Open concert hall "Olympus" (Gelendzhik)

Very popular is the name "Olympus" among clubs, restaurants, cinemas, shopping centers. Today the hero of the story is the concert hall "Olympus" (Gelendzhik).


Unlike their namesake, our "Olympus" is on the mountain, like a real one, legendary. To get to it, you need to overcome a rather long ladder.concert hall Olympus Gelendzhik

The Olimp Concert Hall (Gelendzhik) is only a part of the large sports and entertainment park of the same name, located on a hill on several levels.

The observation platform at the entrance to the hall is at the same time a waiting room. From here you can admire the most beautiful natural scenery.

To get to the concert hall "Olympus"(Gelendzhik), it is not necessary to know the exact address, every local resident and most of the tourists know this place, which if not visited at the concert, then certainly got to the cable car or other entertainment of the park. Exact address - st. Kupriyanov Slit, 1.

About the hall

The Olimp Concert Hall (Gelendzhik) is open. The hall is made in the form of an amphitheater with a large lift, so that wherever you sit, the scene will be visible as in the palm of your hand.concert hall Olympus Gelendzhik address

It is wonderful that you can not only observe the action, but also admire nature. Pine forest and the sea are the purest air.

It would seem that in all obvious pros, but the constoo are available. When the weather is too hot, and the concert attracts a large number of spectators, the clean air is replaced by the stuffiness, the smell of deodorants, perfume, sweat and other charms of life. The seats are small in all directions. If the guest of the concert can not boast of a miniature figure, it will be problematic to remain seated. Tickets for concerts are not cheap.

But optimists enjoy the performance of their favorite performers and unusual surroundings.

How to get there

You can walk from the center of the city - it's nottoo far, and walks are useful. From the central polyclinic and the market, free buses go to the Olimp Park. But it can be problematic to get there by your own transport. The car is difficult to park, because not only spectators gather here, but also wish to get to other areas of the park.concert hall Olympus Gelendzhik

Where to buy tickets

The Concert Hall "Olympus" traditionally hasown ticket office, you can buy a ticket right in the park. But it's not necessary to go here especially for this. Tickets can be bought in the city at the ticket offices of the "Green Theater" and at a variety of distribution points scattered in the most crowded places.

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