Pearl Christmas balls

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We offer you a master class for making unusual Christmas balls. These pearl Christmas decorations look very elegant, expensive and unusual. Try to decorate the Christmas tree only with them, adding a garland to it - you'll see, everyone will appreciate it. Such balls are no worse than designer ones. It is possible that someone even wondered where you managed to get such beauty.

Christmas balls

Making Christmas balls from beads with your own hands is quite simple. You only need to stock up on beads of a standard size, and then things will go small. We will show you how beautiful the white balls look, but we advise you to experiment with color: take red, green, blue and any other. So you can make your Christmas tree not only elegant, but also bright. By the way, instead of beads, you can also take beads, but keep in mind that very hard work awaits you then.

Christmas balls

What do we need?

  • beads of the same size
  • ready foam ball (there is in any department for creativity, and in sets - a very budget option)
  • beautiful thin ribbon
  • needle in the form of a carnation (with a small cap on the end)
  • glue gun

How to make Christmas balls?

Wrap a ball with a ribbon and gently stick a needle to fix them. For reliability, a little glue can be dropped into the base

bead balls

Christmas balls

Then apply glue to the ball with a pistol. Pick up the beads with tweezers and gently glue them close together.

crafts made of beads

crafts made of beads

crafts made of beads

When the whole ball is covered with beads, tie a bow at the base - on it and we will hang our toy.

Christmas balls

Christmas balls

Make several such balls at once and dry them for 2-3 hours so that the tapes do not peel off. Before hanging on the tree, you can tie another extra bow on the ball: for example, from velvet ribbon.

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