New 2018 in Kaliningrad

The new 2018 in Kaliningrad - the most European city of Russia - will be filled with a sea of ​​positive, laughter and exciting events. In late December and early January, thousands of tourists come here who love this amazing place for its unique architecture, high level of service and fabulous atmosphere. Concerts, fairs, shows, parades, discounts on various products - this is not a complete list of pleasant moments awaiting travelers in the festive Kaliningrad.

Where better to celebrate New Year noisy company?

If you want to spend the beginning of 2018 fun, incendiary, and without large financial costs, go to Victory Square. A few weeks before the onset of the main winter event, a new year tree will be installed here with original illumination. The entertainment program will be published on the official website of the city administration closer to December, but we venture to suggest that it will include the following events:

  • fair;
  • a disco;
  • costume show;
  • competitions from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden;
  • performances by local artists and musical groups.

Kaliningrad in winter

Unfortunately, in 2017, the victories gathered on December 31 at the Victory Square did not see the festive salute, but this time, according to officials, this will not happen exactly. Residents and guests of the city will be able to enjoy the fascinating fireworks, while rumors persist that the fireworks can be seen in the evening of January 1.

Where to go on December 31?

If you do not want to freeze on the street (the average temperature in Kaliningrad in January is -2 - -4 ºС) or take part in mass festivities, go to a local restaurant, bar, cafe. There are dozens of places of entertainment in the city, which are good to visit with friends, relatives, and the second half. The most popular restaurants in Kaliningrad are:

  • "Chaikovsky";
  • Manhattan;
  • "Nautilus";
  • "Parmesan" and others.

Kaliningrad in winter

Among the bars can be distinguished pubs in the English style "Corner Pub", "At Hasek", "Sir Francis Drake", "Shipyard". The list of nightclubs with an interesting show program and unfamiliar music is attributed to "Atlantic", "Tile", "Atlas", "Heat", "Fahrenheit 32", "Amsterdam".Visitors will be able to get acquainted with the prices, the menu, the proposed entertainment on the websites of institutions closer in the New 2018.

Kaliningrad in winterAs for the cost of visiting restaurants, bars or nightclubs of Kaliningrad, they are comparable to the price list in other major cities of Russia. The average check for one person will be in the range of 3-5 thousand rubles, although the total amount depends on the number of served dishes and alcohol. In addition, in many institutions it is necessary to book tables in advance and make a preliminary order for a certain amount (usually it is 1-2 thousand rubles). Therefore, it is recommended to choose a suitable restaurant or bar in advance, based on your expectations, taste preferences, financial capabilities.

Rest in sanatoriums and boarding houses

A visit to one of the holiday homes in the Kaliningrad region is the best option for celebrating the New Year of 2018 for those who enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and winter nature. In most such establishments, on December 31, a banquet with live music, dancing and non-trivial competitions is provided for guests. Also, visitors have the opportunity to organize a barbecue in the fresh air, visit the pool or sauna, go for a massage or go to the gym, or rent sports equipment and go skiing, snowboarding, sledding.Among the resorts and resorts in the region deserve special attention:

  • "Olympus";
  • "Wave";
  • "Azure";
  • Baltika and others

The cost of living varies from 1 to 3-4 thousand rubles per day, while you can immediately purchase packages (that is, a specific period of residence), which will cost much less. For example, in the boarding house “Volna” the New Year’s Weekend package (from 31. 12 to 2. 01) costs 10, 5 thousand rubles in a standard single room. This amount already includes late breakfasts, dinner, banquet and a number of entertainment events.

Kaliningrad in winter

What do tour operators offer?

Most companies sell tours to Kaliningrad for the New 2018, lasting from 2-3 days to several weeks. The cost of travel depends on the saturation of the entertainment program and averages 10-20 thousand rubles per person. For example, the Moscow tour operator NISSA Company invites everyone to visit Kaliningrad from December 30 to January 3 for 12-16 thousand rubles. This amount includes:

  • breakfasts;
  • flight back and forth;
  • entrance tickets to museums and galleries;
  • accommodation in a comfortable hotel;
  • excursions to the landmark sights of the region.

Additional charge is a transfer from the airport to the hotel (approximately 1 thousand rubles), a New Year banquet in the restaurant, lunches and dinners, alcoholic beverages in the rooms. You should order tickets in this area in advance, because at the end of the year the number of people who want to see “Russian Europe” will increase significantly.

Thus, Kaliningrad is a stunning ancient city that is being transformed for the better during the New Year holidays. Having been here at least once, you will appreciate the modern infrastructure, cozy streets, a huge number of attractions, reasonable prices for goods and services.

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