Paper dahlias by September 1

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We continue to prepare for September 1. Today we will tell you how to decorate the gift to the teacher. More precisely, how to make decorative flowers to decorate an existing gift. We will make paper flowers with our own hands - gorgeous dahlias, within which you can hide the wish.

paper flowers

Of course, it will be possible to decorate with such flowers not only a gift to the teacher, but also any other gift. It is best to decorate such a dahlia gift box. Just stick them on top of it - it will look very cool.

What do we need?

  • decorative paper of several colors
  • paper cutter (better machine, but you can cut with scissors)
  • glue
  • satin ribbons

Tip: Take two-sided colored paper or scrapbooking paper, as well as corrugated paper - combine them in one flower to get even better results.

paper flowers

How to make flowers out of paper?

Cut out long strips of width 4 cm from paper (more or less can be used - it depends on the size of the desired craft).We fold the strips on top of each other, mark them in 4 cm and cut them. At the output we get a lot of identical 4 * 4 squares.

paper flowers

paper flowers

We fold them here in such kulechek. The tip can be gently fixed with glue or just bend the bottom of the "bag".

paper flowers

Now we take the box, which we will decorate. First, you can stick a satin ribbon so that it is beautiful and then sticking out from under our dahlia. Then we fold the petal-bags to each other.

paper flowers

Until you get a circle.

paper flowers

Fix the petals with glue at the very tip. Then put another layer on top - sticking, then another - sticking again. So until the flower becomes lush.

Any wish can be placed inside each petal if you wish.

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