New Audi 2018

New Audi in 2018 will delight their fans with ingenuity. Once again. How many car dealers from Ingolstadt try, it’s not in vain. Alas, if anyone counted on it. Their creations today deservedly occupy a leading position in the market. Let's not hesitate and go directly to the review of the newcomer. Go!

Audi A1 / Audi A1

Let's start with a "penny"? Why not? Subcompact car produced by the Germans since 2010, has not shown itself. Here is a hatchback and decided to remind everyone of its existence. It is planned that there will be a large number of changes. In general, the style of the finished product is rumored to be similar to the A8. And they want to replace the platform. Let us see how far the plans, let them be, and are known to us from the words of insiders will ultimately coincide with reality.

Approximately in the first half of 2018, the updated Audi A1 model will go on sale on the Russian market. Its price here will be about 1.5 million rubles.

Audi A1

Audi A3 / Audi A3

Well, about the "top three" let's talk. She is older than "penny" much.This hatchback experienced restyling not so long ago. Actually, in 2018, apparently, a generation change is expected. As with A1, the Germans will have to "tinker" with the A3. In a sense, to offer the consumer something truly new. They know how to try, so no one doubts their power. It is important that in the "C grade", if it can be called so tenderly, the latest developments of the company's engineers are seamlessly integrated.

For this, the final consumer will have to pay about 2 million rubles. Not so much, agree.

Audi A3

Audi A6 / Audi A6

"Six" from the Germans, those that produce under the brand "Four Rings" - this is a business class. Here things are as follows: in 2018, a full redesign of the model is planned. Naturally, the car will acquire a new platform to match the declared features. It seems that the one that is installed in Q7 is the MLB Evo. And in general, the technical data of the “sevens” will be largely “exploited” by the “sixth”. Well, our businessman "will lose weight".

For a completely new A6, the driver should prepare at least 2.5 million rubles.

Separately in the same year is expected to update the wagon, better known as Avant.

Audi A6

Audi A7 / Audi A7

On the queue in our list is the review of the "seventh". This is a fastback.Let it be, it is already in demand because of its true purpose, but the Germans tried to improve it too. Among the notable changes - less weight and "sharp" design. Well, the availability of advanced technology, of course. Actually, market entry is expected in the first half of 2018. The new body, judging by the spy photos, is larger than its predecessor. Yes, and with the concept of Prologue he has a lot of similarities.

In Russia, the updated “seventh” will cost about 3.5-4 million rubles.

Audi A7

Audi A8 / Audi A8

Finally, the "eight". Another representative of "solidity". Or one? Okay, not so important. The fourth generation will enter the Russian market, presumably in early 2018. Of course, it will not do without improving management systems and security. But the most important thing is the autopilot. Perhaps now movie stars and show business can do without drivers. Okay, joke, of course, but not so far from the truth. In general, the style will also change a bit.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, the updated A8 model will be sold at a price of about 6 million rubles.

Audi A8

Audi Q6 / Audi Q 6

Another "six" in our review. True, in the lineup Q. This is a crossover. Electric. Actually, in 2018, when it enters the market,they are planning to fill the gap in the model range of the company from Ingolstadt. Q6 squeezes between the "fifth" and "seventh." It seems everything is logical. The main merit of the car - its outstanding technical characteristics.

In Russia, at the time of release, the price for a brand new Q6 will be about 3-3.5 million rubles.

Audi Q6

Audi Q3 / Audi Q 3

But the new Ku 3 will have to wait until about the second half of 2018. This crossover company is worth it. Journalists are not shy to let go of the rumors that the car will completely change its recognizable appearance. No, recognizable features will remain. At the same time, the newcomer is unlikely to figure out what's the matter. In short, such things. This is done according to the new rules adopted by the Audi management regarding the development of their products soon.

The cost of Q3 sample 2018 on the territory of the Russian Federation starts with a mark of almost 2 million rubles. Approximately.

Audi Q3

Audi A5 / Audi A5

We missed the "five". Believe me, this is an excuse. Firstly, the sports car has recently been updated. New coupe, of course, interesting in terms of its design. Because the news about the imminent update somehow does not "come." However, we will leave "traces" about her in our review.If you believe insiders, there will be few changes in the near future: retouching a new image and adjusting technical indicators. Weight reduction is no longer relevant, since it seems that there is nowhere to "lose weight".

Approximately in 2018 such an update will be released. They will put the same price on it: 2.5 million rubles.

However, the release of the A5 gig can be a real surprise. Well, for him already asked 3 million rubles.

Audi A5

Audi Q8 / Audi Q 8

New 2018 Audi will be updated with Q8 flagship crossover. Coupe-shaped. Luxurious, which is important. In general, it will be a solid competitor to BMW and its X6, Mercedes-Benz and its GLE-Class. Well, Range Rover Sport, where do without it. It will be positioned as a "step", which is located higher than Q7. However, someone is talking about "pontah", rather than practicality. It is expected to go on sale in 2018, that is, without specifying at least an approximate month.

The price of Q8 model in Russia will be approximately 4.5 million rubles.

Audi Q8

New 2018 Audi, or "Four Rings" for a good young man

Here, in principle, all the new products of the Four Rings brand in the near future. Note that in 2018, Audi also plans to launch into production the updated RS5 Coupe and R8 models. Separately, automakers from Ingolstadt will be engaged in the development of the C-BEV concept.

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