Petrol Trimmers: Top rated. Benzotrimer (benzokosa) for cottages: prices, reviews

Every owner of a summer cottage on which there islawn, knows that to support the territory without cutting grass, weeds and weeds is impossible. Otherwise, vegetation in one season is able to turn the territory into a wasteland overgrown with weeds.

How to make the right choice

Petrol trimmers, the rating of which is presentedin the article, will help to cope with such works, but before choosing such equipment it is necessary to decide which model is best for you. You should be guided by the fact that the device should be convenient to use, should have a low weight and be able to cope not only with weeds and young growths of bushes, but also with woody growth.gasoline trim ratings

Customer feedback on the trimmer motor

Gasoline trim tabs, which you will ratingit is useful to read before acquiring the unit, have engines that represent the heart of any such mechanism. From the design features of the power characteristics will depend on the duration of the work. According to users, most often trimmers for grass have a two-stroke single-cylinder engine, and its power can vary from 0, 5 to 3, 3 kilowatts. Experts advise using AI-92 gasoline in order to ensure the smooth operation of the device. To the gasoline will need to add a special oil, designed for two-stroke engines, which will get a ready fuel mixture. A gasoline trimmer, the price of which can be up to 17,000 rubles, will not be able to work if you change the type of oil or the brand of gasoline, since the engine will not function smoothly, so it can even overheat. Such a motor assumes that the user has certain skills, so inexperienced owners are best able to purchase variants equipped with a four-stroke engine, according to summer residents.trim taboline gasoline price Such motors do not require the preparation of a mixture, oil andGasoline should be filled in separate containers. Petrol trimmers, whose rating will be known to you after reading the article, with a four-stroke engine are more powerful. This indicates that they are able to cope with areas that are overgrown with bushes, which can be very problematic when using other equipment. If you choose a model for lawn care, then the mentioned capacity may be too much. In this case, it is recommended to stay on a two-stroke engine, which has less weight and is cheaper.

Reviews of the cutting tool

If you want to pick up a good gasolinetrimmer, it is important to consider that it should be equipped with a quality cutting tool, its appearance will depend on the capacity of the unit. For example, low-power options most often have a cord, which is a fishing line. As for the more powerful models, they are equipped with a disk-cutter or metal knives.calm trimmer

Reviews of different types of cutting cord

According to users, trimming linemay have a thickness in the range of 1, 2 to 4 millimeters. Each unit must be supplied with a line of a certain thickness. Exceed this parameter is not recommended if you want to prevent premature wear of the bushes. Experienced summer residents emphasize that the cords have differences in structure. The petrol trimmer, whose price can be equal to 15 000 rubles, can be equipped with a line, the cross section of which has a polygonal, round or square shape. You can also find figured variants like asterisks or with rounded protrusions. The variety of woods helps to choose the most suitable option for a particular plot.good gasoline trimmer

Reviews of trimmer knives

If you are thinking about the question of whichit is better to choose a gasoline trimmer, then you can pay attention to models equipped with trimmer knives. According to buyers, this option is most suitable for those summer residents who mow down grass several times a season, when the territory is significantly overgrown. High grass is wrapped around the spindle when it is attempted to mow the line. If you decide to choose knives, you may prefer metal or plastic options. The latter easily destroy hard plants and dead wood, but it is recommended to cut shrubbery with steel knives. From such an option, as the users emphasize, it is better to refuse when there is a need to cut grass on stony areas. When colliding with solid objects, the material will give a feedback, which is not safe for the master.what is the best petrol trimmer

Reviews about the number of blades of the working tool

If you decide to choose a grass trimmergasoline, then you need to be guided also by the number of blades that the knife possesses. As practice shows, with an increase in the number of teeth, the braid will be better able to cope with heavy areas. If you decide to choose a trimmer for hay making, then it's best to abandon the three- or four-toothed knives, because, according to users, they unnecessarily crush the grass.

Rating of producers

If you visited the store and paid attention togas trimmer Huter, then by selecting it, you make the right choice. This is due to the fact that this manufacturer, in the opinion of summer residents, produces models with the most comfortable booms. The last piece of equipment is a conductor that connects the cutting system to the engine. Inside is a shaft, which can have a flexible or straight design. The mentioned manufacturer most often has a straight bar, which is the most durable and reliable. However, the company also sells curved shafts that are most suitable for the territory with different heights and for hard-to-reach places. If the suburban area is limited to free storage space for inventory, it is best to prefer models that are equipped with a collapsible rod. In this case, you will be able to lay down the equipment for convenient and compact storage. If you are interested in the brand "Calm", the trimmer of this company can be purchased at the points of the corresponding goods. According to buyers, this equipment is very popular, because it has excellent quality. The firm makes such equipment, which is equipped with tools to ease the load on the hands of the master.grass trimmer It can not be argued that the mowing of the siteis a complex process, as the operating unit vibrates, it will need to be held in hands and cut the grass as accurately as possible. Adding a considerable amount of gasoline to this, you can imagine how difficult it will be to take care of the lawn. In order to distribute the load to the body at regular intervals, the manufacturer provided for the presence of belt equipment. The company Tatra also presents for sale models that have a shoulder strap. These options are cheaper than others, but the load will fall only on one half of the body.

The most optimal option is produced by the companyHusqvarna. She makes variants with double belts, which are shoulder pads made of soft material. To protect against vibration of the device in the complete set of accessories, as a rule, includes a hip lining. Among the Russian consumers the most popular is still the company "Shtil", the trimmer of this company you can buy in the most successful designs. Thus, the most effective, but also expensive devices for load distribution are knapsack suspensions. They can be adjusted to any shape, so the master can adjust the rigging to suit himself.gasoline trimmer huter


If you are the owner of the site and are considering gasoline trim tabs, the rating presented above will allow you to understand which model is best preferred for caring for your lawn.

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