Paper helicopter

August 21, 2014
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PaperThe creation of miniature models in the technique of origami is a fascinating activity, both for adults and for children. This technique teaches attentiveness and accuracy. It is also important that the origami technique does not require any special tools to make interesting crafts, even quite complex ones. You will need only scissors, paper, and also a little work and patience. This article will tell you how to make a helicopter out of paper. So let's get started.


We fold the helicopter body

  • Step2Step 1take a sheet of paper (size A4);
  • fold one corner so that the square is as large as possible (as shown);
  • The rest of the sheet of paper needs to be cut off and set aside until soon it will come in handy for us - we will make blades for our helicopter with our own hands;
  • as soon as the square is ready - it is necessary to draw four lines on it, as in the picture;
  • along these lines we will make bends;
  • Step3then you need to bend a sheet of paper in the marked places so that the result is a blank for a helicopter, as in the picture;
  • all lines must be properly ironed - the origami technique requires accuracy;
  • now we see two pocket triangles in front of us, and we will work alternately with each of them;
  • take one of the triangles and fold the corners of its base into the center, as a result we get a rhombus;
  • Step5Step4make sure that this diamond is even;
  • after that we bend the corners of the rhombus, as in the picture;
  • to fold the helicopter with your own hands, it is necessary to monitor the evenness of each line, all the bends in the origami technique should be done very clearly;
  • now we are looking at the upper small triangle, which was formed after we took the previous step;
  • this triangle must be bent down as in the picture;
  • after that we will insert into each other the two corners with which we worked in the last two stages - the result of thisStep7Step6the operation should look like the figure;
  • in the same way, bends should be made on the other half of the rhombus and on the second triangle;
  • after you have done all these operations, you will have a paper blank for a helicopter, as in the picture, for the time being it looks a little like a helicopter, but still ahead;
  • Your blank should have a hole at the bottom - and now we will use an interesting technique that is not so often found in the origami technique;
  • Step8through the hole you need to inflate all the workpiece to get a three-dimensional shape, shaped like a cube;
  • on one of the faces of the cube in the middle there should be a fold line - it is exactly along this line that the cube made of paper should be folded;
  • The upper lines of the bent cube just should be joined and carefully ironed with hands, they should hold well;
  • as a result, after this operation, we will get a helicopter fuselage of paper.

Making blades

Step9Step10Now we return to the strip of paper cut off at the very beginning. Our helicopter needs blades, and now we will make them with our own hands, of course, also in the origami technique.

The remaining strip of paper must be folded in an accordion, as shown in the image below. Making the blades is not so difficult, as you can see. We unfold the harmonica - and we see that it has turned into a missing part.

It remains the final touch to finish making the helicopter using the origami technique: you need to insert our paper blades into the cut that is at the top of the fuselage.And finally, our helicopter is ready with our own hands.

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