Pencil box

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Bright and beautiful school supplies can make the learning process much more enjoyable! But sometimes it happens that in our head we imagine something beautiful, but we cannot find it. In this case, you need to make these accessories yourself! Why not?

pencil case

Making a pencil case with your own hands is a great and easy to implement idea. We will sew it from felt fabric. First, it is practical. Secondly, it’s easy to work with. Thirdly, the felt is very beautiful. Fourthly, the departments for creativity offer a whole range of colors, and you will certainly find among these many exactly what you need. You can make a pencil case for school absolutely anyone!

For the manufacture of this crafts, we need two colors of felt. You can take one, or more. Your will! Play with shades! In addition to the felt, we will need a set of rivets and a regular rubber band.

How to make a pencil case?

First, we make a pattern (we determine the length and width of the canister). We mark the place where we will sew gum and fasten it with a safety pin to stitch exactly. We begin to build an accordion, we make loops under the thickness of pens or pencils.When this is over, we begin to make a pocket. We look at the photo, which provides detailed instructions. You can do without it and decorate the case with rhinestones, embroidery, buttons or something else. When the pocket and jewelry are ready, fasten the rivets. If you do not have them, you can sew a button on one side, and on the other, attach a rubber band and fasten a pencil case in this way. You can sew a string from both ends to close the pencil case and tie a bow.

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