Racer Ranger 200: review of the motorcycle, specifications

Cross-country motorcycles Racer Ranger 200 - thisquite economical and practical technique. This unit combines decent quality, reasonable price, the use of innovative technologies, spectacular design design. Considered motorcycles from China are collected partly in Russia. At their manufacture original components, and also domestic, Japanese and Taiwan's spare parts are used. This model can be safely called a Chinese child in a Japanese "suit."

racer ranger 200

Features of domestic assembly

In the Russian Federation motorcycles Racer Ranger RC200 GY8 are going tousing several pipelines. The main elements of the vehicle are completed exclusively with the participation of high-class specialists. Given some shortcomings, it is difficult to argue that motorcycles from China are superior to Japanese modifications. But at a price they are much more affordable.

The enterprise will present the buyers of this bikeoptimal in terms of warranty period. The cross models in question meet all the required standards and customer requests. In this "raiser" has an external aggressiveness, dynamics, thoughtful design - all that is required from a real cross-country motorcycle.

Technical indicators of the Chinese Racer Ranger 200

The motorcycle review continues the table with the main technical characteristics.

Power unit

Four clock cycles, 200 cubic centimeters, air cooling. Power - 12.9 horsepower at seven and a half thousand turns

Length / width / height (m)

2.18 / 0.77 / 1.2

Wheelbase (m)


Speed ​​to the maximum (km / h)



Electrics and Kicks

Fuel tank capacity (liters)


Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers (L)


Brake system


Weight (t)


At a maximum load of 188 kilograms,the motorcycle Racer Ranger 200 shows excellent cross-country results. Tires at the unit 3.00-21, wheels - with spokes, transmission chain type, the features of which will be considered further.

 motorcycles from china

Chain transfer (shortcomings and opportunities for improvement)

Buying a new motorcycle of the brand in question,You should pay attention to its internal equipment. Some refinements make it possible to make the unit more maneuverable and stable. Replacing the carburetor and adjusting the valve mechanism make it possible to make the work of the bike with the optimal parameters, as in the Japanese analogue.

The chain for the motorcycle Racer is a separate topic forconversation. Experimenting with the replacement of stars, you need to pay attention to the fact that native elements are marked on the index from 41 to 51. The front part of the 18 piece does not fit. The best option is a star at 17. Adjusting the rear elements shows that the asterisk at 41 allows you to increase the speed. At the same time, traction qualities are lost. On the 45 th number of good speed and traction.

motorcycle chain

You can order a chain for a motorcycle with new characteristics via the Internet. According to user feedback, the native element shows itself not from the best side (it breaks, quickly stretches and wears out).

Test drive "Racer Ranger 200"

Checking the Racer Ranger 200 in the case, it can be noted,that there is a good thrust of the engine, the transmission turns on well (one up, two down). Despite the not very high capacity for the "crossover", the lack of horses is not felt, unless, of course, do not plan to participate in it in professional races.

This motorcycle is ideal for tourism andextreme travel. The technique is quite high with good ground clearance, the steering wheel is comfortable, the seat is not slippery and comfortable. Control the movement on the track allows the rear-view mirror. In the management of the Racer Ranger RC200 GY8 proved to be excellent. On slippery roads or on grass, with loss of stability, the unit is easily leveled. On dry asphalt, the bike excels in turning both on the usual and low approach.

racer ranger rc200 gy8

Walking and motorcycle mechanics

Passenger and driver's steps are convenient,thoughtfully arranged. Their feet do not slip, do not interfere with planting and handling. Rear elements, if necessary, fold, have protection from accidental falling of a leg in a chain or a wheel. The review of the motorcycle showed that with a soft ride it is informative and stable. On the bumps. The suspension proved to be excellent at a test speed of 70 km / h.

Some claims to the unit are available, but,given its Chinese origin and price - it's an excellent option. Very pleased with the work of the suspension in general and the fork, shock absorbers in particular. On the sand, of course, the bike in question is inferior to its colleagues, but it's not surprising. He is unlikely to be involved in a rally, such as Paris-Dakar.

Features of operation and maintenance

Start the motorcycle by pressingbutton, which is very convenient. For fans to experience the energy-storage battery, there is a kickstarter. To the brakes, after a short while getting used to, there are no complaints. Activation of the front brake system does not lead to a sharp stop and folding the fork, it remains possible to control the motorcycle.

The aggregate mass is not small, but quite acceptable forof this class. Racer Ranger 200, the characteristics of which are as close as possible to the cross version, is perfect for a trip to fishing, hunting or traveling for short distances. The fuel capacity of 14 liters can be overcome without additional fueling up to half a thousand kilometers. The price of the motorcycle in question starts from 78 thousand rubles.

 motorcycle review

Pros of the "crossover"

The advantages of the Chinese motorcycle Racer Ranger 200 are as follows:

  • Possibility of movement on asphalt and impassability.
  • The presence of a monochrome shock absorber, which has excellent performance.
  • Equipping with a reliable pendulum and a five-speed gearbox.
  • Convenient landing.
  • A good fuel reserve at a moderate expense.
  • Affordable price.
  • Ability to control torque.

In addition, this motorcycle will please ownersmodern electronic instrument panel with orange backlight, ignition lock with protection against unauthorized access, bright modern direction indicators with a sound buzzer. Some models are equipped with a PTA and trunk.

Modifications "Racer Ranger"

The motorcycle in question has severalmodifications. They are all made for a sporty bike, differ in some technical characteristics and design. Below are their brief characteristics.

  1. Racer Enduro.This is a classic version of the pit-bike, has a volume ofmotor of 150 cubic centimeters. Characterized by good for their data indicators and high traffic. The copy is designed for driving on a dirt road, on the asphalt is not very confident.
  2. Racer Skyway.This modification is equipped with a four-stroke motor withone cylinder and a volume of 200 cubic meters. see The sports motorcycle differs modern design, confidently behaves on city and country road, has a tank for fuel in volume of 10 liters. The unit is unpretentious in maintenance, has a harmonious combination of weight, speed and power. Perfect for beginners motorcyclists.

racer ranger 200 specifications

Reviews of owners about a motorcycle from China

Racer Ranger 200, which can be foundon various interactive resources, perfectly suits both for city driving, and for traveling outside the city. First of all, the owners note the optimal combination of quality and price. At the professional level, this motorcycle, of course, does not hold, but it is designed for other purposes. On it you can safely go hunting, traveling or fishing. Excellent design, good fuel reserves, economy and unpretentiousness are the main advantages of the unit in question from China.

The fact that the production of a bike brand RacerRanger is established in Russia, it adds optimism. After all, now spare parts, consumables and motorcycle repairs will be even more affordable. In their responses, the owners note that its main functional, the technique performs perfectly. If you make some improvements, then for a lower price you can get an equal analogue of the Japanese competitors.

Disadvantages of the Chinese unit

Many users note thethe lack of reliability of the original circuit. Developers are paying attention to this issue and are trying to upgrade the node. Most of all the complaints are that the chain quickly fails due to deformation or stretching. Buying the "Racer Ranger" it is better to take care of the replacement of the chain at once, which will allow to keep the "combat capability" of the vehicle longer, and with a skilful approach it will allow to improve the speed and power performance.

In addition, some samples of theThe unit is equipped with a throttle valve. To avoid flooding the candle, you need to carefully study the instruction and be able to use this specific, but useful element.


Transform the motorcycle is available in variousways. First of all, it is necessary to replace the chain, or buy a spare, check and tighten all nuts, bolts and other fasteners. It is recommended to run the equipment at a speed not exceeding 40 km / h. Also it is necessary to study the operation manual, to take note of what oil and gasoline to use.

In general, the technique proved to be good in the nativeassembling both on country roads and on city roads. The combination of price and quality for this unit is selected as correctly as possible, Design - at the highest level. The motorcycle is unpretentious in operation and maintenance, optimally approaches to trips for a city, on hunting, fishing, has a sufficient stock of fuel.


 racer ranger 200 reviews

I would like to summarize that the Chinese motorcycle"Racer Ranger" proved to be excellent at carrying out a test drive in terms of good entry into corners and driving on all kinds of roads, except sand. Beautiful appearance, good technical parameters and reasonable price make it an optimal transport for connoisseurs of two-wheeled iron horses.

Separately it is worth noting that the release of this model was launched in Russia, which means the development of service centers, lack of spare parts deficit and cost reduction.

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