Parma form for the season 2018-2019

In the 2018-2019 season, Parma football club plays in Serie A of the Italian division. For the team, this is a new status, so it's time to change the image.

New form of FC Parma 2018-2019 year

Home form

Tradition for the club were above all. The designers did not experiment with the home kit: in the 2018-2019 season, fans will see Parma in their usual white and black T-shirt. As always, in the middle of a large cross. In such t-shirts, players have been performing since the club was founded (1913). Changing only the design of the gate and inscriptions. This year there will be a polo shirt with a V-neck. The edge of the collar, the neck and the fringing of the sleeves in small black and white stripes. Sponsor logos are located at the intersection of the cross and to the right of the chest. The Arrea symbolism, two diamonds, is also applied to the sleeves. But the team logo at the heart. The designers did not forget that “Parma” is also called “yellow-blue”, and the lining in the neck area was made just in this color with the image of a phoenix - the symbol of the team’s rebirth. The silhouette of the bird is also embroidered on the back at the base of the neck.Shorts and leggings in the home set monochrome black.

Home form FC Parma in 2018-2019

Guest option

On the road, FC Parma will hold the games in 2018-2019 in blue and yellow. Separate elements in such colors appeared in the clothes of the club back in the 50s and they showed patriotic motifs (yellow and blue colors are on the coat of arms of the Duchy of Parma and on the flag of Parma). The fully-fledged Parma became yellow-blue only in 1998, when the main sponsor of the team, Parmalat, decided to use the form of players as the advertising platform of their concern.

There are no crosses in the guest uniform, only horizontal contrast stripes of different widths on the T-shirt. The gate is V-shaped, slightly rounded. Dark blue edging on the collar and sleeves gives the shirt a strict look. The blue stripes have a barely noticeable dotted pattern that plays in the light during movements. All logos are placed traditionally, as in the home kit. The golden phoenix embroidered on a blue background at the top of the back looks impressive. Shorts and leggings are yellow.

Guest form FC Parma season 2018-2019 year

Second set

According to fans, this is the most stylish form in which Parma has ever performed. In the season 2018-2019 FC in guest matches can be seen in strict black sets. On the front side of the shirt is a tricolor cross.Its edging is blue and yellow, and the middle is filled with a blurred silver color. As soon as the second guest version was officially presented, within a day the sales at the club shop went up. T-shirts sold out for 75 euros.

The colors and design were not chosen by chance. The company Arrea, which puts on only “Parma”, but a number of other Italian clubs, decided to thank the team for the rapid return to Serie A. The coloring was called “Black Phoenix”, which symbolizes the rebirth from the ashes.

Sewing a traditional T-shirt: rounded collar, raglan sleeve. An interesting design of the front side is complemented by two-color sleeves. It is the perfect combination of black and gray in addition to the contrasting geometric Arrea logo along the sleeve. The golden phoenix and the white embroidery of the club name looks gorgeous on a black background. The shorts in this set are black, and the leggings with blue and yellow stripes on the cuffs.

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