New 2018 in Lagonaki

The new 2018 year in Lagonaki is an unforgettable pleasure for lovers of virgin nature, picturesque landscapes and ski holidays. Located in the west of the Caucasus Mountains, this plateau was formed as a result of the active movement of tectonic rocks, which predetermined the unique landscape of the area. The climate of Lagonaki during the New Year holidays is quite comfortable: the average temperature ranges from -5 to -10 ºС, and the height of snow cover reaches 15-20 cm.

What is the exclusivity of the resort?

Lagonaki is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is an important part of the Caucasus Nature Reserve. The height of the plateau is 2200 m above sea level, so the local air has a healing cleansing effect. The resort is replete with quaint cliffs, mysterious caves, raging rivers, crystal clear lakes. Far from the noisy cities and worldly bustle, here there is an opportunity to take a fresh look at familiar things, set life priorities, gain strength for the next accomplishments.Lagonaki

Lagonaki boasts a developed infrastructure, since dozens of recreation centers, hotel complexes, and ski slopes were built on the plateau. Every tourist who comes here to relax body and soul, has the right to rely on a high level of service, reasonable prices, hospitality of local residents.

Those who decide to meet the New 2018 in Lagonaki can be sure that they will plunge into the atmosphere of a real winter fairy tale, miracles and magic.

What to do at the resort?

Tourists on the plateau during the winter holidays have several options for celebrating:

  • visiting the ski slopes;
  • traditional winter fun;
  • recovery;
  • excursions.

LagonakiLagonaki is a real paradise for lovers of a ride on snow-covered descents without lifts. Trails are inferior in equipment and diversity of relief to other popular resorts (for example, Krasnaya Polyana, Dombai or Elbrus), but for beginner athletes they are best suited. All the necessary equipment, including skis, snowboard, equipment, you can rent in one of the many rental. In addition, beginners are available to experienced instructors who will teach you to feel confident in the process of descent.

Winter fun is often complemented by skating on snowmobiles, playing snowballs, a picnic in the fresh air. Especially fun in Lagonaki for children who can ride on a sled from an ice slide, build a snow fort or make a snowman. Almost in every hotel complex there is a bath, sauna, swimming pool, gym, where there is an opportunity to do sports. Some institutions provide their guests with the services of beauticians, massage therapists, therapists who will help you look good and feel great.Ski resort

When planning to spend the New 2018 in Lagonaki, do not forget to postpone part of the budget for excursions. The nature here left a myriad of attractions, the main of which were the Azish Cave (over 2 million years old), the Hadzhokskaya gorge, the Guamsky Gorge, the Rufabko Falls. Believers will certainly want to visit the St. Michael’s Monastery, where miraculous icons and relics are displayed. Not far from the monastery flows the Holy Spring, the healing fame of which spread far beyond the Caucasus region.

Resort campus

Rest houses and chalets Lagonaki friendly open their doors to tourists in the new 2018 year. The prices of accommodation in such establishments are most acceptable for travelers with a limited budget. The cost of accommodation in double rooms of the class “Standard” varies in the range of 500-1500 rubles per person per day. Popular lodges and holiday homes Lagonaki are:

  • "Camping Comfort";
  • "Mountain Village";
  • "Star Valley";
  • "At the Monk Rock" and others.

As for hotels, the price of living in them is more expensive, and ranges from 2 to 5 thousand rubles per day per person. Nevertheless, in all the hotel complexes, on the evening of December 31st, entertainment events are planned (banquets, parties, discos). Guests will be offered delicious Caucasian cuisine, an abundance of wines, fiery contests, and dances. Reserving places in hotels and camp resorts should be a few months before the New Year, otherwise closer to the holiday vacant rooms will not be available.

Chalet in Lagonaki

Tours in Lagonaki

Today, hundreds of tour operators are inviting New 2018 to Lagonaki with their entertainment program. For example, the majority of Krasnodar companies sell 3-day vouchers for the price of 15-20 thousand.rubles per person. The cost depends mainly on the comfort of the room and the number of guests staying there. This amount includes:

  • transfer to the destination by bus;
  • meals (usually breakfast only);
  • bathing in thermal springs;
  • excursion service;
  • insurance.

The New Year's banquet is paid separately (up to 1.5 thousand rubles), sports equipment rental (sleds - from 150 rubles per hour), additional meals. There is also a fee for some excursions: for example, a visit to the Guam Gorge and the Aziz Cave will cost 400 rubles for adults and 200 rubles for children.

The new 2018 year in Lagonaki will definitely bring positive emotions, vivid memories, a desire to return to this amazing place again. Do not miss the opportunity to see the fascinating creation of nature with your own eyes and enjoy the winter holidays in the Caucasus Mountains.

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