New GAZ 2018 models

Traditionally, December - January of each year are numerous fairs, presentations, and advertising campaigns of a wide variety of new products. The Russian automobile enterprises are not lagging behind the general trend, among which one can see a place occupied by the GAZ brand located in the ancient Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod.


The history of the Gorky Automobile Plant began in the distant years of the beginning of the last century. Today it is one of the main factories in Russia, where a large range of cars is produced:

  • "Volga" known to our customers not for a photo, but for several decades;
  • All-terrain cars in accordance with the requirements of the modern market;
  • Trucks of various capacity;
  • Minibuses for passenger and freight traffic;
  • Defense vehicles for the movement of troops and equipment.

One of the main areas of production is the work on the auto order of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

New GAZ 2018 models

On the basic concept of GAZ

Just over a decade ago, a merger of parts of the Rusavtoprom concern occurred.Since 2005, as part of the legendary GAZ, there are thirteen automotive companies operating in eight regions of the Russian Federation. According to the official videos available, you can evaluate all the main directions of creating cars. The concern produces highly competitive products of a wide range, differing affordable policies regarding the pricing of cars, modern approach to technological developments, the use of high-quality synthetic materials, regular updating of the range in various directions. But even despite the constant work to improve the internal and external management, high professional training of the team, today the most popular models are cars for urban and suburban transportation of goods, the prices of which are practically low cost.

Directly this category today is a priority for the group. The model year 2018 will be marked by the entry into the markets of Russia and the near abroad of upgraded commercial trucks Gazelle, Gazelle Next, several modifications of the very popular Sable mini-buses.

About restyling Gazelle

New GAZ 2018 models

To produce small trucks Gazelle began in the distant nineties of the last century. Then cheap domestic trucks became a trend in the Russian market, especially in urban environments. In the season 2017-2018, the buyer will receive a high-quality full-fledged modernization of all indicators and systems. What is the update:

  • Improved body geometry;
  • Revision of the exterior and interior of the cabin;
  • Radically updated line of units.

Technical indicators of the engines of new cars GAZ are as follows:

Rear drive Power Consumption
  1. Gasoline, volume 2, 9 l
100 l. from. 13, 0 l / 100 km.
107 l. from. 10, 5 l / 100 km.
120 l. from. 8, 5 l / 100 km.
Four-wheel drive, motor
  1. Gasoline, volume 2, 9 l
107 l. from. 12, 0 l / 100 km.
  1. Diesel, volume 2, 9 l
120 l. from. 9, 8 l / 100 km.

The basic version with rear-wheel drive engine will cost no more than 785,000 rubles. The highest price of 120 liters. from. with all-wheel drive - 1,007,000 rubles. Model, as well as former mini trucksin Russia, it is distinguished by simplicity, low cost maintenance, economy, an amazing viewing angle, heating of a comfortable modern cabin.

Brand New - Gazelle Next

New GAZ 2018 models

The model offer of the category Next appeared on the domestic market just a few years ago - at the end of 2013.Today, this model range is by right a full-fledged and very popular participant in the range of the GAZ concern. Improvements of the season 2017 touched various aspects of the car:

  1. Changed ergonomics parameters of the cab;
  2. In the design of the steering wheel rack used control system, reinforced hydraulics;
  3. Additionally, air conditioning and anti-block ABS system can be installed.

The latest news regarding the power unit will greatly please the experts. The volume of the diesel engine - 2, 8 liters, power 120 liters. from. The basic kit will cost around 1,120,000 rubles, a complete bend - 1,145,000 rubles. New car category Next is the quintessence of practicality, convenience and comfort, high reliability and controllability, as well as a significant warranty period.

Update of the minibus "Sobol"

New GAZ 2018 models

Popular, demanded, used in various fields of passenger buses category Sable. Today it is difficult to imagine an assortment of GAZ without this minibus. Despite the fact that next year the model will be 20 years old, the hero of the day will be radically updated. Its differences are as follows:

Modification of 4 x 4 for high-quality driving in terms of rugged terrain and domestic off-road, which even the most famous off-road vehicles and foreign crossovers cannot perform today;

  • Reinforced crankcase, radiator, transfer case and fuel tank;
  • Powertrains are represented by rear-wheel drive and full drive system.

Rear and four-wheel drive capacity of 107 and 120 liters. from. The following prices - base 662 000 rubles. , for the full configuration, the buyer will pay 824,000 rubles. Particular attention is paid to modern design.

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