It is time to live emotions in a new way, to open up to the world from the perspective of the soul, to be in each ...
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No perfect people, friends, relationships ...


To be immersed in the illusion.

Where you exist, in the reality that you see, there is not and there can be nothing perfect. No perfect people, friends, relationships. The idea that the mind has put into the concept of “ideal (second)” is one of the most profound delusions. And, plunging into it, it is impossible to see the bottom. Already at a shallow depth, a value judgment joins, partly or completely categorical, “right” or “wrong”. And to throw off this cargo is difficult, but even harder to swim.

Being infected with a sense of control.

Weaving your own frame, compressing and restraining any movement, emotions - is the beginning of the control program of others. By endowing itself with this function, the internal balance is lost and everything is directed to the outside. A huge amount of energy is used that can work on a par with natural sources of energy for oneself, for the benefit of oneself.The energy directed at someone unmistakably destroys two worlds at once - a stranger and yours.

To be a tenant.

We cannot surely know if we had a choice of body. It was consciously, spontaneously or forcibly. But we look at our hands, our reflection and eventually get used to it. Discontent arises at the stage of comparing oneself with others and grows with the promotion of accepted standards. In the race for visual appeal, deafness is generated, deafness to one's own body, its needs. But there are no standards prescribed in the universe, there is no perfect body, and the feeling of one’s body is imperfect - it’s a good reason to study, accept and delve into work on oneself. Work is internal, work without irritation, work with pleasure.

Be in the circus arena.

Events that occur around us provoke voluntary and forced energy returns. Energy is given not just into space, but directly into human hands. And there are a lot of such hands. The chain of emotional nourishment has always existed, and energy exchange is the same food as food for the physical body. Why do clowns have your laugh? - to stifle the inner sadness.Why do stuckers get your delight? - To feel your adrenaline, to enhance its effect. We are all in the big circus arena, and in order to save ourselves, we need to learn how to balance - to balance with internal energy. Only by immersing yourself can you recognize the true nature of emotions. And this knowledge will preserve your integrity, protect from the inside.

Be the creator.

You can build a house of matches and quite sincerely surprised by the instability of the structure. You can make a titanic effort and build a second Chinese wall, but only half feel protected.Being the designers of our own life and every single detail, we often shift the responsibility for it to others, we complain about the impossibility of changes and actions. This method makes life easier for those who are used to someone or something to depend on.A new project, or a new layout, begins with the desire to create. No need to be afraid to build or rebuild again. Begin mentally getting used to the new material - the material with which you may have never worked. And then in his hands he will become clay that allows you to put your plans into practice.

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