New season Twin Peaks will be released in 2017

The cult TV series “Twin Peaks” will soon be pleased with the new series.True, the long-awaited premiere is somewhat delayed. According to the creators of the tape, the new season will be released not in 2016 (as planned earlier), but in 2017.

Story show will be broadcast Showtime. As the general director of the TV channel, the series will be removed in one block, in the form of a long movie. Only after that it will be divided into episodes with a duration of 59-60 minutes.

Why is the premiere delayed

Back in 2007, Mark Frost admitted that he was already carrying the idea of ​​returning “Twin Peaks” to the screens. To get used to this idea, the authors needed a few years, and only in 2013 they seriously began to develop a script, a plan for filming and to look for actors.

It was originally planned to make 9 episodes, but already it became known that the series will stretch to as many as 18 episodes. Most likely, the increase in the volume of work was the reason that the tape would be released only in 2017.But fans of the film are not discouraged, because they have a chance to enjoy the adventures of their favorite characters twice as long.

Actors and creators

The authors of the series are still the same David Lynch and Mark Frost. Both of these talented people act as screenwriters and producers of the tape, and David Lynch also took the director's chair. Angelo Badalamenti, who previously wrote soundtracks for the past seasons of the series, took over the music. They, subsequently, became the hallmark of the film.

Twin Peaks 2017 Actors

As for the cast of the film, almost all the stars of the past seasons expressed a desire to play in the continuation. Kyle MacLocklin confirmed his participation in the mystical series “Twin Peaks” almost immediately. Such actors as Cheryl Lee, Dan Ashbrook and Kimi Robertson joined him.

Recall that Kyle McLocklin played a major role in the film - FBI special agent Dale Cooper. Shiril Lee reincarnated in the local beauty Laura Palmer, and Dan Ashbrook became the boyfriend of Laura Palmer Bobby Brigz.

A little later, Cheryl Lee confirmed the return of another participant - Sherelin Fenn (Audrey Horn).


twin peaks 2017As stated by the creator of the series David Lynch, the third season of “Twin Peaks” will be a continuation of past seasons, only the action in it will unfold in our time and in the same town. Of course, so far no one has spread the details of the plot, but a small teaser for the film has already been released, which is capable of slightly opening the curtain of mystery.

Co-author of Lynch, Mark Frost promised that the audience will finally be able to understand everything that is happening and will receive answers to many questions. In the picture it is planned to introduce a lot of new characters. It is known that all 18 episodes will be united by one storyline, which we will learn about later.

“Twin Peaks” past years

In a small (fictional town) Twin Peaks, a terrible incident happens - Laura Palmer is killed. The girl was a local schoolgirl. No wonder that special FBI agent Dale Cooper was sent to investigate her murder.

twin pix 2017 plot

The premiere of the series took place in April 1990 and ended in July 1991. The broadcast of the tape took over the popular American channel ABC. It was “Twin Peaks” that became the most important phenomenon of those times. He collected more than 30 million viewers from the screens.It is noteworthy that in the final scene, Cooper, going to the wigwam, told Laura that they would meet in 25 years. Surprisingly, the casual phrase was prophetic.

In 1992, a prequel to the TV series titled “Twin Peaks: Through the Fire” was released, but he failed to receive the same vocation as the original.

The most eccentric characters of “Twin Peaks”

  1. Big Ed (the owner of the gas station), as well as his one-eyed wife Nadine. She had one fetish - curtains. Throughout all the episodes, one could hear her shrill exclamations: “These curtains do not want to hang.” A little later, the phrase Nadine became winged.
  2. Margaret Lanterman. She was also called “the lady with the log”, because everywhere she appeared with a piece of wood in her hands. Apparently she received special energy or magical messages from him.
  3. Leo Johnson is an awesome trucker who was a smuggler. He drove drugs from Canada.
  4. Shelley (the trucker's spouse) was Bobby Biggs, Laura Palmer's secret lover.
  5. Norma Jennings - the secret love of the life of the Great Ed.
  6. Laurence Jacobi is a wonderful psychiatrist.

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