New 2019 in Kostroma

To spend at least once New Year 2019 in Kostroma is necessary for all lovers of Russian culture. In this small town, part of the Golden Ring of Russia, there is a fantastic holiday atmosphere, and tourists are offered interesting entertainment. Unique monuments of architecture, culinary delights of national cuisine, a high level of hotel and restaurant service - this is not a complete list of reasons why you should go to Kostroma for the Christmas holidays.

How to celebrate New Year 2019?

You can meet the main holiday of winter in one of the oldest cities in the country as follows:

  • at the main Christmas tree;
  • in a restaurant or bar;
  • in a country cottage or sanatorium.

In addition to these entertainment options, Kostroma has several required places to visit. We are talking about the Snow Maiden's Tower, which is located in the park, called the Berendeyev Kingdom. On the picturesque bank of the Volga, the grandfather of Santa Claus herself greets the guests. In the Tower you can get acquainted with the life of fairy-tale characters, look into the mirror room and buy souvenirs.At parting, the Snow Maiden shoals tourists with snow, which, according to popular belief, will bring good luck.

Terem Snow Maiden

The smallest travelers are advised to visit the Elk Farm, located 70 km from the city. Tours there cost from 1 thousand rubles, and the guys will be able not only to stroke or feed good-natured animals, but also to take pictures with them. Also, parents and their children should go on New Year's performances in the Kostroma State Drama Theater. Ostrovsky. On the eve of the holiday, the leading actors of the region play their best performances before the public.

Folk festivals in the city

To celebrate the New Year 2019 in Kostroma can be cheap on the street. Susaninskaya Square will traditionally become a place of mass gathering of people. It will establish a magnificent Christmas tree, decorated with original illumination and garlands. On the night of January 1, the entertainment program will include:

  • concert;
  • a disco;
  • competitions from the leading;
  • long fireworks, etc.

Not far from the square, local authorities promise to place a fair, where everyone can taste pancakes with fillings, cabbage soup, hot tea. Alcohol in the evening of December 31 will not be sold here.However, it is not forbidden to drink hot drinks near the main Christmas tree, so noisy companies always bring champagne with them to the holiday. Nevertheless, law enforcement agencies promise to politely expel from the square all those who went over their standard and behave disrespectfully towards other participants of the event.

Main tree of Kostroma

Skating in the city offer only two ice rinks: in the park on Nikitskaya or in Berendeevka. The rental of the pair will cost only 150 rubles per hour, but in the evening of December 31 the ice will be closed. Despite this, in every district of the city there are flooded so-called informal skating rinks, where anyone can come with their sports equipment. Entry here is free, and the ride is allowed at least the whole night.

Recreation Kostroma

You can meet the New Year 2019 in Kostroma both with a noisy company and with your other half in several popular restaurants:

  • "Samovar";
  • "The Blizzard";
  • "Slavic";
  • "White sun";
  • "Old Marina";
  • "Honey, I'll be late."

Each institution offers visitors its own program of celebrations, including live music, dance, incendiary competitions, fireworks.The menu is dominated by dishes of Russian cuisine, such as dumplings, pancakes, Russian salad, baked potatoes, and meat specialties. From alcohol we recommend to try vodka, tinctures, beer, mead. Desserts (cakes, gingerbreads, pies, jams), prepared according to old recipes, deserve special attention.

Restaurant Berendeevka

Rush on the eve of New Year's holidays in restaurants of Kostroma is not observed, but you still need to take care of booking a table in advance. Prices in entertainment establishments of the city are quite acceptable, and the average check varies between 3-5 thousand rubles. Many restaurants, bars and cafes work only by reservation, that is, when a customer deposits a certain amount of money and negotiates a list of dishes. Arriving on the night of January 1, the table will already be served, and the ordered food and alcohol will be served in a matter of minutes.

Country estate rental

To celebrate the holiday away from the bustle of the city allows the rental of cottages and Russian houses in the Kostroma region. The region is famous for its amazing nature, and the real Russian winter will take you into the atmosphere of a fairy tale. In early January, the weather here will please with a light frost (-5 - -10 ºС) with deep snow and bright sunshine.The table below provides basic information about the cost of renting suburban housing for the New 2019:

Property Name


Cost per day

Single-level Russian house

Bath, oven, internet, comfortable furniture, sports equipment (sledges, skis).

from 8 thousand rubles

One-level cottage

Sauna, billiard room, parking, internet, modern household appliances, etc.

from 12 thousand rubles

Duplex cottage

Sauna, Internet, cable TV, swimming pool, fireplace, modern appliances, underfloor heating, walking area

from 15 thousand rubles

There are enough sanatoriums and boarding houses in the Kostroma region (“Volga”, “Kolos”, “Lunevo”, “Silver Plyaz”, etc.). Here you can combine business with pleasure: have a good time in a good company and at the same time improve your health. For the guests of such establishments the entire infrastructure is available: a gym, a massage room, a salt room, a swimming pool. The cost of stay in sanatoriums of the Kostroma region varies in the range of 1,5-3 thousand rubles per day, while for some medical procedures you will have to pay extra.

Offers of tour operators

It is impossible to call tours to New 2019 in Kostroma sought-after. Since the region cannot boast of the presence of ski resorts, such as Rosa Khutor, or a warm climate like Abkhazia, fans of sights mostly come here. In this sense, Kostroma is the main competitor of Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Vladimir. The price of a 3-day voucher from Moscow for two on New Year's Eve will be 25-30 thousand rubles. This amount includes:

  • transfer to the hotel;
  • Three meals a day;
  • medical insurance;
  • hotel accommodation 4 *.

Kostroma in the winter on New Year

Excursions in Kostroma can be ordered separately or as part of a package tour. Among the iconic places in the region, we note the Holy Trinity Monastery, the Church of the Resurrection in Debre, the Fire Tower, the Romanov Museum. In winter, all these monuments of architecture, silvered with hoarfrost, look especially attractive and mysterious.

The new 2019 in Kostroma will leave a pleasant impression in the memory of travelers. The city is known far beyond the borders of the country with ancient monuments of architecture, a developed tourist service, and the hospitality of the locals. Time here slows down its course, and tourists have the opportunity to appreciate the true Russian flavor and traditions of celebrating the main winter event.

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