2017 year of the rooster

Pictures about the New Year 2017

Oleg Skrinnik
2017 year of the rooster

Among the many diverse holidays - professional, state, religious, personal - only one holiday unites all people of different ages, nations and professions. Of course, we are talking about the most long-awaited, the most cheerful, the most magical holiday - the meeting of the New Year.

Almost all adults start preparing for the celebration and the solemn feast much ahead of time, carefully considering the New Year menu, gifts to relatives and friends, the appropriate outfit and other important things that, in general, make up the very unforgettable New Year atmosphere, without which there is no holiday will not work.

While the thoughts of adults are busy preparing for the New Year, the kids, with some trepidation in their souls, represent the hour when they will get their cherished gifts from under the beautiful Christmas tree, which they only dreamed of all year round.

On the eve of the New Year, I want to give not only friends, but also acquaintances a piece of warmth and good mood. This will help a lot.pictures for the New Year 2017, the collection of which our site has collected especially for you. You can just send the liked picture by e-mail to a colleague or friend; New Year's gift to a friend or a loved one can be advantageously supplemented with a thematic picture with wishes printed out on a color printer.

Themed pictures "Soon New Year 2017"

Every day, the thought “soon, soon, the New Year!” Is getting more and more persistent in the head, and this makes my heart more merry, the work goes on, everything is done faster, as if bringing this cherished night closer. On the eve of the holiday, it will be relevant to email a themed picture of the rapidly approaching New Year 2017 to a friend, colleague or loved one.

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Beautiful Christmas pictures

This section contains the most beautiful pictures relating to the New Year and Christmas holidays. It is these pictures that you can safely print on a color printer and make postcards of congratulations out of them, or just to admire, from time to time, on a printed New Year picture and, thereby, to cheer yourself up.

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Pictures with the symbol of 2017 of the Red Fiery Rooster

In the upcoming 2017, one can’t do without the pictures with the image of the owner of the year. A lot of various (amusing, strict, classic, colorful, with wishes and without) pictures with the Rooster will help you to tune in to the right wave to celebrate the New Year. The symbol of 2017 simply adores the attention to its not a modest person, therefore, it is not superfluous to print and hang a bright drawing with the Cockerel in a prominent place.

year of rooster picturerooster toycongratulations happy new year pictures2017 year of the rooster
rooster and henscockerel toypicture with a roostercock

Beautiful pictures with winter and New Year's time

Nothing will push the pacified, not overshadowed by any misfortune of thought, like pictorial pictures with a wonderful winter season. Snow-covered trees, houses, fields and forests - what could be better and calmer? Looking at them, I just want to be in this drawn or photographed tale, take a walk on a snowy carpet and enjoy playing snowballs. Send a picture of a friend to winter and “infect” him with your New Year's mood.

New year's nightwinter landscapenew year landscapewinter evening

Pictures with congratulations Happy New Year 2017

"Instead of a thousand words," you can present a cute picture with good words of congratulations and wishes of happiness in the New Year. When a gift is given, you often want to say some kind words, but not always it turns out to be really beautiful.Attach to your gift a wonderful picture of congratulations (you can even read the written words and phrases) and you will never be misled! And employees will be extremely pleased to receive a picture with warm words of wishes of happiness and good luck in the coming 2017 in the corporate mail.

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