New film about Putin in 2018

In 2018 several new films about V.V. Putin - a man who was re-elected on March 18 for another 6-year term as president of the Russian Federation. In connection with the elections, interest in interviews with the leader of the state has increased several times. The directors wished to speak at once 2 prominent domestic journalists - this is Andrei Olegovich Kondrashov, who released the two-part film "Putin", and Vladimir Rudolfovich Soloviev, who created the project "World Order 2018". What turned out to be similar, and, on the contrary, are these documentary films different?

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Kondrashov's personality

The 44-year-old journalist has always been interested in serious politics. He worked as a political observer at Vesti (2003), at the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, and at one time was in the “Kremlin (or presidential) pool”. This unofficial name is given to a group of journalists who personally accompany the head of state and cover his activities in the media.

Of course, such workers, of course, do not have free access to the Kremlin or the presidential residence, but if necessary, they are invited to this or that event and provide additional materials on the topic.Among other achievements of the journalist, we can note his interview with Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a Russian writer who spent most of his life in the USSR and created such immortal works as “One Day by Ivan Denisovich”, “The GULAG Archipelago”, “Matrenin Dvor”, etc. Andrei O., this conversation has become the most difficult for him for all his career.

Kondrashov repeatedly shot bold and scandalous films, which became the subject of heated debate and heated debate. It is about:

  • "Afghan" (2014), created in honor of the 25th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan;
  • "Crimea. Path to the Motherland ”(2015), telling about recent turning points in the history of Crimea;
  • "Valaam" (2018), opposing the Soviet devastation to the political, economic and social achievements of modern Russia on the example of a restored monastery.

Andrey Kondrashov

For his journalistic audacity, Kondrashov was even outlawed in a number of states - for example, the Ukrainian government included a man on a special sanctions list, which included 48 more people in addition to him. All of them were denied entry into the country. Persona non grataAndrei Olegovich was declared a person undesirable for arrival and diplomatic representation in Moldova, which he, according to the order of the authorities, cannot visit until 2020.

Documentary picture of Kondrashov

Thus, in the record of the journalist it was possible to find films on completely different topics. There was not enough of only one - the one where in the center of the plot would have been captured the key figure for the power of Vladimir Putin. That is why 2 years ago Kondrashov wished to correct the existing gap and began planning to release one of the most serious projects in his professional life.

Create a picture of “Putin. The film by Andrei Kondrashov was not easy, because the interview took place in the very heart of the country, the Kremlin, where an active working atmosphere, it would seem, does not at all dispose to a thorough dialogue. According to Andrei Olegovich, the production of cinema really turned out to be not an easy task - the material was accumulated from scattered minutes of conversations that could be carved out in a busy schedule of the country's first person. However, as a result, the world was still able to obtain valuable information about Vladimir Vladimirovich, not only as a politician and an official, but also as a person.

Interview with Putin

The interviewer was able to find out how the president is guided in making fateful decisions, how he reacts to his enemies and criticism from opponents, what the words “attempt” and “treason” mean to him. In addition, there are often footage of revelations from personal life - about friends of childhood and youth, service in the KGB, family, losses of loved ones. In this documentary work, Kondrashov showed that, despite the internal tragedies and contradictions that did not leave the soul, Vladimir Putin remains a strong and principled man, putting the status of the Russian Federation as an integral, independent, legal and progressive state at the center.

We offer to view the full documentary film about Putin:video

Soloviev and his questions

At such an important time, Vladimir Rudolfovich Soloviev did not want to lag behind Kondrashov, who added both the general and his own collection of films about the president to the new documentary “World Order 2018”. It was published in the media on March 7 and in less than a month it collected over 3.4 million views on only one video hosting site “Youtube”! Before this journalist,known for his sharp value judgments and his involvement in sharp and ambiguous conflicts, he had already talked one on one with Putin, after which a large full-length interview entitled “President” (2015) was published. If here Solovyov asked questions concerning only the first 15 years of Vladimir Vladimirovich’s reign (from 1999 to 2014, inclusive), then the newly released picture became a qualitative and quantitative addition to the existing material.

Vladimir Rudolfovich Solovyov

In the first draft, the viewer could hear the country's leader’s opinions about the many tragic events: the war in Chechnya and Dagestan, the terrorist attack in Beslan, the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 in the USA, the Iraq war, the South Ossetian armed conflict of 2008, the economic crises of 2008 and 2014, etc. In the "World Order 2018" a significant part of the timing is devoted to the discussion of the Syrian issue. Vladimir Vladimirovich speaks of his readiness to unite efforts with other states of the international arena in order to break the backbone of terrorism. In addition, Putin mentions a conversation with Melania Trump - the wife of the current US President Donald Trump.The conversation took place at the G20 summit in Hamburg, where the first person of the Russian Federation and the first American lady discussed domestic demographic programs, the principles of their organization and results.

The leader also shared his opinion on Russian nature, Siberia, Kamchatka and even fishing! Solovyov himself noted that the work on the film was carried out for more than a year, but the resources spent were worth it - the conversation turned out to be “straightforward”, “honest”, “exciting”.

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