Nokia 5228: Features and Features

Nokia began to actively compete with largecompanies that develop mobile phones and other gadgets. This is an aspect of reducing the cost of touch phones, because the old S60 platform has already begun to go away. Nokia does not stand still, but, on the contrary, develops its latest developments, and the main decision in terms of the touch device was the Nokia 5800. In fact, few know that this model was the first device of this type, which is considered the younger version «5230». I want to note that there is also a version of "5235", which is more aimed at music lovers. Phone "Nokia 5228" (the characteristic of the model impresses many users) is a device that received an excellent visual design, and besides it, there are many other positive aspects about which we will talk today.

Lack of receiver

nokia 5228 specificationsThe version of the communicator Nokia 5228 received onlyone speaker from its previous generation, as well as a carefully designed body and design. In this model there is no stylus. However, the changes were minor, but still the company decided to abandon the development of the third generation, this is not required, since the latter model is able to surprise every user.

5268 Nokia phone


About the "Nokia 5228" characteristics say that inthe device does not have Wi-Fi access. This looks very unattractive, since at the moment many users are accustomed to connecting to a wireless network, and this direction is developing. However, the phone can be attributed to the multimedia category, but most of all it is suitable for frequent calls. Concerning the "Nokia 5228", the testimonials, testimonials and even a series of tests indicate that the phone has many shortcomings, but if you still start to consider the positive aspects, then you can establish that the communicator is interesting to a large number of users, and it has many advantages. The main thing is to find them.

Nokia 5228: Design Features

Paying attention to the products of competitors, withwe can say with certainty that this phone model is ahead of a large number of gadgets not only for its modest price, but also for the quality of assembly, functionality and appearance. In fact, Nokia did not achieve any low cost of communicators. Of course, the manufacturer once again performed a complicated trick, or rather, created a development with a completely new index and sells it to partners at a reduced price, so the brand's popularity remains at a high level. Drawing your attention to the design, we can say that the new model is an exact copy of its predecessor - "5230". And in our case, the body material remained plastic, but the assembly was very good. If you start to squeeze the phone in your hand, then you can hear small creaks, but it still happens within reason. If you compare Nokia 5800 with our version, then you can determine that all internal mounts have been completely changed, now the case can be attributed to a monolithic type, and none of the corners has the possibility of loosening. At the same time, the fasteners were installed reliably.


nokia 5228 specification instructionThe dimensions of the phone are 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm, and the weightit is only 150 grams. In fact, the dimensions completely coincide with the predecessor - "5800". If to speak about "Nokia 5228", the characteristics of the communicator differ slightly from the model "5800". Visually, mobile devices are practically impossible to distinguish.

"Nokia 5228": characteristics, instruction and conclusion

nokia 5228 feature reviewsCurrently, the market model Nokia 5228is present in three different color solutions, or rather, each user can choose a black smartphone, white with blue or light silver. On the right side of the device you will notice a paired key that is intended for audio adjustment, and below is a slider that is responsible for locking the keyboard and screen of the device. Indicators of the device may indicate that the device is really quality, especially if you pay your attention to the price, then you can see for yourself.

The instruction in the set is complete, andaccordingly, after the purchase of this device, you should not have any difficulties with its use. The guide is also provided in Russian.

The Nokia 5228 features the following characteristics:OS Symbian, 3.2-inch screen, resolution - 360 x 640, image density - 229 points, automatic rotation of the display, 2 megapixel camera, support for PictBridge, three-time digital Zoom, recording video in MPEG4 format (30 frames / second), radio, audio player, voice recorder, Java applications and games. What other information will be useful to the consumer? The headphone jack of the model is 3.5 mm, the communication standard is GSM, the Internet connection (EDGE, GPRS, WAP), the interfaces are Bluetooth, USB, synchronization with a personal computer, ARM11 processor, built-in memory (70 MB).

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