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Man and social system - eternalthe opposition of rules, instincts and innovation. Going against the system, introducing something new and useful is good, but there are situations when, speaking out against norms and rules, a person creates dangerous incidents and gets into penitentiary institutions. These are special institutions that are called upon to correct the individual, limiting for a time from society.

The penitentiary system

Before answering the question about what ispenitentiary institution, it is worth to tell a little about the system to which it refers. The penitentiary system is a social and legal institution called upon to execute criminal penalties, which consist both in the deprivation of liberty of the perpetrator and imprisonment for a time before the judicial investigation. This system performs two main functions in society: punitive and preventing the recurrence of crimes.

penitentiary institutions are

The main goal of the penitentiary system is to protectsociety, preventing the possibility of crime. And this can be achieved if a person who served a sentence returns to society prepared and willing to follow the rules and can ensure their existence. Preparation for a legal life in society is done by penitentiary institutions. This is a kind of corrective-educational base for criminals.


Simply put, penitentiary institutions are places of limited freedom for offenders. To date, the following organizations function in the system:

  • State and local bodies of executive power, which control the process of execution of punishment.
  • Institutions for execution of sentences.
  • SIZOs, enterprises whose activities are based on the work of convicts, research, medical or educational institutions that are part of the penal system.

social work in penitentiary institutions

General characteristics

It should be noted that all organizations thatcarry out a punitive function, are defined by the Criminal Executive Code, have statutes and prescriptions, according to which they must act. Their main goal is not only to punish, deprive freedom, but also to correct illegal behavior.

In general, such institutions include: penitentiary inspectorates, medical correctional organizations, educational colonies and settlements, colonies of strict and general regimes, pre-trial detention centers, arrest houses and prisons. That is, all organizations where offenders serve their sentence in the form of physical, socially useful work and are deprived of their liberty can be considered as institutions of the penitentiary system.

establishments of the penitentiary system

Social work

In institutions of this type with offenderscarry out a number of special works that will help to correct. First, it is physical labor, and secondly, social work. According to the Criminal Code, there are 6 main areas in which the penitentiary system should operate in order to correct the offenders. Social work is traced in every direction, however, it should be perceived as a separate element of corrective order.

Social work in penitentiary institutions is notis a means that helps to take the path of the true. It only makes this process possible and successful, while protecting the interests of prisoners. The essence of the work is to maintain social ties with the outside world so that after liberation a person can adapt faster and easier. Particular attention is paid to the usefulness of these links. If they have a negative influence, then the social worker can simply ignore them, shielding the prisoner from them. It is also worth noting that social work does not end after the conclusion, it continues for some time, until full socialization.

what is a penitentiary institution

The main task of the social worker is toin finding, developing and maintaining socially useful links. In particular, attention is paid to prisoners who do not have a close circle of friends or relatives, and his company can have a negative impact. Such offenders are sought by interest groups, help with employment and change the circle of communication.

Penitentiary institutions arecorrectional labor organizations, where people who committed a crime are. In places of confinement, intensive work is being carried out to correct malefactors, beginning with labor education and ending with social support. The main goal of such institutions is to release to the society of socially competent and interested individuals in their future who can realize that a crime will always be punished.

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