Paul in the garage with his own hands

December 23, 2010
All for a car

Paul in the garage with his own handsIf you want the garage to become a safe home for your car, and it is safe to store things in it, you need to thoroughly approach the arrangement of the box and make the concrete floor in the garage with your own hands. This type of floor will reliably protect against the penetration of robbers, and from dampness and cold weather. The main thing in the arrangement of the concrete floor to comply with the technology below.

The first stage of the floor equipment in the garage is the preparation of the base, which can be either ground or concrete flooring. If the floor is laid on the old concrete pavement, then there is less work to do. It is only necessary to clean the old concrete base from dirt and debris and cover it with a primer with good penetrating ability. You can use acrylic primer, which will connect the floor covering with a concrete base.

If the ground is assumed to be the basis, then it will be necessary to conduct more operations related to the preparation of the base. To begin with, the soil is chosen to a depth of 20 cm over the entire area of ​​the floor and well tamped down this recess.It is better to do this with the help of a special tamper, which compacts the soil layer. Next, the recess is covered with a layer of waterproofing, namely a dense plastic wrap. Then the cavity is covered with sand or fine gravel, which is also carefully tamped. At this stage, foam insulation can be used for floor insulation - sheets 10 cm thick and 1 meter wide are laid along the walls around the garage perimeter.

Now you need to set the strips (beacons), which will align the floor. For this fit metal corners, pipes, wooden bars or boards. They are installed directly on the base or on special pins that can be adjusted during the alignment process. The location of the guides relative to the level of the floor is adjusted with the help of a long construction level or an optical level. Before pouring the concrete, the guides should be lubricated with used technical oil in order to easily remove them from the frozen screed.

how to fill the floor in the garageFor the formation of the floor can be used as ready-made concrete, and mix components for the mixture on site. To prepare the mortar, a concrete mixer is required, as well as materials: cement (M500 grade), crushed stone, sand and water.The proportions for concrete are as follows: 1 part of cement, 4 parts of rubble, 2 parts of sand and 0.4 parts of water. For the strength of concrete, reinforcing additives are added to it (or reinforcement of the screed is carried out with the help of special mesh). For better plasticity of the concrete solution, plasticizers are added which increase the service life of the concrete.

Lay the concrete mix on the prepared base should be very careful not to move the guides. For compaction and leveling of concrete, it is better to use a special construction vibrator, which contributes to improving the quality of the screed. Finishing leveling of concrete is made by the rule: it is moved along guides in the direction from the rear wall of the garage to the exit. Then the concrete is left to dry, and the next day the surface of the screed is polished. If there is no building trowel, you can do it manually. To do this, use corundum mesh, inserted into the device for grinding, which manually rub the floor in the garage.

After grouting, the floor is swept and for 3 days moisten the screed to prevent cracks in it.If the work is done in the summer, then the floor in the garage with their own hands covered with a film after wetting to prevent quick drying.

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