New Renault 2019 models

Being one of the most popular and sought-after car brands, the majority of domestic fans of reliable and sturdy passenger cars with a fairly reasonable price, Reno offered several models of the most popular types of passenger transport in the coming season. The main features of cars from romantic France:

  • Comfortable and very comfortable;
  • Solid and easy to use;
  • Reliable and easily operated in various conditions;
  • Available to the buyer with an average income.

The French company Renault Group has more than two hundred countries - consumers worldwide. How popular are cars with a logo in the form of a gold diamond on the hood can be estimated from the results of surveys.

New Renault 2019 models

About the policy of the creators of the brand

They are rightfully called one of the most attractive on a global scale. The range of new cars is significant. Today, these are crossovers, sedans, trucks, sports cars, and representatives of the most promising line of passenger cars - electric cars.In the future season, a significant assortment row is being prepared with excellent external parameters, good options and technical stuffing, a car that is distinguished by its affordability. Respectable and approaching the budget level, solid and modestly executed, equally reliable in operation of the cars of the next season attract the attention of both professional experts and ordinary car enthusiasts.

The list of models that Renault offers in the future season is quite expected by the brand's fans and are already preparing to launch on production production lines. Their features are worth close attention. In particular, because very soon, at the beginning of next year, cars will appear on the Russian market, presented this spring in Geneva, the very heart of Europe at the international motor show. So, in some detail.

Renault Duster

New Renault 2019 models

The car is well known to the mass consumer. This is the second generation of a well-proven car, almost perfect for long-distance travels with family or friends. Judging by the photos submitted to the network, the full-size version has significantly changed its appearance.The new Duster became aggressive, assertive, powerful, modern. The attention of experts is primarily attracted to the rails, a set of LED optics, modified forms of radiator grilles, the use of an unexpected modern modification of the rear lights. Wheels, numerous chrome trim details have become a great accent. The salon received an innovative noise absorbing finish.


New Renault 2019 models

Today it is also a very successful completion of the famous hatchback on our roads. Judging by the video presented by the manufacturer, the modification has become stylish, modern, sporty. Dimensions and clearance increased significantly. If there is a resemblance to Duster, then it becomes more and more insignificant. Sandero himself received more streamlined and smooth lines of body geometry. The model is presented in several versions of power plants.


New Renault 2019 models

This time, the model of the most popular and inexpensive sedan in Russia is drastically improved. The novelty has received changes in the main components and parts of a technical nature; not only the technical side has become modern, but also the conceptual details of the exterior and interior.New look favorite sedan different changes in the set of head and rear optics. Accents of the interior have become much more modern, the frontal part of the body and the bumper have received a more modern sports structure. The latest news concerns the device options previously available exclusively in the most expensive modification. The car is equipped with a multimedia complex, has a widescreen monitor, integrated with numerous devices, an onboard complex and a navigation system.


New Renault 2019 model

The past auto show in Germany, in Frankfurt, distinguished itself by the presentation of a significant number of updates of popular models of the French concern Renault. In particular, the well-known "Megan" appeared in a new guise, which received numerous innovations.

  1. Exterior stands out with original LED optics;
  2. Radically changed the geometry of the body;
  3. The bumper and other details of the front are made in accordance with the best trends in automotive fashion.
  4. The salon is fully packed with new options for monitoring and assisting in driving in extreme conditions.

The technical characteristics of Megan's new season are not known today, but presumably it will meet the highest international standards.


New Renault 2019 model

Another pleasant surprise was the display of the crossover, which can successfully compete with SUVs, both in technology and in motion control options. Prices, technical equipment, motion control options and reliability of the supporting structure are ideally suited for operation in our conditions. Very interesting are the functionals of traffic control and parking.

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