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At its core, the predictors are some independentsigns, variables or certain indicators. The value of the predictor can be controlled or monitored. The change in this factor leads to a change in the response (corrector).

predictors of this

As a method of higher mathematics used by psychologists

The mathematical method "predictor-proofreader" withpsychology and psychiatry are used successfully in their studies on the development of children's learning abilities, in studying the intellectual capabilities of man.

In the role of variables (or predictors), you can take factors such as:

  • accommodations;
  • intellect and parent education;
  • external environment;
  • other initially designated variables.

Due to the conducted research, somescientists received interesting results. It became clear that predictors of success in professional higher education are not enough of such conventional predictors as the conduct of final or introductory testing and school assessments. Without taking into account personal variables, for example, striving for this activity, forecasts may turn out to be erroneous. More often than not, the best basic predictors are the individual's abilities to mathematical and verbal reasoning, that is, not according to overall evaluation indicators, but according to the individual qualities of the student, one can predict his future success in teaching.

Where else can you use predictors

The main purpose of this method is to look atfuture, in obtaining predictions about the results of the actions taken. Even medical science has learned to use mathematical concepts. The main sign leading to the appearance of the disease is called: "the main predictor." The lack of movement will lead to obesity, frequent stresses will cause a nervous breakdown.

It is necessary to change the main factor (cause) and,following the mathematical algorithm, the consequence (the proof-reader) changes, the illness is cured. If there is also a personal interest of the sufferer, the desire to recover, and not to be treated, then the forecast will necessarily coincide with the final result. It is clear that "recovering", "recovering" and "being treated" are absolutely different processes. And here the predictors are the desire and the passionate desire for health or healing.

Mathematics and goal-setting

The method of forecasting and correction, predictions and corrections, instructions and executions refers to a two-step method of solving the tasks posed. How does he work?

  • First, the task is set. A task can give pinternal predictorthen it will be a predictor. You can "puzzle" yourself. The main thing is to want something to get.
  • To perform a specific task, you needperformers. Each of them acts in accordance with the task set by the predictor (management), but using their own skills, knowledge, experience and aspirations. The executor, following the instructions, adjusts the ways of achieving in accordance with his personal characteristics.
  • As a result of the interaction of these componentssystem, the global predictor scheme brings a certain result. If the goals of the predictor and the corrector coincide, the actions will go in the right direction.
  • The replacement of the predictor accordingly affects the corrector's actions. Movement to the changed goal can go the other way. Replacing the corrector does not always affect the change in the target.

Thus, the predictor is the answer to the question "What should I get?", And the proofreader is the answer to the questions "How to do?", "How to get?".

How to use the method in management

chief predictorIn computing mathematics operations are performedwith figures that are obedient and specific. Two are two, nine are nine or three times three, and a hundred is still a hundred. Algorithms are executed in a certain order:

  • The first operation is the exact task and the forecast of the solution;
  • The second operation is a check to satisfy the requirements to the result of solving a specific task.

The task is completed, and the algorithm is completed, when the preliminary forecast coincides with the requirements for the accuracy of the task.

What is good about such a management system

Because predictors are predictors orpredictors, most of the information is locked into a predictable future, not the past. In accordance with the mathematical model, it is possible to envisage certain processes. Using the theory of management in conflict resolution, it is possible to eliminate this circumstance completely, if to act proactively on the cause of this management. The system is ready for such a turn of events and confrontation is completely ruled out.

There are cases when suchthe management of society was carried out in antiquity. Hierophants, the highest priests of Ancient Egypt, knew how to foresee fate, read the future. Mathematics calls this the matrix of possible states. On the basis of the predictions received, Egypt's public system was guided by the scenario of events that had been chosen by the high priest. Naturally, the choice of this or that variant is influenced even then and now by the morality and arbitrariness of those or those who have risen to management and foresight, using an internal predictor.

What are the truths and causes of events in world history

global predictor circuitAll historical events are managed by severallevels of causes and truths. It is difficult for most ordinary people to understand that patriotism can be programmed through centralized news services to raise the wave of public outrage and create a climate of panic. At one time, Hitler set fire to and completely destroyed the Reichstag for complete seizure of power. Independent experts have proved that the events of September 11 and the global predictor are interrelated.

However, the bulk of the world's population, listening to the news, does not want to understand that 80% of all media are under the power of the people who organized these events.

Arrogant ignorance, exorbitant materialism,the lack of any interest completes the picture of the world of people resembling a herd of stray sheep. Unfortunately, to the majority and the basis of society - to the working and middle classes, to the lower echelons of the better-off population - the ruling oligarchs are treated like cattle, zombies, cannon fodder.

Attitude towards acceptance and understanding of reality onthese levels of consciousness are such that visible state power is perceived as absolute truth. The government and the president, freedom and state security, tax cuts and pensions increase completely occupy the information space of these people. And corporations and courts are not a global predictor, but simply a product of a free market economy.

The global predictor blew up the "twins"?

world predictorFacts, figures, photographs and shots of video shooting,investigated by independent experts, showed that in the terrible events of September 11 US special services are involved. Why do we need terrible human sacrifices on a giant scale? The reasons are clear:

  • open the door to Arab oil;
  • access to Afghan minerals has been obtained;
  • Eliminated Gaddafi for the creation of the gold dinar - the currency provided by real gold;
  • created an endless horror of terrorism, which opens the prospect of pursuing in the government any acts to obtain resources;
  • prevented the use of Euros by paying for oil;
  • The internal inflation of the country is reduced due to the export of the dollar mass to the created "hot spots";
  • huge corporations that dictate their rules of life to the world, have received complete freedom for fraud, creating a new world order.

What kind of invisible conceptual power?

Power - the invisible, conceptual government,Illuminati, Templars, the government over states unknown to the society of the inhabitants, the so-called Global Predictor, which in fact governs all world processes. Conspiracies and endless revelations, delusions and provocations of crazy!

And if not! If simple ignorance, dogmatic thinking and habitual negation does not allow us to understand the depth and essence of what is happening for centuries on the planet? Occultism, esoteric knowledge, human sacrifice on certain dates for the preservation of power ... At this level, the attitude to the Conceptual Board takes a completely different meaning.

What is stronger: fear or love?

global predictor

There is still debate about what a person is, wherewe have undertaken and for what we are on this planet. It is not the discovery that the human mind emits a huge amount of energy through emotional thoughts. What is stronger: grief and suffering or joy and happiness? Where does this enormous amount of strength go? What happens to it in the future?

One of the theories says that it was WorldPredictor, cruel, huge and immoral intellect, initially manages the people and history of the Earth. With our anger and sadness, fears and hatred, emotions of grief and anger, this energy essence eats like bacteria by a dead organism.

Energy is not only light, atom and electricity

Fear rules man and love rules him. Which of the emotions is stronger? By the strength of their radiation, these two basic emotions, embedded in the human soul, are equal. However, fear is an instinct to save one's own life, and love is a product of education by the family, the environment, and society.

A normal person should feel fear by nature. This human ability is used to receive atomic explosions of emotions of grief, hatred, horror.

What to do to save your energy for yourself

Various religious teachings, science, parents andeveryone who believes in the majority, is taught to fear the situation, to avoid or correct it. If you recall math, the most important predictors are people themselves. Humanity, which is open to self-knowledge, to love and mutual understanding, can throw out into the cosmic space only beautiful, kind emotions. The more beautiful feelings go into space, the more the situations in which such emotions can be experienced and manifested will be attracted.

basic predictorsReal human abilities are beyond the boundaries of material reality. Man is created to love and rejoice, to create and believe in truth, to find and grow.

As one of the sages said, the real journey on the way to discoveries is not to see unfamiliar landscapes and learn new countries, but to look at the world with different eyes.

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