Ointment "Panavir": instructions for use, analogues

Herpes virus is familiar to almost every person. Infection infected more than 90% of the population. To treat manifestations of herpes of type 1 and type 2 and papillomas, experts recommend using the domestic ointment "Panavir". Unique in composition, the drug has no analogues in the pharmaceutical market. Consider the instructions for use and reviews about the drug.

What is the drug?

"Panavir" refers to effective drugs,antiviral effect. The active substance - the extract of potato shoots (polysaccharide) - positively affects the ability of the body to produce interferons. That is, the main therapeutic effect of the drug is aimed at increasing its own protective forces and arresting the synthesis of viral proteins.

Panavir Ointment

The product is available in the form of an ointment, a spray,solution for injection. More often patients use ointment (gel) "Panavir". The agent also has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, accelerates the healing process of damaged tissue. The efficacy and safety of the drug has been proven in clinical trials. The drug, which is of vegetable origin, is well tolerated by the body and has virtually no contraindications.

When appoint?

For external use in case of a viral infectionhighly effective drug "Panavir" (ointment) is intended. The instructions for use indicate that the agent can be used to treat any of the known herpetic infections. Under the action of the active component (hexoid glycoside) pathogenic microorganisms can not develop and multiply, which leads to their death.

panavir ointment

"Panavir" (ointment) instruction recommends the appointment for treatment of the following pathological conditions:

  • genital herpes (including recurrent);
  • herpetic infection of the Varicella-Zoster type;
  • ophthalmoherpes;
  • papillomovirus infection (in complex therapy);
  • tick-borne encephalitis;
  • bacterial prostatitis (in the chronic stage);
  • rheumatoid arthritis.

Pediatric Use

It is often enough to prescribe a remedy for treatmentsmall patients due to the absence of toxic effects of components in the formulation. Despite this, the manufacturer warns that the specialized drug studies have not been conducted and it is not known how it can affect the baby's body. According to the instruction, it is possible to apply the medicine with a certain age restriction. In the form of an ointment, "Panavir" is not prescribed for children under 18 years of age.

Can I use ointment during pregnancy?

In the process of clinical trials, there wasit is established that the agent does not have a carcinogenic, toxic and mutagenic effect. However, in pregnant women, such studies were not conducted. The instructions to the preparation in the form of an ointment indicate that it is prescribed to women in the position only if the benefit to the mother exceeds the possible risk to the fetus.

ointment gel panavir

This means that "Panavir" (ointment) during pregnancyfor external use can be appointed only by the attending physician. In practice, the agent is actually used to treat viral infection in pregnant women in all trimesters.

How to use the tool?

The scheme of treatment with a drug will depend ondiagnosed by a specialist. Ointment is recommended to start using already at the first symptoms of the disease. Usually the remedy is used to treat colds on the lips. If you apply the drug at the initial stage of the development of the disease, you can avoid the appearance of rashes in the form of vesicles or significantly reduce their number.

Gel-like substance is applied to the affectedplot and lightly rub. The procedure should be repeated at least four times a day. Duration of treatment is 5-7 days. For the procedure, a small amount of the drug is needed.

Is Panavir effective for papillomas?

Preparations in the form of ointments and gels are the mostsparing methods of getting rid of a pathological condition. An ailment that manifests itself in the form of warts and papillomas on the body, occurs when infection with HPV. Assign "Panavir" (ointment) from papillomas to many patients, most of whom subsequently leave positive recommendations for treatment with this remedy.

panavir ointment manual

The drug is well combined with othermedicines in the complex therapy. However, it is not recommended to apply it without prior medical examination. During the diagnosis, the viral etiology of the neoplasm should be confirmed. Then the papilloma or wart should be removed by physical means. To prevent recurrence of pathology, the specialist will appoint "Panavir" in the form of an ointment, which should be applied to the postoperative wound.

Does the drug help to cope with herpes?

It should be borne in mind that it is completely inferred fromthe herpes virus is impossible. Under the influence of medications, the infection can temporarily "fall asleep", but under certain influence of some internal and external factors it will again manifest itself. To treat the symptoms of herpetic infection, pharmaceutical companies offer a variety of different drugs that are recommended for use with the first symptoms of the disease.

panavir ointment reviews

Ointment "Panavir", as well as the whole series of funds under thisname, can be called a unique novelty. The active substance of natural origin has a pronounced antiviral activity and is able to cope with a huge number of different types of pathogen.


Despite the safety of the drug and naturalnot all patients can apply it. According to the official instruction, the remedy is not assigned to people with hypersensitivity to substances in the composition or their intolerance. The manufacturer also does not recommend the use of ointment for the treatment of patients younger than 18 years. "Panavir" (ointment) instruction for use allows you to use it with almost no exceptions, unlike other forms of release of the product.

Stop applying "Panavir" for the outdoorApplication should be only in cases when an allergic reaction has occurred: itching of the skin, rash. Such a reaction may be associated with increased sensitivity to components in the formulation. It should be noted that in most cases, similar symptoms were short-lived. This allowed many patients to continue treatment.

"Panavir" (ointment): reviews of patients and doctors

Numerous positive recommendations frompatients who used the agent in the form of ointment to combat viral infection, are the main confirmation of the effectiveness of Panavir. Already in a few days after the start of treatment, as testimonies testify, the symptoms of an illness practically disappear. The drug is quite convenient to use. The pronounced therapeutic effect ointment "Panavir" has shown in the treatment of genital herpes (as part of complex therapy).

Panavir ointment from papillomas

With a common cold on the lips,caused by the causative agent of the viral etiology, in addition to using "Panavir", doctors recommend strengthening immunity with the help of vitamin complexes. This will help prevent relapse of pathology. Ointment does not cause side effects, it is well tolerated by the body. By appointment of a doctor, the remedy can be used to treat children.

Negative reviews are most often associated with the development of an allergic reaction against the background of treatment by Panavir. Short-term redness, itching and rash are fast enough.

Drug analogues

Ointment "Panavir", if necessary, can be replacedAnother remedy that will have an antiviral effect. Such drugs are currently produced quite a lot. There is no analogue for the main active ingredient.

panavir ointment during pregnancy

A similar therapeutic effect has a drug"Genferon." However, it is only available in the form of suppositories. An antiviral effect is possessed by the ointment "Alpizarin". The active substance of this preparation also has a natural origin. Ointment can stimulate humoral and cellular immunity. According to the instructions, "Alpizarin" can be used to treat children (from three years old). Contraindications include the first trimester of pregnancy and intolerance of components.

The most popular analogue is inexpensivemeans Acyclovir. According to numerous reviews, this drug is no less effective than the original, in the treatment of herpetic eruptions on the lips and mucous membranes of the nose. At the same time, with papillomivirus infection, "Acyclovir" can not fight.

Analogues of "Panavir" should be selected by the attending physician, taking into account the features of the pathology, the age of the patient and the presence of contraindications.

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