New model Chevrolet Trailblazer 2017

In May of this year, the automobile concern General Motors presented the updated Trailblazer SUV, which entered the Brazilian market in the same month. Despite the American origin in today's second generation, which has been manufactured since 2012, this model is not for sale in the United States itself.

The machine was designed by the Latin American department of GM-Brazil, and is manufactured in Thailand. As a result, this off-road model of 2017 looks like a crossover, although it has a frame architecture in its construction.

Updated off-road frame carChevrolet Trailblazer 2017identical to the model called Trailblazer Premier, which was shown in March 2016 in the city of cans. At the moment, enough information has been made public on the technical characteristics, design, and cost of the car to make a complete review. It must be said that the model turned out to be quite easy, because if we compare it with the previous modification, then we find out that the novelty lost as much as 13 kg in weight.

The body design of the new SUV

After all the work done, the SUV began to look modern and fresh. The bonnet hood received a lot of improvements, the falshreshetka radiator became powerful and stylish, the front bumper stands out for its impressive dimensions and the same foglights, the front lighting technology is made in a narrowed style and consists entirely of LED content. Light elements were placed on the edge of the headlights, so they look elegant and neat.

Chevrolet Trailblazer crossover

The aft portion has undergone minimal changes. Also, the tail lights and the spoiler located above the trunk lid were slightly restyled. You may notice that the spoiler on the previous version of the SUV was more powerful. New 18-inch light alloy wheels that have got six double-pointed needles in their design will attract the buyer's attention.

In general, it was possible to get a more representative and important exterior due to all the innovations in the front area of ​​the car.

Car interior

The SUV is designed for seven passengers, including the driver. The design of the interior decoration looks more solid compared to the dorestayling version. The front panel has received a lot of changes.Torpedo looks massive and equipped with powerful deflectors, which are placed in an upright position. The center console is designed in a wider style.

trailer blazer Price

The dashboard will impress customers with its originality. The developers have equipped it with a new multimedia complex Mylink, which has an eight-inch touch screen (Androidauto, Carplay, Apple, phone, rear-view camera, navigation system). Climate control is very easy to control, thanks to a simple control unit. Security systems have been updated, and they have become much more.

For the upgraded version of the car was developed the latest cruise control system with automatic braking function. There is also a system of warning of a possible frontal collision, which also recognizes cyclists and pedestrians, a system that monitors dead zones of rear-view mirrors, as well as technology that monitors road markings.

The manufacturer claims that the interior uses a material of much better quality. In addition, the list of salon colors has increased.

Overall dimensions of the model

chevrolet trailing blazer 2017 model year

Chevrolet Trailblazer 2017 is a five-door SUV frame, very impressive size:

  • The width of the new is 1900 mm;
  • The length of the SUV reaches 4870 mm;
  • The height of the machine does not exceed 1840 mm;
  • Ground clearance - 255 mm;
  • The distance from one axis to another is 2840 mm.

Technical features of the machine

updated trailblazer

In technical terms, the new version of the SUV Trailblazer has not received major changes. The model is based on a powerful frame, independent suspension (a multi-link design is used at the rear, a “double-lever” front). All wheels are equipped with disc brakes. The drive is connected to the rear wheelset, but as an option it is possible to install an all-wheel drive system.

The line of power units includes one gasoline engine and two "diesel".

The gasoline engine is a 3.6-liter six-cylinder unit with a capacity of 277 hp. This engine will work in pairs with an automatic six-speed transmission. For this option it is possible to connect the all-wheel drive system.

Chevrolet new cars

Diesel versions:

  • 2.5-liter four-cylinder Duramax, 155 hp The mechanical six-slug will work in pairs with this motor;
  • 200-horsepower four-cylinder Duramax, with a capacity of 2.5 liters.For this engine, two transmissions are available to choose from: automatic six-speed gearbox or six-speed mechanics.

The cost and equipment of the SUV from Chevrolet

Interestingly, the model will also be available for the Australian auto market. The SUV is making its debut there this fall, but under a different name - Holden Colorado 7. Sales began in Thailand in July 2016. The car is offered there for 30,000 USD.

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