New 2018 in Italy

New 2018 in Italy is a special celebration. No one celebrates this holiday with such a spiritual scale as the Italians, because it is not for nothing that they are considered the most emotional and passionate nation of the world.

Going to this European country for the Christmas and New Year holidays, it is worth preparing in advance. First you need to find the optimal place where you can celebrate the New 2018 in Italy in accordance with your preferences. The study of the New Year traditions of the Italians is a separate point of preparation for the upcoming trip. Well, and finally, prepare yourself mentally for unbridled fun, dancing until the morning and the feast of the belly on New Year's Eve!

Features of the New Year in Italy

Like most Catholics, Italians pay more attention to preparing for Christmas than for the New Year. The birth of Christ in Italy is celebrated on the night of December 24-25. Almost every Italian on this night will stay at home with his family, because Christmas is strictly a family holiday. But the New Year is celebrated with friends and even strangers!

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According to the established tradition in Italy, the preparation for the New Year and Christmas begins a month before the holidays - at the end of November, therefore by the appointed time the atmosphere of the celebration is present in every city, on every street, in every house.

On December 31, most Italians dine with their family at a festive table, on which they must eat fish, meat, cheese, lentils, pork dishes. After 21 hours, the time comes when streets, restaurants and nightclubs are filled to capacity with celebrating people. Yes, the best option to meet the midnight of the coming year in Italy is fun with a crowd of equally happy, and sometimes even strangers.

The tradition of Italians to get rid of all unnecessary things in the New Year's Eve is a thing of the past, but eating 12 grapes exactly at midnight is still relevant - this ritual will provide you for the whole next year with happiness, luck and luck.

Celebrate the beginning of the year with champagne, as is customary in Russia, is not worth it. Stock up in advance with a bottle of good Italian wine, so as not to cause confusion among the locals.

New Year in the open

New Year in Italy

All tourists, arriving in Italy, during their travels try to visit at least several of its cities. Required to visit are Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan.Therefore, reflecting on where to spend New Year's Eve 2018 in Italy, many are trying to choose from this list. In each of these cities, main celebrations will take place on the streets and squares.

  • To meet the New Year in Rome is an ideal option for those who are ready to dance until the morning, night walks in the fresh air. The most large-scale celebrations will unfold on People’s Square (Piazza del Popolo) in the city center, where local celebrities and artists traditionally come with performances. The weather in Rome in late December - early January is much nicer than in many regions of Russia. During the day, the air temperature rises to + 15-18º, at night it drops to + 5-7º.
  • In Venice, the most people are going to Piazza San Marco, where everyone together counts the last seconds of the outgoing year, and couples in love meet the coming year in hot kisses. The weather in Venice is slightly less comfortable than in Rome due to high humidity. During the day, the air temperature is + 11-14º, at night + 3-5 º.
  • Most Florentines and tourists will celebrate the coming year in the Republic Square (Piazza della Republic). January 1 can be devoted to long walks in the beautiful city. The weather will only contribute to this.During the day, the air warms up to + 12º, the nights a little colder - to + 3-5º
  • Arriving in Milan to celebrate the New Year, many try to catch up to midnight shopping. And rightly so! At this time, you can buy a lot of fashionable things at attractive prices. Well, in the evening of December 31, everyone traditionally gathers at Cathedral Square to watch a gala concert.

In whatever city of Italy you go, there will always be a square or a street on which a mass New Year's meeting will be organized. In Verona, this is Piazza della Erbe, in Genoa - Piazza Matteotti, in Siena - Piazza del Campo

New Year in an Italian restaurant or cafe

As a rule, tables in the best Italian restaurants and cafes are booked well before the end of December. In such places there are no entertainment programs, they come here only to eat well before going outside, to drink good wine to cheer up and chat with friends. An hour before midnight, many tables are empty, people return here only after two in the morning.New Year in Italy, restaurant

The prices for dinner in restaurants or cafes are about the same in their categories.Modest cafes offer a gala dinner from 70 euros per person - this includes salad, main course and wine. In refined restaurants with a good panoramic view from the windows, you can pay up to 1000 euros per person.

  • In Rome, you should pay attention to "Le Terme del Colosseo" (from 150 euros), "Casanova" (from 120 euros).
  • Excellent New Year's menu in the Florentine cafe "Cucina Torcicoda" (from 90 euros per person).
  • 250 euros will cost a gala dinner at the restaurant "Savini" in Milan.
  • Venetian restaurant "Do Forni", located in the heart of the city, will feed guests for 270 euros per person.

In all these institutions, pleasant interiors, delicious food, live music plays.

Ski New Year

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Holidays in the New 2018 in Italy can be sporty. Skiers from all over the world come here to ride the famous resorts of the Dolomites, Piedmont and Valle D’aosta.

  • Approximate prices for tours to the Dolomites: Val di Fassa resort will cost from 300 euros per person without a flight, 600 euros with a flight; Val Gardena costs from 600 euros without a flight, 800 euros with a flight.
  • Tours to the resorts of Bormio and Livigno in Lombardy cost from 400 euros.
  • Riding at the resort of Valle D’Aosta will be possible for at least 500 euros per person.
  • For skiing in Piedmont will have to pay from 650 euros.

The indicated prices include 8-day accommodation in the resort.

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