Paving slabs

March 10, 2018

Asphalt roads are already beginning to become obsolete. They are replaced by new pavements. Pedestrians have long been tired of melting asphalt in the heat, and in the rain puddles form on it. Of course, on the roadway there will be asphalt roads for a long time. But on the sidewalks and squares, in Russia, it has become popular to lay the streets with tiles or stones.

 Paving slabs

Of course, the masonry looks very beautiful, but it also costs a lot of natural resources, so it is not very attractive. Another thing paving slabs. It is made of concrete, in a huge range of shapes and colors. The roads covered with tiles will dilute the gray picture of the gloomy streets with their bright and neat appearance.

Road tiles can be made of absolutely any shape, the only limitation is that the tiles can be folded together into a puzzle. In other words, circle models are not listed. But they are not excluded, only with them more hassle. The difficulty is that the gaps that are formed between them,need to fill with some other material. Simple paving stones, in the form of a rectangle, a diamond or a regular square, are more popular. In addition, there are wave-shaped models, but they are not so relevant. Girls who wear shoes with heels, walking on such tiles is quite difficult and uncomfortable. In addition, the risk of slipping and bruising increases in the ice. But basically, such surfaces are not covered with ice, and this is also a plus.

 Paving slabs

Work on laying paving slabs is carried out in six stages. Paving is carried out at the last stage. And initially you need to tamp the ground. After stretching the ropes, at the level of which there will be or already have a curb Then knead the concrete solution. A base intended for coating is prepared from crushed stone or from slag. Next comes a layer of sand, and only then proceed to the main stage, paving tiles. This is not the end of the work. You must all fall asleep again, not a lot of sand, and sweep it, so that all the joints are hammered. This will prevent the formation of land in them, as well as eliminate the germination of grass.

 Paving slabs

Why is tile so popular and so enjoyed by all citizens? What do builders appreciate it for? When compared with asphalt, it is better because it stays solid in the heat and does not form puddles in the rain. However, it is from environmentally friendly material, and does not harm the environment and human health.

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