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Good day! Lovers of a wonderful sports game combines the date of December 1, when the All-Russian Hockey Day is celebrated. The event first occurred in 2007. And it was initiated by the president of the Russian Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretiak.The purpose of the event is to increase the popularity of hockey, the successful development of sports, attracting the young generation.

Many fans remember the glorious past of Soviet hockey players, when victories of the national team in the Olympics followed one after another. Russian athletes are trying to be worthy heirs of these glorious traditions. So we wish them truly brilliant and unconditional victories that will bring joy to the players themselves and their numerous fans!

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On the All-Russian Day of Hockey, I want to wish apt eyes and dexterous hands, happy stick and obedient puck, confident forces and strong ice, safe matches and winning games, funny stories and happy hopes.

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