Nurse Day in 2017

There are such professions and professionals in the world who deserve to have and celebrate their own holidays. Often these professions are undeservedly deprived from a material point of view. There are many such crafts in our country, but only a few of them deserve real admiration and sincere respect. One of these undervalued profession is a medical business.

Nurses perform a huge, sometimes overwhelming amount of work and get very little salary for their efforts. And, if doctors, as a rule, are thanked by patients and their families, then nurses, these workers of the “invisible front”, are usually deprived of attention. And in vain. Often, the success of the manipulations performed by the doctors and, as a result, the healing depends on the nurses. AT

If you didn’t have adequate concomitant patient care, the statistics for cured patients would be disastrously low. And this is a fact confirmed by the sad and depressing experience of our past. That is why in Russia and around the world pay tribute to nurses.From our article you will find out what date is being celebrated.Nurse Day in 2017, and also will gather interesting knowledge about history and some facts of this remarkable holiday.

When Russia celebrates Nurse Day in 2017

what date is nurses day in 2017

Every year, on the same day, May 12, the International Nurse Day is celebrated in Russia, as well as throughout the world. This is a personal holiday laborers in the medical field. International Nurses Day once again gives reason to heartily congratulate and also warmly thank the representatives (and representatives, because the nurse is the same profession as the nurse) of one of the most human professions in the Universe.

Nurses and brothers are specialists who carry out doctor's instructions for caring for patients. They received primary medical education and have the full right to work in hospitals and clinics. Nurses are compulsory assistants to doctors who work directly with the patient during the entire treatment and until they recover.

A little history of an amazing holiday

The date on which Nurse Day falls is by no means taken from the ceiling. Back in 1820, precisely on May 12, Florence Nightingale was born. She was a pioneer nurse professionally.Florence Nightingale became the founder of nursing, as a real division of the science of medicine.

history of international nurses day

The first professional nurse in the world laid the foundation for the nursing service that we see in our day. Previously, the work of a nurse was considered something unworthy, very low-paid and, in truth, quite desperate women went to the nurse. But among them were people with a big heart and a warm heart. Miss Nightingale was one of them.

She completely changed the attitude towards the nurses among the public, and also created a real nursing service - the most important assistants to the doctor. The medical society turned its attention to the importance of the work of a nurse only after the death rate among postoperative soldiers had declined substantially, thanks to the care and care of nurses.

Florence Nightingale did not immediately become a respected and revered worker in her work. It all started very difficult: first, the girl received a very, very good education, which was not available to every man in the XIX century. But Florence saw her purpose only in helping the sick and suffering.At the age of 20, a desperate girl passed her sister of mercy and, despite the resistance of her relatives, went to Germany, where she studied all the subtleties of caring for the sick. Upon returning to London, Florence Nightingale became the manager of a small private clinic.

Miss Nightingale's glory flew in front of her. In the course of the Crimean War, which broke out in 1853, Florence Nightingale was invited by the War Department to the front. There, she was able to fully incorporate the correct principles and norms into the organization of patient care, thanks to which the mortality rate among the soldiers who underwent the operation decreased by 39.8%. This was a real breakthrough in the field of sanitation in the postoperative period!

Even before determining the official date for the celebration of Nurse Day, ideas of honoring and honoring the representatives of the noble mission were expressed in 1953, and since 1965 they began to celebrate the holiday in many countries around the world. And only in 1974, the International Council of Nurses decided to assign a specific date to the holiday.

In Russia, this day began to be celebrated only in 1993, and the prerequisites were the creation in 1992 of a special organization, which was called the “Association of Nurses of Russia”.

Nurse Day Traditions and Customs

medical day

The modern world can not be imagined without nurses and nurses. These are indispensable workers and workers who assist doctors in surgeries, conduct outpatient treatment, and also cope with a lot of important and very necessary work in order to “put the patient on his feet”.

In absolutely every hospital, not the first rays of the rising sun announce the beginning of a new day - the day of the sick begins with the arrival of a nurse with a thermometer or medicine. And it is wonderful that the tradition has come to our society to honor nurses and nurses every year on May 12th.

It is on this spring day that the best nurses and brothers are awarded. The International Committee of the Red Cross awards particularly distinguished registered nurses with medals named after the first qualified nurse Florence Nightingale. This is the highest award for the professionalism of hard-working women and medical workers.

It is customary to congratulate every member of the nursing staff on this day. It is very important to fully understand the work and help of nurses who are always there during difficult hours, trying to alleviate human torment and pain.And, of course, special restraint and courage are required by military nurses who assist the wounded under the whistle of bullets and the roar of explosions.

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