New Mercedes-Benz 2019 models

Chrome logo in the form of a triangular crystal in the ring - the symbol of the Mercedes brand has become one of the most desired by most motorists. The leader of consumer demand ratings, which has maintained its position not just for years, but for decades, the Daimler AG concern in each season presents not only new products, but also radically worked out models that are loved throughout the world. The team of German engineers, designers, technologists has achieved significant success, on official photos and spyware videos, fans of the brand, specialists and lovers of reputable cars can fully explore all the details of promising proposals for the next season.


Passed at the beginning of this year, the auto show in Detroit and Geneva allowed to see in real time all the cars that Mercedes-Benz offers in the 2019 season. Live genuine interest has aroused the entire range of cars shown. Not only novelties are attractive, but also familiar classic models, and this is a tribute to tradition.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

New Mercedes-Benz 2019 models

Even manufacturers refer to this line of cars to the classics of their brand.For a long time, the main activity of the concern in this segment was the preservation of the usual design, which became recognizable both in the whole world and in Russia. And now, the fans waited - a huge investment of power, money, talent and the desire to create something radically new were crowned with success.

On the podiums of international salons in Europe and the United States came the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan, the main advantages of which, according to the already established tradition, exceptional performance, attractive elegant design, high technology and aesthetics in the cabin. Key features of the new items:

  • The radiator grille is made of polynomial crystal-like chrome-plated fragments;
  • The sophisticated bumper design gives the car a sporty, energetic style; the perimeter is marked with fins and air intakes;
  • The novelty of the C-Class series car is notable for the lack of a set of fog lamps, which is compensated for by the sophisticated state-of-the-art design of the head optics system. The headlight has several lenses and a whole ribbon of LEDs.

Inside, the mass of soft plastic, leather, aluminum, all kept and stylish.Minimalism has not touched navigation systems; a combination of the most modern control and security technologies makes it possible to talk about the success of the efforts of the brand creators in relation to the unique system of options.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

New Mercedes-Benz 2019 models

A new generation of famous German off-road cars with a three-sided star on the hood debuted in January of this year in the capital of the American auto show - Detroit. Some elements, outlines, the principle of body geometry are already familiar to the consumer. Nevertheless, despite the minimum information about the new product, the manufacturer positions the G-Class as one of the best for the near future expensive luxury off-road vehicles.

  1. The focus of the creators of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is on technological equipment. The steering wheel is equipped with touch-sensitive control buttons that react to movement.
  2. Latest news - for the driver it will be easy to drive the car along any road, not paying attention to the road, the elements of artificial intelligence by pressing the shortcut keys will help solve the most difficult tasks in the process of driving and parking.

Motorists have the opportunity to choose the option of displaying information on the display among the options Classic, Sport, Progressive.The excellent burmester audio system delivers surround sound with 16 satellites and a 590 watt power amplifier and digital audio processing.

Mercedes-Benz GLB

New 2018 Mercedes-Benz models

Mercedes has begun testing the concept of a new compact crossover Mercedes-Benz GLB, which will go on sale in the season 2019 model year. At present, the full information about the new product has not been made public by the manufacturer, but nevertheless, the series of cars, so beloved on the Russian market, has many advantages:

  • A fundamentally new concept of an all-terrain city car is based on the base platform of its own Mercedes production of the MFA2 category;
  • The newest chassis system has replaced the old MFA front-drive architecture, which significantly increased the rigidity of the structure and at the same time reduced the curb weight.

The interior is spacious and comfortable; anatomically accurate seats appeared in it, trimmed from natural, environmentally friendly materials. The main trend is the replacement of hard plastic and synthetics with natural components. All models use leather, wood and aluminum. The price matches the quality.


New 2018 Mercedes-Benz models

The fourth generation of the hatchback has received the MFA2 platform. This is the most economical, subcompact budget car in a promising lineup in 2019. The main differences are the reinforced body, the use of high-strength alloys, high aerodynamics, minimum resistance. General information about the models:

C-Class 225 l. from. From 32 thousand Euro
G-class 245, 425, 575 l. from. From 85 thousand Euro
GLB 155 l. from. From 45 thousand Euro
A-Class 116, 163, 224 l. from. — // —
E-class Coupe 335 l. from. 3, 3 million rubles.

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