 35

Raising a lady: the basic principles of raising girls 51

Raising a lady: the basic principles of raising girls 7

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